Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Best Of? I don't know about that.....

Valarie has a link on her blog to her blog friend June Cleaver Nirvana . JCN is having a little linky party over at her place. You are supposed to choose a post that you would want someone to read if they could read one post on your blog. For me that was hard to say. I don't think I have much blogging "Gold" here in Bloggeritaville. That is to the one person who might read this blog's sadness.

I suppose I could go back and see what story had the most comments? That'd be:

Spring Fashion Fiesta But really, that's can't be my best writing? Really? Nahhh. Fashionista's that loved that. They just want to strip me of my flip flops, old concert t's and tie-dye's. I can tell you, that ain't happening. I am a simple girl. Those fashionista's were the ones that are to this day plotting my debut on TLC's"What not to Wear".

My Reunion Photos- That one was of from my high school peeps. We had so much fun that night. But it wasn't award winning words or wisdom, like how to avoid the atomic wedgie. It was pictures. I think it was fun to see everyone...there were no presumptions, just "we" and "us" and it was great!

Hmm? Best of......

I had to tap my brain to think. It was hard. Very hard. But these few post still make me laugh to this day, at the pridicaments people can get hemselves into. And I have a sick sense of humor like that.

The Condom Story

The Nose Ring Story


My most searched on my blog is that of Carrie Lawson. To this day, I still think of her all the time. It is quite an obsession with me. I would just love for her (and every family with a missing child) to be found so that this family could find peace. I have recieved a few comments on this story. It seems that I am not the only one who has hope. Many of Carries own family and friends have commented here. I am honored that it gives them a place to come and discuss hopes and amy future leads. My prayers continue to go out to the family.

If you are looking for a post in which I wrote from my heart, two selections of that would be the ones on Tesla and Peg.

So, I really don't know. Perhaps it isn't any of these post. Do you have a post of mine that you might say was one of "my best" (not the best because that ould rule all of mine out...I am asking about my best? What's the first post you think about? And why?

And go to June Cleaver Nivara's Blog to play along, so that I can read your best of. Because we know that it sure beats mine.......


jennifer said...

OK chick!! I can remember the first post of yours that I read and I don't remember stuff that well. Ever. I even looked back and double checked and there it was with my comment!!

Hairapy!! I vote Hairapy cause that is how I found you.

texasholly said...

Yeah! You are super sweet to play along. I am going to come back and read all of them when I have time...I am trying to get to all the links tonight.

BTW I love, love, love your blog name. I have subscribed so you are now being officially stalked.

Thanks so much for playing along.