Saturday, August 9, 2008

1988 Reunion Snapshots on 8-8-08

Here is the Reunion Slideshow from Pub 261.It was great to see everyone last night. I only wish it were not as loud so everyone could have chatted more. I am a bit hard of hearing (uggg. aging sucks) so I struggled. But it was seeing the familiar faces of old friends (the best kind) that pulled at my heartstrings all night. It was like we didn't skip a beat in picking up where we left off. It only made me realize how much I missed everyone. I hope that we can all remain in contact and get together more often. Lets do this annually!
We really MUST stay in touch!


Terri said...

Looks like so much fun! I"m glad you went! I want more details after it's all over!

BHS Class of '82

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Looks like a great time!! I hope you had fun!

jennifer said...

The Spanx worked. You WERE the HOTNESS. Gorgeous Chick!

And Fabian. My Lord that man radiates the IT factor in waves.

Loved all of the photos. Thanks for sharing.


butterflygirl said...

Everyone looks like they were having a great time. Thanks for sharing.

tricki_nicki said...

Looks like Tom and his pals were havin' some drinky there...I love the one of him whispering in his friend's ear!! Gave me the giggles!

lizziemom said...

Looked like so much fun. Recognized Dana and Ashley. I knew Dana from color guard and Ashley and I had Chemistry together. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!
BHS class of '86

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are the bomb!!!You are so sweet!!!It was a great weekend!!!
Thanks for everything!!!

Anonymous said...

Last night was an absolute blast!! I agree that this should become a regular event. With the website and things like facebook, it would really be easy to get out announcements. It seems that almost everyone there last night lives in areas **** and south.
I enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading your blog. I will definitely have to check that out some more.
I get what you say about hearing, my kids tell me I am deaf ALL the time. It was really great to see you and everyone else. I just think it is so cool how everyone is so nice to everybody.
Can you email me the picture you took of me and Bethany?
Hope to see you soon!! Maybe next time I'll bring the hubby along...maybe (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Hey Leigh! Thank you for such a sweet note! Jeff and I had a great time Friday night! I am so glad I went! Go to (password BERRY88) to see the pictures that were taken. If you couldn't come(on Saturday), at least you ought to be able to see the candids!
Again, thank you so much for the note, and for all you did to help get Friday's event put together! Noise and all, it was a blast!! Can't wait to catch up on your Blog. I promise to leave notes from now on, LOL!

Take care of yourself, Leigh! I hope to see you again soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl. It was great seeing you guys last night. Everyone looked awesome!!! Do you know if we come tonight if we could buys tickets at the door?? Talk to you soon! Staci

nancygrayce said...

Dear heavens, I just realized you are my son's age! He graduated in 88 too! Oh, now I am really depressed!

Anonymous said...


Girl you got it going on!! Thanks so much for getting Friday night organized. It was so great to see everyone and catch up (esp with the Bratina clan). Aside from the hidious band playing and the noise coming from their instruments, the night was excellent. I felt like when I walked in that I would literally have to "reintroduce" myself but to my suprise people really remembered me! Maybe it had to do with my ever popular husband from the class of 89 (or he would like to think that anyway). Keep up your fantastic job in "bloggeritaville". I will visit often and see what amazing things you have gotten in to. I vote w/ Heather that we don't wait another 10 yrs to get together. For now, take care and keep in touch.
Danna Michell Ray

Anonymous said...

Hey Leigh,

It was great to get to see both you and Tom!! Isn't it crazy that it's been 20 yrs!

You looked so good!

Thank you for taking so many pictures - I wish my digital camera hadn't broken. They are great!
Missed seeing you Saturday night, too - but you didn't miss much. Friday night was just as good!

Thanks again for forwarding your blog address!
- Tara Smith

Anonymous said...

Sweet Leigh...

Thanks for giving me a shout out. We hardly EVER go out. I mean that literally. So thanks for the invite. It was so nice to see yall and spend some time hanging out. We should do it more. Michelle and I chose not to attend the reunion. It would have been nice but we did not plan ahead financially and otherwise so we stayed at the house with the fam. Please try to get Tom and the kids by the wrestling complex sometime. It would mean a lot if yall could see what I have been up to in my "free" time.

I will gladly check out the pics.


Anonymous said...

