Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Warrior?

As if my Saturday wasn't weekend warrior material enough..... I posted the weekend warrior pic regarding my closet so I had to come through. On Sunday I drug out all of my spring and summer clothes from the attic (as well as Sledge's and J Smooth's). I boxed up all up my fall/winter (I know, as tonight we are expecting a freeze-what better timing!LOL! I'm Living on the Edge, folks...) and had Big Daddy cart those back up to the attic (*kiss*, *kiss* Big Daddy). Let me tell you, it opened up an ugly can of worms, there was so much stuff to sort through: throw away, give away, consign, garage sale. I have all these piles. Big daddy says, "Just throw it away". He doesn't understand.

Here is the promised before and after of my closet:


I also found one of my beloved ball caps that I spoke of in the Fashion Fiesta post. This is the one from the bait shop. I just love it....

Whew! That was scary. Anyway, It's a Calcutta fishing cap.

Finally, JanMary left a comment to my fashion fiesta post. She wanted to see a picture of my "Irish Dancing Skirt". Now, let me clarify, I do not do any actual Irish dancing. I made a video to prove that I cannot do an Irish dance, demonstrating my best Irish dance, but Bama threw himself at my mercy not to publish. He is now outside washing cars and then onto mow the lawn. Wow. What, I thought could be used against me in blackmail is actually encouraging my kids to do their chores. Life is grand, ain't it? Anyway...
I am taking the hip hop class, a belly dancing class, and my friend Freddy called me out at a Dancing with the Stars Viewing Party and showed me some salsa steps (we will not even bring up that time on the cruise ship with Big Daddy and I in the salsa class). All this being said, I do not have any Irish dance skills. Actually, there would be a good argument that I have any dance skills. But I think the dress would be a good fit if I should ever go to Ireland and decide to dance an Irish Jig. I have hope. Big Daddy's maternal side of the family is full Irish, so perhaps one day we will travel and trace his families roots. I am saving it for just that occasion. Without further ado, here it "Irish Dancing Skirt" (minus the dancing video)....

I wouldn't typically wear those boots with it, but I had put all of my other boots in the attic. Actually, in looking at that skirt, it might be better served as a Mexican flamenco skirt. I guess better start looking to enroll in another dance class (stomp! Clap, Clap).

Speaking of dancing and before I go, let me encourage you, as I do every Monday to please tune into Dancing with the Stars and VOTE for Marlee and Fabian. If you live in the Metro Birmingham area, join in the fun at the ABC 3340 Viewing Party at the Comedy Club Stardome in Hoover. Everyone is invited-be sure to say hello. Come, order a meal (reasonably priced) and tune can even pick up a dance step for free. Most importantly, VOTE for Marlee and Fabian! They will be dancing the Samba! Marlee, if you want to borrow my skirt, just let me know....

Stomp, Clap, Clap! Have a wonderful week! Ole!


jennifer said...

Stomp! Clap! Clap!..... Your NUT! I love reading you Leigh. You just make me crack up. You look pretty jazzy in your skirt. I think you could stomp and clap in it pretty well, if you wanted to.


Terri said...

Oh yes...another chance to use my (limited) gaelic. Repeat after me:

Ish tuishga doch nosh gayle.

That means "A story requires a drink", so what's the story behind that skirt!

Travis said...

Oooooh Samba! I'm glad they got Samba because Rumba is not my much posing and not enough dancing.

I like old style Rumba much better.

Have fun watching the Festival of Tiny Costumes tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

Good job with the closet! I need to sort/switch all my clothes too. You have a pretty Irish skirt.

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Love the cap pic and the skirt shot is BEAUTIFUL.
And man, I need to get ahold of my closet!!!!
What a fun blogging weekend~!!

Anonymous said...

Luv the black skirt- I HATE to clean out my closet and switch out summer/winter clothes! Definitely on my list of "things to put off!"

Leigh said...

Thanks Jennifer! Clap, clap!

Terri-Just a little something I picked up and thought perhpas one day Big Daddy might take me dancing. I know, wishful thinking.

Travis-I cannot wait until tonight!

Thanks MorningRose!

CHarnita, I was thinking the cap shot was scary. And the skirt shot, only confirms I need a boob reduction. Eww. Again, wishful thinking.

Thanks Drama Mama!

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

You are adorable! I love your outfit- boots and all!

"J" said...

I'm with ya on the stomp clap, clap!!! lol =)

I needed that skirt about a week ago when Mr. "S" and I went to my friends fiesta! =) Toooooo CUTE!

I love the ball cap! I think that is a CUTE pic of you! I also LOVE your cow"GIRL" hats! Very Stylish!

Go Marlee and Fabian...I'm on it....tonight! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! =) GO TEAM!

Leigh said...

Thanks Amy (WElcome to our Lives) Hope Zaydee is feeling better.

J- I Knew I could count on you! Thank ya girl! How was the lake?

Amy said...

Fabulous job on that closet, Leigh. It's a good feeling isn't it?

I like your baseball cap very much!