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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Greatest Love Songs of Leigh's Youth, as Assembled by Leigh

This post first ran on 2/14/08, but I thought I would pull it out for laughs for this, "Beach week".

With Love being the theme of the day I am posting my top 10 love songs from my teenage years. That was when loving someone or having someone to love was of utmost importance. You were nobody unless you had somebody, right? And so, with you sitting anxiously on the edge of your top 10 love songs....

1. Livin of a Prayer by Bon Jovi. It's true. I never knew anyone in the union, or that worked on the docks, so I couldn't really comprehend the intense situation of it being on strike. And poor Gina, working all day stuck at the Diner with all that grease. NO wonder she cried all the time. But they had each other and that's alot-it was enough. I got that part. I mean, those things are tough, man! They were livin' on a prayer. "Take my hand and we'll make it, I swear." Now that was sexy. I knew that the song was probably in code to me. But for all the other screaming and swooning fans at the concert, Jon never did see my hand. (I'd Die For you, Bon Jovi was a close second, hand motions accompanied this song, wonderfully.)

2. Every Breath You Take-Police I hated the Police. I thought they were a joke. I mean, come on. Grow some hair and man up to a tattoo parlor like the other hair metal guys I adored (BTW-BAMA, if you or Sledge or Smooth EVER come home with a TATTOO I will personally remove the embedded ink from your skin with my creme broula torch). But my (X)"fran" that did me soooo wrong. Kelly, was their "Number 1 fan". My mother must have been drinking heavily (not really mom. I know she just spit out coffee on that one. She doesn't drink anything stronger than coffee, but to drive the point) to allow such, but she allowed me and my friend Heather and Kelly to spend the night in front of Boutwell Auditorium with 500 other of police fans to secure tickets. I was a good friend. I saw a rat as big as I was. And being in downtown, he was packing heat. But no, this is not why I listed this song. It was because Brett Butler of THE Atlanta Braves was being traded. At his last game with them they played this song and had a little video montage to him. Me and my cousin Gina were CRAZY for Brett Butler. Our hearts were broken into a million pieces. How would we go on? Would we follow Brett to his new home team, or stay true to the Braves. Ahhh ,Torn between two lovers (that song sucked, BTW)....we chose the Braves.

3. Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley-this was such a sweet song. I rode around in my car just wishing I looked or could at least sing like my idol Stevie Nicks. In fact, I still do that. Listen Listen

4. Almost Paradise - Mike Reno/Anne Wilson -Hello! Footloose. Every young girl was "Almost in Paradise" when we saw Kevin Bacon dance in Footloose. Unlike every other girl, who thought he was "fine", I was more impressed with his dance moves. That man could D-A-N-C-E! But, I was more of a Willard type girl. How sweet to have no groove and yet try so hard to impress a girl. That was love, man. ListenListen

5. Is This Love - Whitesnake -If I couldn't be Stevie Nicks and I couldn't be Lita Ford, then I wanted to look like and be Tawny Kittean. What 16 year old girl didn't. If I was her, I know I would have the power to swoon Big Daddy to give me a second look or at least one of my backup hotties. I mean, I spent hours to make my hair look like this, frizzy and full. If I only had that white jag. I wore white. Was it enough? In my mind, That helped a little. That indeed would secure a deal. In any case, I spent the next 6 weeks practising my rolls across the hood of my moms cutlass supreme. Didn't work out for me. In more ways than one. Parents don't appreciate stuff like that.ListenListen

6. I want you to want me! by Cheap Trick. Actually I hated this song but I had to include it because Big Daddy played the guitar in the Air Band and this was the song they "played". Oh, Big Daddy (was little dude, aka slim then-but weren't we all...) with his flannel shirt unbuttoned, not a single hair on that 112 lb chest (I knew that because he wrested) Couldn't he see by now, that I did want him? I looovvvveeeddddd him. (Still do). He just couldn't see it past the bangs in his eyes. He was his own person. He didn't need the mullet like the rest of those inteh air band did. "I'm here! I'm Here!" I shouted over the crowd of hormonal 16 year old girls and boys trying to find someone who wanted them too. For me though, it was always Big Daddy. I hate this song. It gets on my nerves. I know mixed messages. But I am woman!
If it wasn't this it would've been "Photograph" by Def Leopard. Being that I was a stalker of Big Daddy's for 12 years before he finally relented and gave in, this song allowed me to be cool. I think Def Leopard and I were one of the original stalkers. We made it cool. Now it's just a bunch of losers, certainly not like me.....

