Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday (and Gnomes) in the Park

Yesterday was another one of those days where my shirt tail didn't hit my fanny, for it we were running everywhere. I must make mention of Friday night though before I go onto Saturday. Big Daddy and I did not go to Big Mountain Idol. Big Daddy has been pulling shifts from 8-8 or 9 to meet a deadline he was working on. This has been going on for a couple weeks or better, so by Friday, when the deadline was met, he wanted nothing more than to come home and chill with the family. I think he had forgotten what our two youngest looked like because many times they have been in bed by the time he has gotten home. I missed cheering on my friend Michelle at Big Mountain Coffee. I hear she did great. She made it through to next week and I plan to go then and cheer her on. In fact, we are really looking forward to it. We had such a fantastic time in our last visit. Friday evening, around 9PM, Big Daddy had gotten enough of the family time and decided to greet his WOW (World of Warcraft) buds online so I logged into the computer and did my usual visit's to other blogs. I usually swing by Hewy's first. He is always in the know. I was thrilled to find that he had posted his gnome giveaway in celebration of his bloggy anniversary. Immediately, I called Bama up to look at the clue. We thought we had an idea of where the gnome might be, so at 9:30 with flashlights in hand we headed out in to the darkness. We came up empty. On Saturday we saw the second clue on Hewy's blog. Bama immediately deciphered the code, "Mom, that's Joe Tucker Park! See the 2 ball fields in the clown face...and those are the tennis courts". Of course he would recognize those things. He has spent the better part of 10 year on either the field or courts. "I can't go now, I have to get Jeff to the vet", I told Bama. Jeffery, my shih tsu, had been up since 2 AM coughing and weezing continually. It turns out he has pollen allergies, like the rest of us. At the vet Jeffery got two shots, an antibiotic and some drops for an ear infection and we were sent on our way.
From there it was onto J Smooth's football game. It is alot of fun watching the young teams and their varying skill levels. Some know exactly what to do, while others are content to just trot about the field looking at blades of grass. JSmooth's team lost, but he had no clue. He enjoyed himself and that is what really matters.
While J Smooth was playing football, Bama had an all day tennis tournament. After J Smooth was finished with his game, Big Daddy and I turned over the two younger children to head with grandma to a school carnival . By the time Big Daddy and I got to Bama had played one singles match and won, and was begging to play doubles. He and his partner played great, winning the doubles for their seed. Immediately after that match Bama was called to play another singles, in which he won. His team swept, winning in both singles and doubles in all players. Yeah! I am so proud of these boys. I love them as my own. They are a great group of guys that have bonded and really work as a team. I was delighted that they won.
By the time I got home to my computer (well after 5), I had gotten an email from my blogger friend, Charnita telling me that she and her daughter had found the gnome. Shucks! But at the same time, I was happy that they had found it. I know her daughter was delighted to participate in the hunt, and to find it must have made her day. I know the gnome has a good home at Charnita's. She is such a sweetheart. She has already fed the little gnome a meal that he was sure to love. I am certina he will not stray from her house. To read more of the gnome recovery visit Charnita or to see the clues and see the blog who thought of this ingenious idea and the relation of gnomes to my little hometown of Helena, visit Hewy.
Congratulations, Charnita, on a well hunted venture! And congrats to everyone, who had a winning day!
(Sports pics by Diane S and Gnome Photo by Charnita's son, C)


Dullbert said...

You go to that guy who never sleeps blog first !!!! Because he has useful information !! Whata ya call stories about coffee made from dung ? was that not useful ? Please tell me I'm second or I'm jumping :(

Leigh said...

Uh, Uh, Dullbert, come down off the skyscraper railing. It's ok. It was just a futile and pitiful attempt at charm to try and get Hewy to feel sorry for me since I haven't found a gnome and maybe next time give me some inside info... I don't think he buys it. Quit with the pushups on the know sweet Dullbert that it's you! You're first you little 10 decible dude! Where else can I learn about dung coffee and horse pee beer? It's ok. *hugs*

Dullbert said...

Ahh .. all is right with the world again. Now I can get back to taking pictures of my underwear drawer to get in on this fashion fun !

Leigh said...

Just hide the skidmarks, Dullbert, for goodness sakes!

Lex said...

Woah i put that bandana back on for nothing!!