Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Preparing to go to the Chapel....and other stuff

I finally made it in today to get Sister Sledge fitted for her "bridesmaid" dress. She is actually to be a flower girl in cousin Julie's wedding in May in Indiana. She is marring the fabulous Steve Sidhom. We are really looking forward to it.
1.We love our family. We don't get to see them as often as we'd like so we cannot wait! 2. Uncle Jim and Aunt Carol are putting us up at a swanky hotel downtown. Perhaps to keep us from staying at their house, the Innisbrook Inn, but we don't care why. It's a nice hotel and it's free! Thanks Ya'll! Always so kind.
3. This side of the family is catholic. I am not catholic, but I can tell ya that Catholics know how to throw a wedding reception. Cannot wait!
4. You know there'll be good food!
5. Last but not least, it is most important...Big Daddy's grandparents. We will see them. Both have had declining health of recent and will be good to see them. Grandpa will be 92 the same month as the wedding so will be a celebration of his life too. He overcame a blood clot on the brain this past fall. We were not able to go up so I look forward to seeing him and giving him a big hug.
Julie, If you see this blog...don't fret, this was only the trying on dress. I ordered one that was ivory (like in photo) but with periwinkle trim. Don't freak!

Speaking of formal wear....I also went into Consignment Classics today and took down some more of my items I found in my closet clear out. I was impressed at how well they have filled the place up. Everything looks great and is well organized due to Steve Ellis' mighty hand with a screwdriver. He put in shelves and hanging racks. It is a boutique in there. They even have some household items and cute accessories including purses, jewelry and shoes. They have alot of baby items. I brought in my hardly used baby bassinet, for those days are so over! I was thrilled to find out that owner, Michelle Ellis, is now taking prom and evening dresses. I always have thought that would be an ideal have a store that just sold used bridal dresses and formal wear. I cannot reasonably see why someone would spend a ton of money for something to be worn just once. For all those proms and college formal dances, consign and buy from Consignment Classics. And tell your friends. It seems that that would make the most sense, er-cents! Consignment Classics is located in Helena next to Golden Rule Barbeque on Highway 17.


Abbey Road -- said...

You got that, right, sweetie! We Catholic throw a good wedding! We had a ball at my daughter's wedding .. and I managed to do it quite well on a shoestring! Son-in-law brought in a keg, we had set-ups and BYOB, and a DJ and dancing. The funniest part was that the brides mother (moi!) was sitting half on-half off one of those cafeteria tables and it broke into and I was sprawled on the floor! I can laugh now, but it was SOOO embarrassing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Elaina looks GREAT... it is going to be so fun!