Friday, March 14, 2008

The Man Who Wears Red Socks

My friend Courtney and I were talking on the phone yesterday when she said,
"Look, I have to tell you something that my husband did. He wore white socks with black shoes and dress pants".

Archie Bunker immediately came to my mind, and then a flash of red......

"Ummm....I have one up on you. Big Daddy wore to work this week a red golf shirt, beige corduroy pants, and (get ready) red dress socks with dress shoes."
"NO! He did not!"
"He did. He bought the socks on a trip he took to the dollar store." I confessed.

"We so need to start a support group for wives whose husbands dress badly."suggested Court.

Yes. this is the man I live with.
Red socks.
I had to hide his corduroy pants last summer.
I did say summer. He wore those to work in one hundred degree heat because he has not fashion sense.
But dont tell him that. He claims THAT is his fashion. He is a trendsetter.
I am still looking for the socks. I will bet that his coworkers think I have left him or died, certainly one of the two, to have let him leave the house like that.
This is just one of the many things he does to to annoy me & the children.
It works.
Here are some others....
Shaved  only HALF of his face to irritate me before I personally forced him into the bathroom and shaved the other face for him. Don't make a woman who is holding a razor mad.

He Looooooooovvvvessssss. Loves, Loves to walk around..... shirt unbuttoned to his navel, only to the embarrassment of our children. He enjoying being outside with his shirts unbuttoned to "impress the neighbors."
He says, " I know the neighborhood women are talking.."
Me, "Oh, yes! They are talking!"

He will leave for work  every Friday in the fall  wearing this ensemble......

 NO! I am not kidding.

He actually met one of my best friends a long time ago while wearing this. She still talks about it. An impression it did make.

And here.... have mercy...Doing his best George Costanza impersonation:

I don't know why the lamp was on the floor?
Maybe to give him the proper lighting he needed for his photograph.

This almost sent our ultra conservative youngest son over the edge when Tom wanted to go to a school function like this...

But I can say this, as irritating as he can be, he always makes me laugh and keeps life interesting.
I happen to adore this...this....this man wearing red socks.
Oh! Those socks....
I am going to find them right now and burn them in the backyard......


Dullbert said...

Whats wrong with red socks? Pop over and see what I'm wearing tomorrow.

Sledge is a beauty !

Maebelle Park said...

war eagle

Anonymous said...

I would be thrilled if everything *Dockers* fell off the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

Sign him up for our Red Sox Nation ;)

Big Daddy said...

Like I said, I get noticed because I know fashion.

----- Forwarded by Big Daddy on 04/25/2007 12:12 PM -----

Mildred Stephopolus/IPD/PLC wrote on 04/25/2007 12:03:09 PM:

> I love your courteroy pants. You certainly know
> how to make a fashion statement! I wish my husband
> knew fashion like you do!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Ummm, Mildred Stephopolus.....funny you would comment. You have the same IP address as my husband. In fact he uses that name when he tries to prank call the kids.

Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE Big Daddy! He is THE MAN!

I had a friend in HS who wore pink/purple argyle socks WITH a matching shirt. At least Big Daddy hasn't done THAT yet!

I don't know HOW I missed this post back when you posted it - - - it is THE BEST!

Rock on, Big Daddy - - - ROCK ON!

And hey - - - that Auburn ensemble won him the national title in FB, so don't knock it.