Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Night out at the Stardome

What a terrific time we had last night at the Dancing with the Stars Viewing Party!! Big Daddy and I met Freddy (Fabian's big brother, Freddy's wife Zinnia was sick-feel well Zinnia!) and my cousin Gina (who works for the station hosting the party, ABC33-40) at the Comedy Club Stardome. We arrived to a packed crowd, I was thrilled to see so many there to support Fabian.

Our group decided to get a bite to eat. Big Daddy and I ordered a few (killer) Pina Coladas and the show soon came on.

We found out that Fabian would be one of the last to dance, so we enjoyed watching the other dancers. On commercial breaks there was open dancing at the comedy club. Even Hoover Mayor, Tony Patellas hit the dance floor.

I got out there and did some freestyle (I know that my dance teacher, Chesney is dying at the very thought if she reads this). A nice instructor came over and danced with me.

Soon enough, it was almost time for Fabian and Marlee's performance. It was both endearing and nerve racking to watch Freddy as he was so nervous for his brother, Fabian. We all wanted him to do so well. I think he and Marlee made everyone proud with their mambo flavored quickstep. Everyone was phoning in their votes and texting as soon as the performance was finished.

Be certain to use dialidol.com and download the program to vote hundreds of times with just a computer connection.
I am just so dang proud of Fabian, I am just beside myself. I cannot image how his family must feel. But just seeing Freddy beaming with obvious pride was just a small sampling of the feelings and pride of his very close family. I share in their happiness. I appreciate both Freddy and Fabian for being to gracious to include me in on the fun! Both of them are such wonderful gracious and humble guys, just as they were in high school. They are just delightful people amd I think alot of them.


After the show went off the instructors for Fabian and Jackie's Fred Astaire Dance Studio were on hand to give salsa lessons.
Freddy got one of the instructors to pluck me from my seat, I could've killed him. I tried to convince Big Daddy and Freddy to join me to no avail. In all actuality, I think they enjoyed watching me squirm. I got partnered up with Tim, a student at the studio.
I gave the Mambo King's brother a hard time abou tnot gettig out there and dancing...for he is a MEAN Mambo dancer himself. It's in the bloodline. He indulged me in a dip, in which I pulled my leg. LOL!
I ended up enjoying myself and having such a wonderful evening, we all did. A good time was had by all (except Zinnia in which I send well wishes!).

Now, it is biting my nails and crossing my fingers until tomorrow night's double elimination.

Go Fabian and Marlee!


"J" said...

I was thinking about you last night as I was watching!!!! =) He got my vote 4 sure!!!

Looks like yall had a BLAST!!!! =)


Anonymous said...

I will vote for him too =) Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

HEWY said...

That is Awesome! It looked like you had a lot of fun. The Salsa Lessons looked cool! We're going this week to the stardome but I doubt we'll have as much fun as you!

Leigh said...

Thanks for voting everytone, I appreciate it so very much!

J-We did have a good time. Need to do it more often.

Caroline-I did. I hope you had lovely day.Thanks!

Hewy-I had such fun learning the dance. Now that is one I can handle. It's just shake and step repeatidly. I hope you have fun this weekend. That is a fun place to go. Pina Coladas are good there...

Lindsey said...

FUN times! I am so glad you had such a fab time!