Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Hope You Enjoyed your Island Time!

I had a blast last week, while allowing some bloggers to join me at my "island", Bloggeritaville. In all actuality-I myself was literally on an island down at the gulf, with my family. A much needed rest. We had a wonderful time, weather was terrific. I love being at the ocean. I feel so in tune with nature, so close to God. I felt him everywhere....

From the magnificent thunderstorms that I watched blow in across the bay. It was wicked, powerful, intense. I got some amazing video and still pictures of lightening. To come.

To being out in the open water with my daughter Sledge, rowing and two young dolphins came about 10 feet from our boat. We heard their blowholes, which was what alerted us to their presence. This was the second experience that my daughter and I had with wild dolphin. It is always thrilling. It makes one feel so small in the world of wonder.

And to being able to witness, up close and personal the nest of two watchful osprey guarding their young. I was a bit fearful they might "flog" me but they did not. They allowed my intrusion through my lenses. It's not everyday you get to be witness a bird as majestic. I got some great shots of nesting, in flight and that expansive wingspan. Impressive to say the least!

To taking in the sunsets of each day (and a couple sunrises!). It as if I am watching the Lord paint on a ever changing canvas using the most beautiful and vibrant colors. Like a great symphony-everything in tune.

Finally being surrounded by my family and counting my blessings with each day for each of them. I couldn't be any happier a person, if I were even the richest person in the world. Family. That is what it is all about.

On the island of Bloggeritaville, my good friends pitched hit for me and did a outstanding job. I must personally and publicly thank Jen, Freddy, Anon and Drama Mama for taking over the island for awhile. I raise my pina colada to each of you. I am most appreciative of each of you. But on a personal note, I must thank my friend Freddy. If you read his post, you can see why me and my family think the world of him and his. I was overcome at his kind words and reminded again of the gift of true friendship. Thank you Freddy for swelling my head a bit. I am not worthy. Freddy does not have his own blog, but according to his wife (who welcomed me home with the sweetest email-love you!) he really enjoyed it and was surprised at the people that saw his post. He is considering his own blog, which I hope he will embrace. I know he would be a natural. Not to mention, he has a photo that needs to be shared with the world. (Kidding Fred!)
Last week I did a scheduled post on the cornbread festival. Actually it was a contest. I got some great comments on festivals that many of you have been to. I love a festival. There seems to be many I need to be sure to add to my list of festivals to concur. I had my son Bama pick a number (not seeing the list of comments). He chose number seven as a winner. That is Deb at Bird on a Wire! Congratulations, Deb! If you will email me your address and I will mail you your prize pack form the Cornbread Festival. I hope that one day you can swing by the cornbread festival. It is alot of fun and good food to be had. Thank you, R Mansfield, for linking my contest to your blog of cast iron. To kind.
But as with everything, it is always good to be home too. And I am glad I am. Dorothy said it best. There really IS no place like home (though I am counting the years until mine is on the gulf but in the meantime, this is where it is at!). A home is where your family resides and where your door is always open to friends. And like my home, my blog allows me a place to receive friends, family and people that are generally good people. I am always glad to have each of you stop by Bloggeritaville. Thank you for sailing by throughout your day. Be sure to stop by the great guest posters of last week and tell them how fab they were!
Have a great week everyone. I know it is going to be fabulous! It is all in the attitude!


Anonymous said...

That is one big ol'crab! Big enough to dip in some batter and fry- I will be down there week after next- I can't wait!
I had fun guest bloggin!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Glad you had a blast! The pictures are GREAT! Welcome home!

Tammy said...

Your photos are so beautiful. Sounds like y'all had a great time.

I enjoyed the guest bloggers. Darn it, I'm gonna remember that next time I go on vacation!

jennifer said...

For some reason, I think you may have posted that last pic just to ICK me out again. HAH! Leigh, you and your nature lovin' just scares me good. No snakes, no turtles, no crabs!

Glad you all had a great time. The photos are wonderful and your words about how you felt so close to God were even better!

Take Care Leigh. I am so glad that you are home.


Dullbert said...

welcome back glad you all had a good time kinda hard not to. Were the jellyfish a problem ?

Michelle said...

Im so jealous! I wish I could have gone! LOL Looks like yall had a great time!!

Leigh said...

Drama-Have a great trip, and some good meals! Thanks again, more than you know.

Thanks Mrs Schmitty & Tammy!Tammy, I loved the guest blogger idea. It was fun!

Jen, you know I actually thought of you when I posted that pic. HAH. I knew you'd like it. I hope you are making some roots in your new digs. Love it there.

Dullbert- Only one day were jelly fish a problem. Other than that no. But I did hear of people saying they had been stung.

Michelle- We did. I love going down there. Love it. I like it best in late Sept and October when the weather is perfect and crowds are almost minimal.

Keetha said...

Looks like our vacations are overlapping a bit - - - - but I'm still up here on mine.

Travis said...

Looks like a fantastic vacation! Welcome home!

Mrs. Jules said...

Your pictures illustrate such a wonderful vacation. So glad you and the family got to take a break. Love the photo of you and the crab. :)

MONEYBGS1 said...

Love the pictures its almost as if you took us with you. (Wishing it was so)...
So glad you got the rest and relaxation you needed.