Monday, April 14, 2008

Looking for the Fashion Fiesta, Weekend Warrior or Mute Monday?

Mute Monday is here, look below.

Weekend Warrior was today as well- April 14th.

Scroll on down, I posted Fashion Fiesta on April 11th.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you'll come back by.


3girlsmom said...

Hey Leigh! Thanks for your response on my blog. I have stopped by yours in the past and enjoy it a lot. I also realized you live in Helena - I live in Vestavia. Small world, huh? I also am a huge Fabian/Marlee fan and then saw your pictures of them! Too cool.
I've been amazed at how many people I've "run into" here in Bloggyville who are from Alabama or even Bham! Crazy stuff.
Maybe we'll "meet" for real one day!

MSM said...

You have ALOT of clothes! (visited your fashion fiesta - wasn't that fun??)

Love the layout of your blog - all the stuff on the sidebar - the pics and words of wisdom, etc.

Thanks for visiting my blog; please come again!

Mommy Lion said...

How fun are you!?! Love the clothes. Thanks for stopping by my blog, come back any time. :o)

AnneK said...

I loved reading your fashion fiesta! My fashion sense is pretty bad, mainly because I sacrifice fashion for comfort. Of course being a woman I have caved some times.

Oh, and I am from India, btw.

Leigh said...

Thanks MSM! And I will!

Mommy Lion- Thank you, and I will as well.

Annek-completly understand!

Leigh said...

Annek, My sis in law is from Bangladesh.