Monday, April 14, 2008

Trolls Meme, All About Me

Per Troll's Monday Meme

Let me say that something is wrong with my "Y" drive, where all my pics are stored so I will work with what I have access to.
I can so see this post sounding like a personal ad...LOL! So for effect and because I thought it'd be pretty funny (and because I love 70's/early 80's tunes) click here for your listening pleasure while you take a gander through my pics for the day.
Today's Theme, All About Me....

I love a good book

Days at the beach

I hold my friendships dear.

Hobby/Guitars and who didn't love Warren DeMartini? Round and Round...what comes around goes around, doesn't it?

Good Music
Let me know in comments if you play along so I can visit your mute Monday.


The Troll said...

Very evocative. Those are some sharp-looking gitfiddles! Does he custom-make them for Troll-Fingered individuals?

Happy Mute Monday!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Love all the ghost books...

Raven said...

Hehe, Love the disco ball! Great MM!

moi said...

Cool! Happy Mute Monday to ya!

BTW, LOVE the Fashion Fiesta skirt.