7. Close My Eyes by Ozzy Osborne and Lita Ford-What a sexy song. But today I hear it and it almost sounds like death. Imagine that the Prince of darkness singing about such grim subjects? I still don't know what they are singing about. I loved this song though. It was sad, it was deep, it was beyond my understanding. But Lita Ford rocked and in my book anything Lita did was a-ok. Listen Listen

8. Don't Know What You Got Til It's Gone - Cinderella -Ain't it the truth, man? I mean, how can you fully appreciate someone until they have broken up with you, sent your heat breaking into a million shards and then stomping on it? And then you pined and cried because "HE" was the one....How can you appreciate them until that happens? Listen Listen

9. More Than Words - Extreme. I can still recall seeing this black and white video for the first time on MTV. The nice little melody, no screaming, just a bunch of guys sitting around talking about love...because that is what guys do with other guys...they talk about and sing about love. I thought this song was ingenious and like nothing I had ever heard before.ListenListen

10. Angel by Aerosmith-Oh, takes me back...riding in the backseat of my best friend, Greg Stozier's, little corolla with by other BFF Jenny riding shotgun. Why oh why? Why can't he (special someone) see that I care for him. Why can't he feel the emotion and intensity there? "Play it again, Greg" (music cues and my hands pound the back of Greg's seat like a drum) Dun!-- Dun! Dun!---....Don't know what I'm gonna doooooo....about this feeeeeee-ling inside...." I think I made him play that song about 8 times back to back that night. As I moped and pouted in the backseat about unrequited love Jenny and Greg bickered back and forth about who made better milkshakes. McDonald's or DQ. We ended up at DQ downing and drowning my misery in a Mr. Misty cherry float. I didn't like milkshakes. Looking back now, I don't think that feeling inside was love, it was the 3 cherry Mr Misty's I downed......

While these are my top 10, I wouldn't feel right to not include :
Faithfully by Journey. "Circus life (singing to me here) under the big top, whoa...." Steve Perry sure had some pipes on him. This was a given song.
And finally,
There I was at Skate World with my friend Debby. It was here we were meeting our little bud's, Chris Cross and Chris Hatfield. Ah, but they dumped us to hang out with some other girls. We were furious, while "just friends", it sucked to be chosen last. I mean they had come to our schools skate day as our guest (they were from a different school). I learned alot about men that day. So, this song, brings back alot for me... the roller rink, the Chris's, the choosing of love over friendships......and then came couples skate. Now we had no one to skate with. "Lost in Love" by Air Supply. Enough said.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Last Look at Mentone and Thrifty 50....

I wanted to share just a small handfull of the great Thrifty Thursday post participants who linked up yesterday. But to all, I want to say, "Great work!" At post time, we had almost 70 participants. Welcome to our new friends, and welcome back to our "old" ones. It's YOU who makes Thrifty Thursday a party! It's fun visiting and seeing the thrifty treasures you have! Thank you for joining me each week.

It's the Little Things that Make a House a Home found inspiration in the Pottery barn catalog. I too love to comb the pages for sparking some creativity and avoiding the price tag. Here is her creation that didn't cost the PB price. Click her blog for the how.
Maya of Completely Coastal also had a similar apporach of some shadow box inspired boxes....Take a look!

The Little Green Bean had an entire bedroom makeover. Talk about opening up a can of worms! It all began with a dresser. She hasn't had much sleep...but her bedroom is fabulous. And she didn't spend a single cent. How's that for thrifty? Check it out!

My dear friend, Jenn of Dust Bunny Hostage created this "snow globe" that held much more than snow. It came complete with beautiful, priceless memories. And was free. I can only imagine the face of the recipient who got it. You MUST read the full story over at her blog.

Like my friend Jenn, My friend Keetha of the Eclectic Company has a gift for writing. Her stories, I tell her are priceless. Her blog is truly, her life. It's a gift that she shares with others through her writings. In her TT post yesterday she shared about past missionary trips (inclucing one to Port-o-Prince Haiti). By visiting Keetha's blog, she will transport you to other places and expeiences....and like her trips it will be on a budget!

Sit, Relax and Read has been doing a bit more than that! Check out this gorgeous heart pillow made from burlap! For instructions on how to create your own, visit Sit, Relax and Read! All Things Heart and Home had the idea too but created a wreath.

