Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Meet My "Frans"....

Hello Frans in Bloggeritaville! Thanks for tuning into another episode of "Meet My Frans" This week's Frans are listed below...

Bye Bye Pie Pie is a blog that is clever written. Pie doesn't have children. She has pets-well not "pets" they are fur babies! . And ya know me? Enough said. I love her blog. She's witty and has a great attitude. And I tune in.

Casa De Jules- Mrs. Jules resides at Casa De Jules. Yes, it is a fabulous as it sounds. Think, french decor with a modern twist, think roses in silver cups, think poetry and well written verse, and gourmet food to die for. Think travels and new discoveries. Think of a woman who loves her Lord and her family. It's what I think of when I think of Mrs. Jules. Mrs. Jules is a dear of a hon, with a gaw-jussss family.

Charnita's Expressions- Love Charnita. Charnita sent me the sweetest email. She claimed to be "my first stalker". I can appreciate that since that was how I lured in ole Big Daddy. Besides stalking before it was uncool, Charnita and I have so much in common. She is from Albertville (which is close to my mother's old stomping grounds). She and I share a love for Guntersville, Bon Jovi, Photography, traveling, eating, and traditions/family...oh! and gnomes! And she is a hometown girl. A home girl, if you will. But the similarities end when the subject turns to cooking. Which I think would be a great post. I love to cook, and I have been wanting to take a cooking class at Jeff State. When I do, I am taking Charnita along for comedic relief if nothing else. Charnita and I have met up a few times for lunch and for art class. She is so fun to be around. I am so glad that she "stalked me" because now I stalk her blog too.

Chatting at the Sky- Secret. This precious blog belongs to sister of The Nester. I guess it really isn't a secret, bet I betcha didn't know it just looking at my distraction list. From there they don't look alike, but They both have the uncanny ability to turn nothing into something. Perfect example is new house. See her before and after.

her den before and after

Living room before and after

sun room before and after

and her laundry room before and after. She even has a workstation in there! That's what I'm talking about. She can see the diamond in the rough and make it shine. She is a wonderful writer and has a way to pull her readers in, whether it is decorating or discovering forgotten toys. She describes herself as a house-loving, bargain-hunting mother of 3 little ones who secretly wishes I were a dancer. She loves creamy coffee, her good-smelling man, a clean kitchen and a nicely painted wall. She is sometimes tricked into believing that she has to be amazing and perfect while saving the world. She is learning what it means to trust Jesus to be Himself in and through ones self. She delights in finding the holy moments in the midst of everyday life. What's not to like about this chick?
Confessions of a Yarn Whore- This is my friend Terri. That is her in the pink. Terri and I are actually in the same adult hip hop class (thus the picture). That is where we met. But in real life she is a masseuse. Terri is like one of my other friends on my blogroll. She had a blog for awhile and did not tell me until sometime later. I do not know why? Why is this? Are you afraid to be associated with Leigh? I will seek you out, ya know. Confessions is a blog based on Terri 's self proclamation of being a craftaholic. She's a knitter, a crocheter and a bargain hunter. She also is the author of Bama Bargains where you can find freebies, coupons and tips on how to safe dough. I plan to post more about that soon. Now I know how she affords all those great yarns. You gotta check out the bargains. WOW!

Tune in next week to allow me to introduce you to some more of my "frans" from Bloggeritaville. Next week, I will have much to say (smile). Until then, go forth and visit some new blogs, make some new frans, and tell them that Leigh (of Bloggeritaville) sent ya!
But always remember to come back here and pay a visit. You know, I run my thoughts off each day and I always enjoy knowing you dropped in on the lunacy in my world.


Mrs. Jules said...

Love you, Leigh! Thank you for featuring me here, I am thankful to be one of your 'frans' and plan to visit with the others listed. I have to apologize that I haven't had much time to post consistently with the current schedule, but I will be back...and in the meantime, I plan to visit often with my favorites...like Bloggeritaville, for instance! ;)

(Also, you should be getting your first issue of the magazine soon if not already...want to make sure you get it.)

Have a great week! Blessings to you!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

I am SOOO glad I stalked you.
I feel like I know you so well because we are indeed kindred spirits.
EXCEPT for the cooking.
I think I will let my sister be a guest blogger and tell you about the first time I had her over for dinner after I married.
Or my husband, to tell you of the COUNTLESS kitchen disasters in 19 years. He actually saved a pan melted to....well that will be a funny post so I will save it.
I finally give up.

I can make bagels and cream cheese and bacon, fresh fruit, Special K cereal and Mayfield Ice Cream. And grilled chicken.
and .......rolls.
My Cooking is about like my painting!!!!!
I am so glad I am your friend.
And the Golden Gnome Hunt challenge is ON. Should we compete or join forces???

Leigh said...

Mrs. Jules, the feeling is mutual. Glad you hang around the island now and then! Got my magazine, love it. plan to wrtie a littel something about it.

Charnita-I think that you can cook but hide it. I am determined to unearth your hidden talent. I think a cooking class is in order. And sounds fun! It was great to see you on Sunday night! and the gnome hunt- I am all for joining forces! We need a cool name. Hmm...

emily said...

Oh my gosh! What an amazing, blush inducing feature! Thank you so much for liking me! (Let's be honest, that's what everyone wants...) I don't know what to say! I'm all, verklempt. And, I'm apparently stuck in the 90s with that word. But I can't think of a better one because this is so great! And I don't think I've ever used more exclamation points in one comment before! Ever!

Ok. I'm done shouting now. But seriously, thanks for the generous feature. I am all smiles because of it.

"J" said...

Fun, Fun - Friends!

I'm in love with the pics you posted from Chatting at the Sky!!!! For real! She does have an eye to see the beauty in everything! WOW! I'm soooooooooooooooooo going over to her blog to say hi! WOW!!!! Wished she lived near me to help work on the lake house and see it for what it "COULD" be! I love what she did to her den!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!