Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dancing With the Stars Rumors & Fabian's Latin Dance Class

It's official ! The count down is on! Dancing with the Stars 3-night LIVE Premiere Event is on Monday September 22nd at 8PM/7c. The new cast is to be revealed on August 25th of this week on Good Morning America (ABC). I have heard all kinds of rumors as to who might be joining the cast. I have heard people such as William Hurt and Florence Henderson, to almost every member of the Kardasian family to of all people, Dan Quayle!
I will tell you who I would love to see as a celebrity dancer is Jacquelyn Smith.
Such an amazing specimen and by all appearances a classy woman. Really any of the former Angels would be interesting. But I guess this all goes back to my slight obsession with the show in my youth. Another interest that I would like to see is...hello? McGyver! This was another show I was obsessed with in my youth.
He could certainly excel in a dance number as easily as he could make a bomb from a bic. Doubt me, read this list of predicaments he forged through. Certianly if he could conquer all of that he could bring Mark Ballas' mad footsteps to a halt? Ok, maybe I am joshing....but it would be nothing short of interesting!
And my final two that I am throwing out there as would be interesting celeb dancers that I would like to see:
Jami Gertz from Still Standing and one of my favorite movies Lost Boys

Kat Von Dee from LA Ink.
The rumor mill continues to leak info. This one from the DWTS message boards, stating a confirmation on a dancers web site: "It was confirmed on the Jonathan and Anna fansite. Jonathan sent a message saying that him and Anna are focusing on their competitive dancing and decided to take a season off. Jonathan just came out of retirement and I think Anna is the only female pro that still competes so it's understandable." You might remember Johnathan Roberts as the dance partner of Monica Seles this past season. Most notably I recall him dancing with Marie Osmond and his reaction to her fainting after a high energy performance. His wife is Anna Anna Trebunskaya. She danced this last season with Steve Guttenburg,"The Gute".
I have heard that Mark Ballas' father (also a dancer) will be joining the list of dance instructors for the fall season. If true, that should make for an interesting season of father vs. son competition, joining other family competitors Julianne and Derek Hough who are sister and brother.

Julianne Hough, the 19-year-old bombshell with a megawat smile, who released her first self-titled country album earlier this year, had told The Salt Lake Tribune she didn't expect to return to Dancing With the Stars because she wanted to focus on her singing career. But I have also heard that she's still under contract with the show and will even be preforming on this show as one of the musical guest.
Maksim Chmerkovskiy, has confirmed his return to the upcoming season. He sat out last season and paved the way for another exceptional dancer (hmm?guesses?). But what I do know for fact is that Chmerkovskiy’s pal (and mine!), mambo champion Fabian Sanchez will not be returning to DWTS this season. The spring season, however, is a great possibility.
I cannot image this this season will be even the half as interesting to me as the last one was seasons...but I have a strong feeling that Fabian will return to a future season as a cast member/dance instructor. Like blogger Jen of Dust Bunny Hostage said, "Fabian. My Lord that man radiates the IT factor in waves", and he does (it is abundant in the entire Sanchez clan, even those that marry in "IT". Must be a prerequisite.) He certainly has a charisma that he brings to the show. And I know that the dancers will miss his humor backstage. I am bittersweet about the news. You may or may not have gathered how happy and proud I was for Fabian and his family (yeah right) but at the the same time......he will be locally teaching his Latin Cardio class and working my rear into shape. That I cannot afford to loose. And I can image that being gone 8 months of the year (if working both seasons a year) could be hard. So I am certain a flexibility is appreciated.

Speaking of the Latin Dance Class I failed to mention some things about the class.
Classes are held on Thursday and Friday Mornings at 10:30 Am CST.
I believe there is also a night class at 7PM on Mondays, but call the studio to confirm.
There is no contract to sign. Classes are $10.00 per class. The class last an hour. I honestly did not know if I could last the entire hour, but Fabian makes the class so entertaining time flies by and you actually have fun exercising! Don't fear that your dance skills will not be up to par. This is a class for everyone. Beginners and skilled, young and old(er) alike. So, come one, come all and join in the Latin Dance Class and add some flavor to your dance repertoire and some sass to your workout routine. As for Dancing with the Stars-I will be here giving my unsolicited opinion on it all.

Fred Astaire Dance Studio
1941 Hoover Ct Ste J
Birmingham, AL 35226


Terri said...

hey, if I can show up for Latin Cardio and ENJOY it, it has to be a great class!

You failed to mention that Fabian will most likely be touring and dancing again with Marlee (who will be coming here to practice....perhaps in our class).

See you Thurs if I don't chat with you before!

Leigh said...

You're right Terri! Thank you for mentioning that! You are always on the ball. AND I WILL BE AT CLASS THIS WEEK!

"J" said...

I'm excited about the new season of DWTS!!!! I love that show!!!!

I can't wait to hear who is going to be dancing on the new season!

7 more days!!!! =)

Travis said...

A friend of mine...and thousands of other ladies...will be pleased if Maks is back this season. I'll miss Jonathan and Anna, but I respect their decision to focus on a season or two on the pro tour.

I still say that either Dimitry or Pasha from SYTYCD would be great pro partners on DWTS and a great cross-over between the two shows. They have both proven to be excellent dancers, terrific choreographers, and wonderful teachers.

Great choices you have for celebs you want to see. I agree with all of them.