Domestic Princess in Training created this gorgeous tray  our of.....well you will have to visit her blog to find out. Ingenious!

Anne Marie of LaMaisonLaFortune was expecting guest for supper, but her lack luster chairs had her thinking of a way to transform them into the showstoppers of the evening. Click to see the before and how she did it....on a budget.

Speaking of transformations, York Village Shops blew me away with this table redo. You will not recongize the before picture. I wish my brain would see things in an "after Photo". Well done!

Amy from Design-Aholic shared a great project using an IKEA vase.

Now, as a final installment to my Mentone Girls Trip, I wanted to share with you my visit to a great little dive of a mom and pop Shop/Restaurant, called Big Jim's Bama Que. We had all sorts of fun at Big Jim's. Big Jim and his family were very gracious to the Clematis Club. I hope you will click over to Plates and Places Foodie Friday installment  to read all about our dining experience.

Have a wonderful weekend!
LIVE. Laugh. Love.

Tales from Bloggertiaville

Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend, When the working days are through.....Not!

I had a busy weekend. My youngest son, J Smooth competed in a wrestling tournament. You can view a photo from the event by clicking here.
My blogger friend, Jessica of Thoughts of a Bama Belle, hosted a Spa Slumber Party for her daughter, "the Princess". My daughter, Sister Sledge, attended. It was a beautiful and exciting night. You can read all about it, from the makeovers to the fire!!! As well as to see the gorgeous tablescape of O's birthday feast and goodies by clicking here. I think Jessica is in need of a Spa Makeover after all the excitment! Well done, Jessica!
After a month vacation time, my oldest son, "Bama" returned to school at the University of Alabama on Sunday. He returns to a campus that is still celebrating the victory of winning the BCS National Championship game. A parade is in the works, I am hopeful to attend.
I did post a less "family related" post today, I visited a store in Fairhope, Alabama not to terribly long ago and have been intending to post it so it's up today...come with me as I visit a store called "A Place Remembered" for some fantastic gifts and inspiration.

How did you spend your weekend?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Clean Slate, A Fresh Datebook!

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Can you believe how fast 2009 went by?

I just wonder more and more how time seems so speed up as one grows older. But then I have to snap out of it and embrace the now before it too slips by. I am not one for resolutions. I am more of a "fresh slate" type girl. I love having a new calendar with uncluttered lines and boxes. I think of it as a new beginning that the Lord has given to me.

Make List.
I am a "list" girl. I make list of things in the back of my datebook, I jot down  goals that want to achieve in the new year. This can include various ideas, from household projects (I have a list of items in my house I want to paint white) to places I want to visit, to restaurants I want to try. I am a list girl. I make list, or I will forget it.

Go with the Flow.
Everyone has to plan certain things. But don't allow some of life's surprise moments and opportunities to pass you by because they weren't on the calendar. I always have a plan "B" in the back of my head. Should the Publisher's Clearing House folks show up at my door, I am certain that I could drop everything on a whim and head off the the Virgin Islands, because I know life will eventually return to "normal". I like to preach spontaniety. Spontaneity is the quality of being able to do something just because you feel like it at the moment, of trusting your instincts, of taking yourself by surprise and snatching from the clutches of your well-organized routine. Someone once said, "“If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything.” I agree with that statement. It's fun to loosen your belt up a bit and fly by the seat of your pants in life. That doesn't mean to completely loose grip...but loosen up. Relax and Breathe and literally go with the flow.

MAKE TIME, Take Time.
As much as I love the cleanliness of a fresh date book, I am equally as joyful of taking a pen and beginning to carve out "time" of things I want to do or places I want to see. My dates include things as big as a family vacation to as little as girlfriend suppertime. It's important to make time for the simple things in life, for those are the ones that truly matter.
If we can make "important" appointments to go to the dentist or hair salon, we should make time for personal improvements to ones soul as well. These are just as important!!!! I have to have my girlfriend time at least once a month. If you don't already, do this for yourself. You will be amazed at how your attitude will improve having friends to confide in and laugh with, people who are your peers to share their perspectives. Don't just say your going to do it, Save the date! Make it a point. Friendships are worth it. You're worth it.

That being said, it is one of my personal goals to be more prompt in my responses to your comments and my visits to your blogs. I do however have a question in the best way to respond to comments. How do you respond to comments?
By direct email to the comment (many of you do not have a direct email link, be sure and chekc your settings so that your comments can be addressed. I am always thrilled to have you visit and want to personally comment to you as well).

