Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Update

I still haven't gotten caught up on all of my post. Now I am cataloging so I do not forget all that I want to say. You know women, there is alot up there to get out!! And today is a good day to start!
This past weekend I have to credit my highschool reunion and it's planning committee for the renewed relationships I have with my classmates. I am a sentimental old sap, admittedly. I made a vow to stay in better contact and I was not about to allow even a week to slip by without making good on it.
On Thursday Big Daddy and I surprised our friend Glenn Albarado at his brand new wrestling facility in Alabaster. Glenn was as genuinely thrilled to see us as we were him. There is a fantastic story that accompanies the explanation as to how Glenn founded the new complex. One of faith and overcoming odds. I plan to give the story in full as the week progresses. I have asked Big Daddy to assist me in writing that one. He has much more knowledge of wrestling than I. He and Glenn wrestled together in highschool and I want to give Glenn his proper due. That to come....

On Friday night, I met up with a classmate and the very first friend that I made as an elementary school student. Martha Brahan sat in front of me in Mrs. Beacham's class. I was a new student and I apprehensively turned around in my desk to see the new faces in my class. I was met by Martha's smile. I felt immediately at ease. Martha and I were friends from second grade until sometime after graduation. I went to her wedding and saw her depart to the great state of Texas. Eventually, as people do, we lost touch. Though as revealed at supper on Friday, neither of us forgot. There are those people that leave permanent footsteps on ones life and Martha did mine. It was a blessing to have even run into her at the reunion last weekend. Big Daddy and I were on our way out the door and Martha was going in. Only seconds more and we never would have seen each other. "We have years of making up to do!", says Martha. And we do. We ate supper at Margarita Grill. Always a good meal there.....if you should ever go, introduce yourself to the managers, Javier and RJ. I guarentee they will stop at your table. Tell them that the "corn girl" told you to stop in. They will know. They tease me because I love corn.
At supper I began to notice one of the employees staring at us. I wondered, then looked around to find we were the only ones in the place. I looked at my watch and it was 11:30PM. They were waiting for us to leave! We hadn't even noticed that our supper had lasted as long. To us, it seemed only minutes. There is a standing date to meet again very soon.

On Saturday we met Big Daddy's family to celebrate the 89th birthday of his grandmother.
We ate at her assisted living facility, as Peg is to frail to get out now. My MIL was so good to purchase three store bought cakes and allow the children to decorate them for a special touch.

The children, after supper, tried their skills on the golf course outside.

How precious is this little fellow, my nephew ("the Artist's" youngest son), holding a golf club in his hand?

It was a nice celebration and wonderful to be in Peg's company.
Later that day was the Green and Gold (exhibition day) Football game. Sister Sledge was really looking forward to getting back into swing with her cheer squad. Most of the squad have been together for several years now, and when it is season, they are among friends. They did a great job, though our team lost. You can't win them all......

On Sunday we were off to Fabian & Jackie's studio where Sister Sledge had practise for an upcoming dance performance. The kids are really looking good. Jackie has done a fantastic job in teaching, and today ran smoothly with Fabian's assistance to work with two groups.

After class we went with my friends Fred-D and Warrior Princess Zinnia (and kids-all are in dance together) for supper at a local Mexican restaurant, Cozumel Grill.

In all, many socials with old friends. And I love it.
GO USA! I am so stoked about the medals that the USA had obtained to this point. In particular Michael Phelps. He has brought me to my feet and cheers many times, as I know he has many. So proud! If my Olympic fantasy cannot come to pass .....his can! Go Phelps! Go USA! There is much to come!

Posted below, is Mute Monday hosted by Da Troll, as well as Peg's story and the latest news and gossip from Dancing with the Stars. Be sure to read the comments, Terri added some important information that I did not include in the DWST post. Finally, be certain to check out my other blog, "Baby's Gone Shoppin". I added a beautiful bedroom suit that a friend is hoping to sell.
I invite you to drop by Bloggeritaville this week. I hope you will. I always enjoy my island visitors! Let me know you dropped in..."delurk" and join in the fun!
Have a great week!


butterflygirl said...

Busy, busy weekend. Phelps got my son hooked on the Olympics-what an accomplishment!

"J" said...

Great post! I can't wait to hear all about the gym story!

You were one busy woman this weekend!!!

I love the pic of you and Warrior Princess Zinnia!!! lol Yall are sooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Leigh! Girl, you've been busy. So you were down at Jemison too. We didn't make it to Petals that day, but you're right about that antique mall...same one we went to. The place I showed the pics of is downtown Jemison (right by some RR tracks) and I forgot to take a pic of the sign at this place & can't remember the name, but it's a neat place & if you go downtown, you can't miss it. Nice man who was the owner too.


Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!!

HEWY said...

Wow, you have such a busy schedule. I dont see how you keep up!

Mary Kate McCluney said...

Hey Mrs. Leigh! (:

I just wanted to stop by and say hello.
I've missed you these past few weeks!
Hope the family is doing fabulous, tell them all hi for me!
don't forget about my babysitting offer (:

By the way, I'm part of this organization called Mocha Club to support places like Darfur. I'm recruiting new team members and would love for you to join!
Here's the link if you want more info:

Email me anytime at


BamaBelle said...

Wow you were a very busy girl this weekend, I so enjoy reading your blog! Hope you have a great week!