I definitely got some strange looks when I bellied up to the bar at 7:30 Saturday morning and asked for vodka with anything. But then, I think Becky was the only other one that showed up Friday night, and so I told everyone else to deal with it...I had to equalize a bit. I intended to show up Friday night for a couple of hours and escape, but I was having so much fun catching up w/so many faces I hadn't seen in forever, I couldn't help myself. One thing I did learn was, OH MY GOD, it's a long ass drive from Pub 261 to Trussville, where my parents now live (especially at that hour in the morning). It was well worth it!!!! Thanks so much for bringing it all together. We're not going to wait 10 years, but 5, to do it all over again...officially. That being said, there's no reason to wait near that long to do it all over again.
The pics on the blog are great!!!! I think I'm going to need a few more days to recover after that entire weekend. I'll deal with it. GREAT TO SEE EVERYONE!!!!!

Keep in touch,


Anonymous said...

Leigh - Sorry I missed seeing you all at Pub 261. You've probably heard by now but the reunion was great. I had a fun time. I had hoped to see you and your husband but heard you couldn't make it. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and say I missed seeing you and Tom. I'd love to stay in better touch so send me your home address if you don't mind!

Tracy Real Vebber

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking those pictures and then for getting them on your blog and letting me know about it so're amazing!

It was so good to see everyone--if only that band wasn't so dang loud! I guess that we've learned something for the next time around.

I also saw that Martha must have dropped by as she was in a photo. I hate that I missed her.

We have returned to Maryland with many happy memories of the weekend. I will return to your blog now that I am home and can fully enjoy it. Thank you again.

Elizabeth Alford Pugh

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coordinating the Fri. night event. It was truly awesome to see everyone. Friday was a great b/c I was able to see some (you, Tony, Glen, Robert, and others) that didn’t make it Sat. Night. Truly a special weekend. Keep in touch and we definitely need to do something before 10 more years.

George L. Odom, Jr., CPA

Anonymous said...


It was fun and if you can please keep me in the loop.


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the thoughtful message, but more importantly thank you for putting together the event on Friday night! I will tell you that I had as much fun Friday night as I did at the actual reunion on Saturday. The reunion on Saturday was great but it was the opportunity to "hang out" with people both nights that really made the weekend special! I was amazed at the awesome chemistry and how everyone picked up right where we left off!
I really do miss Tom and Tony, those two were more apart of my "teens" than any other friends I had! Man, the things we got into...we were really something (I could have used a lot of "choice" words beside "something"), but you know what, it was all in fun, and at the end of the day, we were good kids at heart, and turned out OK!
I really have enjoyed your website and am thoroughly impressed, you should write a book or something because you have talent! What I like best about it is reading about "Big Daddy" and keeping up with him, and the snide comments about "the brother in law :-)"! You and Tom look like you have built a great life/family together, and there is nothing more important than that, so kudos to both of you!
We don't get back very often and when we do (mostly because of the kids) we are pulled in every direction by our families, but I would love for us to all get together and do a cook out or something and get all of the kids together...or at the very least meet at Pub 261 (or somewhere quieter) for a "cold one"!
Take care of yourself and please do stay in touch!


Tammy said...

Looks like fun was had by all. I went to my 20th back in '06. Seems like yesterday I was sitting in class with all those people.

And get the heck outta here, I went to Judson with dear ol' Patty up there. Sure did, so if you need any black mail photos, I'm your hook-up.

Christie O'Brien said...

I was wearing my Spanx all weekend girl ;)

Anonymous said...


Agreed on everything. Very touching. It was great to see everyone, you and Tom especially.
Why don’t we replace you as the entire organizing committee for all future events. I knew it was going to go well when very early on in the night you welcomed everyone in and raced to remind everyone of who each other was. It was pretty funny to watch. My only regret is that you didn’t just go Saturday night. Tom could’ve stayed and saved the money (it would have cost.) You were a trip Friday night and clearly get my vote as event organizer.
Great photos. Assume you will leave those up indefinitely? Curious if there would be a way where everyone who had cameras can dump them all into one site? Thoughts?
We’ll definitely stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

Leigh -

OH MY GOSH!! We have been friends for more than 20 years and I didn't even know how talented you are! I looked at your blogspot site and I must say I am just beside myself. Your artwork, the photos, etc. And what an awesome and hilarious writer you are!! I can't wait for Phillip to read it.
I looked at all the pictures from Fri. night. I sure wish we could have stayed later b/c it seems that I missed a lot of people - like Martha. I hate I missed seeing her. I think I regret not going to the reunion, but I didn't even know about it until you called me on Thurs. night. Oh well! Maybe we could plan our own reunion for some of the in-towners.

Love ya,
Staci "smith"

"J" said...

I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad you had a GREAT time! You have some "HUNK-A-HUNK" guys in your class!!!! =)

Looks like FUN was had by ALL!!!!!

Great pictures!!!!

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

I'm so glad you went- it looks like you had a blast!!