Do you respond to comments in  the comment section of your blog or do you email? Or do you visit the commenter on their own blog and  respond regarding a commenton your blog?
What is the etiquette?

Anyone that takes the time to visit Tales from Bloggeritaville as well as those that comment...I am truly grateful for that and want to respond to your comments accordingly.Thankyou!

I look forward to a Fabulous 2010!
As for me, I am off with paint bucket in hand to knock off some projects off that list.....

But before you go-you will want to check out this amazing idea from Completely Coastal using time worn sails to make pillows. Oh, I can imagine that'd whisper some tales of island fantacy as I suggled into one. And right now, there's a chance to WIN!
Click the link above for a chance!

PS-FYI- Having breaked for the holidays, We WILL be having Thrifty Thursday this Thursday!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks: There's no Place like Home

This week of Thanksgiving, I am republishing some post of the past, these are all relating to Thanksgiving celebrations and traditions. I am busy this week planning, preparing, and taking this time to visit YOU, my blogger friend. For I am immensley thankful for you!
Thank YOU for taking time from your day to drop by Bloggeritaville to visit me. I enjoy your visits, your comments, your emails. It means so much to me. I invite you back this weekend for a look back at my Thanksgiving celebration and on Monday, where Christmas will be in full swing, complete with a Christmas header, Christmas music and Christmas post! I hope that you will join me.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with good food and good company. May you relish your Thanksgiving traditions, or start new ones. I pray that your blessings are plentiful!
Thankyou friend!


Giving Thanks
There is no place like home. It's where the living is littered with the contents of the lives celebrating the children that live there....
a few wayward checker pieces, a pair of dirty socks (that kid #2 better pick up!), framed pictures of times celebrated and of generations past, paper,pens and markers in the middle of becoming an award winning novel. At least in the heart of the author's mother.

There is no place like home. It is where at first entry I am greeted by 5 happy pups, each dancing about and wagging tails and bottoms with delight at my face. You can't buy that anywhere!! It is guaranteed kisses and cuddles, always a warm lap and tug o war play.

There is no place like home. It's provided by a hard working man, who never complains about going into work-even on cold mornings when I know it's hard getting out of bed- before God turns on the lights. It's financial security, because the working man knows how to work a budget that most people could not live with. Even his wife sometimes. It's doing without materials but never love. It's a future that is visible and is on a straight and narrow path to our hopes and dreams for our family. It's a foot rub at night as we watch tv, it's a hug upon first sight of entering, it's a word of appreciation that the others live under it's roof too.

There's no place like home. It's handed down clothes, recipes, furniture and traditions.

There is no place like home. It's a southern momma's cooking, whose dishes are steeped in love. It's hot chocolate and marshmallows, hot soup on a cold day. It's Great Grandma Idabelle's recipe for cornbread cooked in a blacked iron skillet. It's a cozy bed with blankets on the edge of the bed to cuddle up in, knitted by grandma....Blankets that have the ability that each time the blanket surrounds you, you can feel Grandma's hug.

There's no place like home. It's good music playing in the background. It's antibacterial gel, Lysol spray, and Clorox and healthy bodies to fight off "ick". It's candles in the fireplace. It's laundry that needs to be folded. It's "lived in".

It is peace, even where there is not. It is chaos. It is wild. It's inside jokes. It is memories.

There is no place like home. It's warm in spirit, it's where we hang our hats.
And it's carried in our hearts.
No matter where home is literally, it is always there inside of us. In the eyes of our family.
It is there in it's spirit.
It's Love.
And I am blessed each time I drive up, no matter the chores that await me. I am blessed.
And I count those blessings as we approach Thanksgiving Day.

I hope you have many blessings to count too. May you be blessed.
What are you thankful for?

Kellie, over at Kellie's House is hosting all kinds of fun as we count down to thanksgiving week. She is having giveaways based on Thanksgiving post. You can play along too for a chance to win-and join in the fun of the holiday. Go to Kelly's House, tell her Leigh sent ya!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

T*G(oodness)*I*F+ Contest Winners Announced

The Tales from Bloggeritaville 2010 Costume Contest has come to an end.  I want to thank everyone who entered. It's always fun to see all the costumes!  And my goodness, each year I am amazed at the work put into them. I think we all had our favorites this year. It was a close race and a fair race. The Tales from Bloggeritaville 2010 Costume Contest winners are as follows:
Best Adult Costume: "A" Dust Bunny (not to be confused with the Dust Bunny Hostage)
Best Children's Costume: Little Clown ("Bean")
Best Animal Costume: Inmate Puppy

And what is it that you win?Well let me just tell you.....

