Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Friend Leigh, By Freddy-Guest Poster

Leigh asked that I be a guest poster on her blog This week. I wanted to talk about my friend Leigh ....

Leigh is definitely a special friend; she’s one of those people you want to have in your life forever. I met my friend Leigh back in my high school. Leigh was one of those girls that was easy to be friends with, always had a smile on her face and no matter where she was she would always speak to you…nothing like some of those stuck up girls you see or remember from high school. After graduation I never saw my friend Leigh again, not that I kept in touch with a lot of people that I graduated with.
It wasn’t until I moved to our great city almost four years ago with my lovely wife and kids that I saw my friend Leigh again, it had been about sixteen years. I had gone to some kind of meeting or presentation at the Elementary school and while sitting there I starter to look around the room and all of the sudden I saw this familiar face looking at me, it was my friend from high school, Leigh. Leigh still had that same smile I remembered from high school, I think she was surprised that I remembered her and knew her name right away. As we got to talking I realized that not only were our kids in the same class, but also she had married a guy we had graduated with and knew today he is referred to, BIG DADDY!. Even though it had been about sixteen years since I had seen Leigh and Big Daddy they both looked great and seemed very happy together, I was really happy to have ran into both of them. A few years have now passed since I got reunited with my friend Leigh and her lovely family, and I can honestly say that I thank God every day for that. My family and the her "Family circus" have become great friends, we occasionally have dinner together and our kids are now taking ballroom dancing together (thanks to my brother, The Mambo King, Fabian Sanchez). I would like to mention that I’m not the only person in my family that has enjoyed this reunion, my lovely wife Zinnia or as she is now called by the family circus, "Princess Warrior", has become a big fan of Leigh and her family, she now talks to Leigh more than I do. I would just like to end this post by saying that every person in the world should have a friend like Leigh, this girl is funny. Leigh is the only person that I have gotten voice messages from on my cell phone and I have actually saved them because she has made me laugh so hard, anytime I need a good laugh I go back and listen to her messages.
Leigh, not only are you a great friend, but you’re a wonderful mother, wife and daughter. Your parents raised a wonder girl and I know that they have to be proud of the woman you’ve become. I thank God for having you in my life.
Your friend.
Freddy Sanchez


jennifer said...

Leigh totally comes across as the charming fun lady that you describe in your post. I look forward to meeting her in person one day. (Blogstock '08, Alabama Style? THAT would be fun!) And she thinks highly of you and your brother. I enjoyed hearing about your friendship with Leigh!!

Be blessed Freddy!


Dullbert said...

wow when I see a familiar face from long ago they usually try not to make eye contact with me ... Well Done Freddy !!

Mrs. Jules said...

I believe she's everything you say she is...what a wonderful tribute to this special lady. And I have to agree with her sense of humor, she's left me comments in the past that have had me in hysterics. Thanks for guest posting for her today.

Leigh said...


Thank you for your kind words. BUt it is I (and my family) that are lucky to call you and your family friends. I also thank God everyday for having friends like ya'll. I am blessed by your friendship.
Thank you!
Hugs to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

I thought Freddy’s guest appearance was nice and he was very sweet with all he had to say about you. I hope you didn’t cry when you read it! He definitely had it right when he said I had become a fan of you guys, but we’re evenly split on who talks to you the most. I think I should get the credit for you two reuniting at school, if I hadn’t forced Freddy to go with me he would’ve never seen you. J He’ll probably say that he didn’t need to be forced to go to the school but he’s not kidding anyone
Two things have happened since he wrote that for you: 1) the emails/messages from people that read your blog and know us are unreal, they’re asking for Freddy to write a tribute about them but he’s not willing to comply because 2) he’s thinking about starting up a blog of his own; yes my husband wants a blog! Please talk some sense into him!!!!! I don’t know what he could possibly blog about, well I do know one thing he mentioned but he would be out of his mind to do so, that does not need to be displayed in such a way.