Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Score one for the Man with Red Socks

Poor Big Daddy. With all the talk of his fashion nonsense, I couldn't help myself from stopping in at a sale I happened upon when returning a jacket for Bama yesterday at the mall (You know I am not a big shopper). I really couldn't help myself when I saw the $1.98 and $4.98 sales signs.

Big Daddy scored a new wardrobe and a huge savings in his tight fitting wallet.

Here is a Van Huesen long Sleeved Golf Shirt, regular price $36.00 Sale price, $1.98 Pants are Polo black cords (which I will hide until fall. See Red Socks for more on that...) Reg. Price $98.00, Sale $4.98

Here is a Perry Ellis outfit. Shirt Reg price $69.50, sale $1.98 and pant $98.00, sale $4.98. This is going to be his rehearsal dinner attire (one month!)

And here a nice blue Polo golf shirt, Original price $79.50, sale $1.98

And finally this Auburn thermal long sleeved t. Cost $1.98 (reg. 48.00), I know I overspent on this one, but Big Daddy loved it.

All this for less than 20 bucks, for a total savings of $411.12
All these deals were found in the aisle by the Polo Department at the Belk's store in the Riverchase Galleria Mall. Good Luck!


Janet said...

what rehearsal dinner?

Leigh said...

Tom's cousin is getting married in Indiana. Elaina is the flower girl.I cannot wait....

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

That is incredible- I love steals!! (It just goes to show how much of a profit they're making at regular price!)