Al Malekovic is the creator of Country Bob's Sauce. I had the opportunity to sample and review Counrty Bob's sauce, a sauce that can be used on just about anything to eat! Country Bob's has so generously given the winners of  the children's and the animal costume contest  a Country Bob's Gift Basket.

Each Gift Pack Includes:1 Bottle of Original All Purpose Sauce,1 Bottle of Spicy All Purpose Sauce,1 Bottle of Barbecue Sauce,1 Container of Seasoning Salt as well as the  Country Bob's Cookbook. I myself own this cookbook. It feautres some wonderful recipes featuring The World's Greatest Sauce, as well as  The history of Country Bob, Inc. . But what I really appreciate about both the cookbook and Country Bob's Company is their steadfast stance on morals, values, family and most of all-God. Throughout the cookbook you will find inspiring scriptures for living an abundant life. This giftpack has a value Price of $28.95.

And guess what...Bob is so convinced-and generous that you will love Country Bob's Sauce too, that he is offering Tales from Bloggeritaville readers a bottle of sauce for free, check it out. Yes-everyone's a winner in this deal!
That's not all....
Penelope Poet has always been a wonderful friend and sponsor of Tales from Bloggeritaville.  If you haven't checked out the Penelope Poet website, you are missing out. Artist, Creator and Business Savy mom, Joanne Gouaux is the founder of this equisite jewlery line in which she handcrafts custom pieces that are-sheer wearable  poetry! Joanne has so generously given the winner of the adult costume contest a Nashelle's silk friendship bracelet. The bracelet  is hand braided from plush silk threads, laced with strands of delicate gold chain, and accented with a beautiful hand-hammered clasp made of recycled precious metal. This artisan bracelet celebrates the beauty and refined strength of friendship with a contemporary style in your choice of three earthy hues: camel, chocolate, or black. Each color choice lends itself to a feeling of chic simplicity and sophistication. Joanne has chosen for you, the camel color. Value-$72.00

Because the race was so tight between the adult contest winners (there was a 1vote difference between the two) Country Bob's agreed to give a gift basket to the runner up in the adult costume contest . That is Sarah Hinson aka Sarah "Palin". Sarah wrote about her costume that she wore for a Halloween party on her blog. You can read all about it here.

Congratulations to the Winners. If you will please email me your home mailing address so that I can have your prize shipped to you. Thanks to everyone that entered. You were really ALL winners in my book!
Sincere Thanks to the Tales from Bloggeritaville 2010 Halloween Costume Contest Sponsors:
Penelope Poet Unique Jewelry and Gifts
Country Bob's Sauce

I mentioned earlier this week that some folks had some problems getting through to vote. I am sorry for that.  I think it was isolated instances, but there were a few that did comment to say that.  I did try and do some things to my blog that I thought might help, though I am not a very computer literate person. I took off applications that I thought might make it slow. One of these was my play list. I have to tell you, I got so many emails regarding the removal of the music. I was quite surprised.  I know it's a split subject with many so when I first put music on my blog,long ago,  I put my list at the top of the page so that if you do not like the music you can press pause. Or simply turn your computer sound down. But again, I got so many emails regarding the removal of the  playlist, requesting to  "put it back up". Telling me that you like the music. Telling me that you "love the playlist selections, that is "It makes (you) happy." It makes you dance. Someone even emailed saying that they pop up my blog, and turn up the sound and do household chores, which made me laugh out loud. Ha! I love that! And I love music too, which is why I put it on my blog. I am glad that some of you find it so enjoyable.So today, since the Halloween contest is complete, I invite those of you that enjoy it, to sing along, turn up it and to stay awhile in Bloggeritaville. I always enjoy the company with friends!
Speaking of friends.....
Did you get a chance to visit all of the Thrifty Thursday participants yesterday? So many of you are so good to take the time and visit everyone, like the good party guest that you are. I appareciate that. Its fun, its interesting to see all the great finds and creative ideas and  the best part-making new friends and catching up with old ones!
Yesterday in making the rounds I came across some fabulous finds....I cannot share them all, but I did want to share a handfull.

