Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Not Worthy But I'll Take a Stab by Anon (take a guess...)

For "Beach Week" I am re running some "Best of Post" including this one from my Blogger friend, Dullbert. This post first ran on 7/16/08

First a Mea culpa:
I was always pretty sure that bloggers were the same people that belonged to the "people that needed to get a life" club. Then on a lark I threw together a blog a started posting stuff that I thought was amusing and light.

As with most new blogs the comments were few and far between and then some "regulars" started stoping by. Over time without ever meeting these people you begin to realize these are some good, intelligent and descent people just having some fun (you do get the occasional "drive by" wackjob).

Leigh was one of the first ones to comment on my blog because she "got it", I do nothing heavy just some absurd commentary on the popular culture and daily events. Leigh and some of you blog about anything and everything (probably not everything !) that goes on in your life and that's cool . After reading Leighs blog for awhile you quickly realize she's definitely "got a life" I choose to post anonymously and am flattered that she asked me to participate as a "guest blogger" this week.

Now I know what Leno felt like subbing for Carson (was going to say Joan Rivers but I don't want to know what that feels like). I do have a suspicion it must be sweeps week in the blogging world why else would she bring in the heavy hitters like me - ha !

Now most of you visit Leighs blog to get a heavy dose of food tips, shopping , travel suggestions and hair talk.
So in trying maintain the spirit of Leighs blog let me offer the following:

1.) A Restaurant Review- Taco Bell-Just throw a dart at the menu it DOESN'T MATTER what you order it all tastes the same just cover it in plenty of sauce to mask the taste of the actual food. Total price about 3 bucks .. spike in cholesterol priceless !

2.) A Recipe- Ramen noodles-boil some water throw the noodles in for 3 minutes add the seasoning and wa-la .. for the deluxe version add a saltine WOW !! A bit pricey though at about a dime per serving but worth it.

3.) Hair Tips - Never underestimate the importance of a good Flowbee and just the right cereal bowl. I wash it , I dry it , I put a hat on . Come on you can't get the Pete Rose look without a little effort !

4.) Day Trip/Shopping-I know Leigh is all about consignment shops and weird little stores in the middle of nowhere but you really ought to try a visit to your local landfill. Talk about good deals it's all FREE and some days depending on what you stumble across you can help local law enforcement solve a crime !

Now let me leave you with this interesting fact:
Studies show that like Leigh this country has nearly 10 million vegetarians which means that there are still over 290 million normal people :)

Leigh thanks for the invite hope I don't kill your readership !


jennifer said...

Hmmm, just not sure who this Brilliant and Witty guest blogger is. Nor do I know anything about Wackjobs visiting this person's site.

Very good post. I wish I knew WHEN you started your blog so that I would know whether or not to take offense to the People Who Need to Get a Life comment. Hopefully, you started yours first. Cause I have a life, right here at this computer.

And the tips? Completely do-able for me.


Charnita's Xpressions said...

Ahhhhh...I recognize that wit anywhere....even without a video posted
And I love you, guy!!!
And I am not a real nutcase blogger, except on sume days.

Terri said...

Thank you so much for your Taco Bell commentary. You just added fifteen minutes to my month. That had never occurred to me that it's all the same. You are genius AND witty.

Michelle said...

That post just SCREAMS Dullbert! LOL

Anonymous said...

I knew it was you DULL!
Good post by the way..Glad to know that you can write more than a few sentences if needed!

Dullbert said...

Is "readership" really a word ?

Allie and Pattie said...

I REALLY like this guy!
xoxo Pattie

GrannySue said...

Very cute. Thanks for making my evening with your comedy.

Mari said...

Great guest post! I loved it all!