Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Personalized Christmas (yes I said Christmas) Gift Ideas

My friend at Sunny Little Blog recently posted about Christmas preparations. True it is early to some, but to me...it is only 18 weeks away. Like her, I have to get it done. Crowds make me miserable and for me to truly enjoy the season, I get my gifts and Santa list taken care of now so that I can have fellowship and remember what the season is all about. Perfect example of misery....remember last year me trying to find a Wii? That was awful!
I enjoy making personal gifts for people. I prefer to give personal things because it really shows the recipient that you put time and forethought into it. Of course, it cannot be done with everyone, but for most, I try and accommodate.
Last year I made cookbooks.

I included in it photos and personal stories of how the recipe was derived.
Many had special significance to the recipient...I intentionally wanted to stir up some fond memories, many that included good meals.

Another year, I made cake plates from antique cups, candlesticks and plates and epoxy glue.
One year I took all of my son's old t-shirts from sports and trips and had someone make it into a quilt. Of course, I couldn't do this for everyone, but for him it was a true keepsake.
Yet another year, I made "jingle bells" swags from terracotta planters. Spray painted them and monogrammed them with paint. I added greenery and a bow...pretty.
One last idea, and simple, though not really "made" is to have copies of old antique family photographs made and then frame them (you can customize the frame like Jessica does) for Christmas.
I am open to ideas for personalized gifts for this year!
Please, share. I need inspiration!


"J" said...

Okay for real...I need one of your cookbooks!!!! That is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing! I have ALWAYS wanted to do this! =) I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now on to the quilt! I need your help with this! I need to find someone that can make me a t-shirt quilt! I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE Atlanta Braves fan and I have collected shirts from alllllllllllllllllll the years! I can't part with them and I want to make a quilt!!!!! Do you know of someone?!?!?! Maybe I can ship them my shirts and pay them?!?!?! I would like to find an older woman that did quilting...someone who needed the money so I can pay her!!! Ya know what I mean?!?!?!

She freaked me out the other day when she posted about Christmas! YIKES! lol

I know Jessica Mc Cash has been working on her Christmas cards!!! lol WOW!!!! I'm always late at things like this!!!! Sooooooooooooooo last min!!!!!

"J" said...

Okay after I went to your t-shirt quilt link! I'm hooked! I want one and I want it to be what Shad gives me for Christmas!!!! =) I sent him the link! You know what is cool about it...that place is in Shad's home state of Ohio!!!! =)

I'm really want that! Now I want to go home and count how many atlanta braves t-shirts I have!!! =)

giants fan said...

J cracks me up! or should I say "J CRACKS me UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


I am planning on doing a longer post soon with more details about what I am making and some of my ideas etc.

thanks for the link!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

I do custom calendars for the grandparents with pictures of the poeple who have a birthday on their month.
You know I can't make ANYTHING unless it is with a camera.