Cindy of Cottage Instincts  shared a fabulous project on the cheap. Take a look what she created with gorilla Glue and tell me it wouldn't make awesome Christmas gifts? I see the cheesedomes at the Thrift often-as in everytime I go. With the additions that can be found easily, you have a priceless gift for someone special!

Jan at Bobby Pins Boardwalk gets the award for using the most skill. You will NOT beleive her thrifty creation....these custom made bookshelves. She walks her readers through the entire process over at her blog. I still am in shock!

And really, who IS Mamie Jane? Who IS this woman? Every week she is cranking out ingenious yet thrifty  ideas that I almost believe even I can do if I put my mind to it. This week she uses tennis brackets to make the cutest Christmas tree.

Yes, people. Tennis brackets! Before that, she used them in her Halloween decor.
Mamie Jane, I cannot help when I visit your blog to think back to my childhood days in vacation bible school. The arts and crafts lady at the VBS I attended always had the coolest things to make year after year. If I said I went to vacation bible school for the crafts each year, it wouldnt be a lie. But don't think ofr a moment I wasn't praising God for this crafty woman who made things fun. Honest the crafts were not textbook tiddlywash. They were amazing!!!!When I go to Mamie Jane's Blog, I think that  Jane could've very well have been the one teaching craft class (but I think she and I are about the same age so it's not possible) And Mamie Jane, perhaps you should teach crafting classes...I am ready to sign up! You astound me each week!I just adore you and your creativity, Jane! Mamie Jane, I bow to you!!!

I invite you to stop by my food blog, PLATES & PLACES, for Foodie Friday! There I am sharing a dish (by way of video) from a local restautant located in Helena, my hometown. The dish is Creole Pasta by 122 Tree Lane. It's simple, it's quick, its filling and its delicious. Oh-and it's authentic creole. The chef is from "Lu-ze-anna" and can cook up some food like nobody's business. I LOVE her cucumber's like my grandmother made it. Umm, memories. Anyway, drop by and educate yourself in some creole dishes.
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! I truly appreciate you taking time from your bbusy day to stop byy, comment, email. I really do. I send the love right back at cha!
Sing*Dance* LIVE (really live)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend. It wasn't what I bargained for, but it wasn't so bad...

Let me tell you what happened this weekend.....
Let me state that differntly.
Let me tell you what DIDN"t happen this weekend, at least for me and all my gushing.

Katherine Tucker Windham.

Want to know why? It was SOLD OUT!!!!!!
You cannot know the disappointment on this girl's face.
So I picked myself up off the ground after my crying hissy fit (southern girls have hissy fits) and proceeded into the weekend ahead with a broken heart and rain on my parade.
But the weekend wasn't all bad. Things happen for a reason, right?
And the sun does shine again.
I assisted in the city, at a local beauty pagent this weekend. The pagent was for ages 6 months and up. There were no six months babies there. I am sure there was an "up" age, but I missed it. I am NOT a pagent girl, so this was something different for me. Please no harsh words from those that do appreciate a good pagent, simply put, it just isn't my thing. I did get some good pictures of our hometown (Helena) girl, Liz Cochran, who happens to currently hold the title of Miss Alabama. She will be competing for the Miss America crown around the first of the year. Good Luck to her.  She was given the key to the city at this event, by Mayor Penhale.

I was surprised to see at the pagent, blogger Laura Beth and her daughter "Bean". Bean  competed in her age group. Congratulations to Bean who walked away with the "Queen" crown in her age group!!

I did manage to hit a church yard sale. I didn't find to much: a hermitcrab cage for my son to catch and realse hermit crabs when we are beachside. 25 cents. And I even found myself something in the "free" box. I will share that later this week.
I took in a musical preformance. My photographer friend, Jan King, her son Duncan was celebrating his birthday by hosting a concert by his band. Duncan is an amazing drummer. It was the first time I have heard him and I was most impressed by his serious skills.

From there I went home and watched the TIDE roll right over South Carolina in their homecoming game!
ROLL TIDE, #1! My son, "Bama" still hasn't gotten his voice back after cheering so loudly.
Now onto this week's game, Tenneessee.

 I got some much needed yard work taken care of. I was to ashamed to take before pictures, but if you have ever seen the movie, "The Burb's" with Tom Hanks, well, our yard looked like the "new neighbors" yard. Yes, that bad!

And finally, I photographed my friend, Diva's son, "J", before she was to have his curls cut off. We had a wonderful time together. Her son was so well behaved and did so well at the session.

Alot to ask of a baby boy. I got some good smiles and expressions the entire time.

Well almost... it was only when a train ran through town, close to where we were shooting, and scared him for only a seond. But it was a cute second. And I managed to capture that expression too.

I will be posting more pictures from our session on my photo blog later this week.
Hope you had an eventful weekend. If you caught the Kathryn Tucker Windham show, I'd love to hear what I missed. If you didn't catch the show, what did you do this weekend?
Leave me a roadmap to your place. I am traveling the blogisphere today playing catch up!
Sing, Dance & Live out loud!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Love "Letters" from the Past

What is that song, "Rainy Days and Monday's always get me down?"
Well Monday was a washout, with flood warnings covering the state, but how could I be down?
As the rain fell to the earth and danced in puddles out in the street and thunder rumbled softly in the distance
I was snug and warm inside in one of these...

They are all quilts that belonged to my mother's side of the family. I recall them being piled high in the living room on the sofa of my grandma's house. My uncle was a night owl. He would stay up late into the night watching old movies and would often fall asleep on the sofa, wrapping himself in these. While, he has passed on, I look at these and can't help but think of late night western movies.
I just adore these quilts, and I really shouldn't even be keeping cozy in these, but these are not in great condition, they are well worn and loved.This one is my favorite. It is a signature quilt, signed by many of the townspeople of Collinsville, Alabama, some of which were family members.

Including my Great Aunt Lillian (my grandfather's sister)

And my Great Aunt Ruth (my grandmother's sister).

And look! I told you that the Univeristy of Alabama ran deep in the family....

The quilt is stitched with the year: 1926

Though, I love them all, It's my most cherished quilt.
Not only are they soft and warm, they feel like a hug from ancestors of long ago.
I love rainy days.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Grand Spanish Style

I first published the post below on August 30, 2008 after my girlfriends from the "Clematis Club" initially began in the aide of helping my GF Diva clean up, clean, out, and organize her mother's home (also Diva's childhood home) in the preparation of selling it and it's contents.
In my many post on the home, I told of the estate sale that would eventually take place in Meridian Mississippi.
Many asked if I would post the dates when the time came.
Well, "The time has come".
The Estate sale will take place on August 7th and 8th.
The home will also be up for sale.
As you will see in my initial post below, it comes with much history.

I wanted to mention the sale in plenty of time so that, if you are like me, it can be put on the calendar early enough so that you can plan to attend. You will not be disappointed. The home was full of antiques and vintage items, including furniture, toys, apparel and miscellaneous items. Also in the sale are some artifacts from the careers of Diva's parents. (More on that in a future post). There is much to be of interest to almost anyone.

I will delay in posting the exact address of the estate sale until the week prior to the sale, for privacy and security reasons.
But know that is will take place in Meridian, Mississippi on August 7th and 8th, 2009.
Be sure to join me next week to celebrate my second anniversary of blogging. There will be giveaways and more fun!
In the meantime, below is the post of my friend Diva's childhood home.
See you there!

I mention earlier in the week that my friend, "Diva" lost her mother recently after a lengthy illness. Diva has been in Mississippi since the first of the week , trying to begin the process of wrapping up loose ends with the estate. I image it will take months and it is a process that will involve Diva single handily going through over 40 years worth of accumulated possessions. As anyone can image, and may know, it is a process that is both mentally, emotionally and physically draining. I have said it once and I will say it again, my group of girlfriends are tight. We have seen one another through births, marriages, divorces and deaths. Rather than friendships, it is more of a sisterhood. One friend, Audrey, had this witty statement, "Family is not a choice, but friendships are. Friends are what God gives you when the family tree is full of nuts".....or something to that effect. True enough. And even truer, we think of each other as a nutty family but one that is dependable and unconditional. As soon as High "May" and I realized the daunting task ahead of Diva is was without question that we would go to Mississippi, not knowing what we would be able to do, other than being a support. It turns out Diva put us to work! (smile) And we were all the more happy to assist.

May and I had never been to my friend Diva's childhood home, before Saturday. We were warned by Diva of what was waiting. In the historic neighborhood of well cared for homes, sat a diamond in the rough....Diva's childhood home, an almost 200 year old Spanish style fortress.

(view from the street of the front of the home)

May and I were aghast at the size. The house and property in which it sat took up an entire city block. The yard and shrubs were overgrown, only making the home more mysterious and alluring. We drove onto the cobblestone driveway, Diva met us at the top of the drive. As we got out of the car, my first question was to ask about the house to the side of the original home. I assumed it as a carriage house, or guest house. "It was referred to the servant's quarters long ago, today is houses stuff", explained Diva. As a history buff my mind began to take me to places of long ago. Places that I never knew. Places I would never want to know. Places that makes me grimace and sad but at the same time leaves me full of curiosity to know more.
(Servants quarters)

"Come on in, let me give you the tour of the house....see what is ahead of us..." Diva said as she made her way towards the home. We followed behind her towards the enormous wrap around porch, on my left I noticed a fish pod with a lone koi gasping for breath, or perhaps a handout. Mental note: fish food. It was what soon would become a metaphor for the home....gasping for air. Gasping for the existence it once was. We proceeded into the house. It was then that the enormity of the task ahead of us began to set in. The house was purchased by Diva's mother forty years ago or better. Diva's mother grew up in hardship. She would drive her bicycle past the "rich side" of the cities historic home as a young girl and promised herself that she would one day live there in one of those grand homes.

After marring and working hard as a highly regarded journalist, she finally made good on that promise to herself. True, even then, the home was probably more than she could keep up and in the coming years would become even harder, but it was her dream. She purchased the home in those days it was sold to her as a former apartment building. The house had been divided up into random rooms of apartments with common areas of a kitchen, parlor, and dining room. The house once contained a ballroom, for socialites back in the days of long ago...even over a century ago. Now the ballroom is now divided by a series of sheet rock and doors into four separate rooms, each containing years of antiques and such in each. Looking up at the 14 foot ceilings, the ballroom was evident in the grand exposed beams that once saw grand dances and impromptu but elaborate celebrations. Literally, I wondered, "If walls could talk"...oh, the stories these could reveal. But these kept it's secrets intact....well, almost of them.

Every room downstairs had french doors that opened up onto the expansive porch.

The entire exterior of the house, upstairs and down had elaborate stained glass windows. Next trip, I plan to count....I couldn't even begin to guess the number of them, for there were so many.
(stained glass)

The inside walls had transom windows and even some of the interior rooms had the stained glass. (interior stained glass in the doubled flight stairway. The three windows on the right over look the stairs on one side and on the other side of the wall the oversized ceramic foot tub in the bathroom)

The house was unique in that the outside of the home is Spanish style and the interior is arts and crafts period style. As mentioned before, enormous wooden beams in the ceilings, wooden floors throughout.....To imagine the home in it's grandeur of long ago left me in awe.
(stair banister in craft style with inlay cross)

Though is in need of some TLC.

Without counting, I imagine the house to have had 7 or 8 bedrooms upstairs with even a hidden sun room and a maze of hallways.

Downstairs at least the same number of rooms. There was much work to be done. And work we did. We left Birmingham at 5AM and arrived at 7AM in Meridian ready to work. We started by organizing stacks of things, going through boxes, baskets, and books, then duly filling them by category and labeling. We moved furniture and moved an entire city block worth of trash and debris to the curb. It was a long exhausting day......but one that was worth it to be more manageable to my friend-knowing that for her it was less tiring.

We only made a small dent in the work. But we have promised to see it to the end, helping week by week if necessary so that Diva can get the belongings of the past tended to so that she can look to the future. After a lengthy illness being a caregiver to an aging parent, the finality of death is both a sad experience and one of relief. For her mother is finally at peace. Renewed. At that big ballroom in the sky-now in her own grandiose of what she once was.
As we loaded up the cars with a few salvaged items, I reached into my the midst of disorder inside I had found a bottle of fishfood. I threw out a big handful of food to the gulping koi. It ate it up like it hadn't wasn't certain of tomorrow. Just like the old house, though now, just like that koi- I have faith in a future. All it takes is a little love and attention. I know one day that home will be nursed back to life and one day will hold more wonderful parties and see other families pass through it's halls.

(I plan to find out the history of the home in a future visit. Old homes and building architecture of such has always enamored me. The old B&W pictures above are indeed those of Diva's childhood home and were found in among the effects today. Those photos came from an old book on historical homes and her home was one of the homes featured-or course the pictures were taken long before Diva lived in the home... I plan to study more and hopefully find more about it's past owners.)