Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Look Alike's

My friend Janet and her daughter Allison brought over their dog, Addie Leigh (named after me, smile) to play with my pup Miley. Addie Leigh and Miley are sisters and puppies of my dog Lucy Lu and her sweetheart, Jeffery. Janet and I got so tickeled tonight at Miley. We both had some good look alike's for her, it went to others from there.....


But look here at Phyllis Diller....

Another pic of Miley:

and here is actor, Marty Feldman

and look here, This is Miley's Dad, Jeffery (before grooming)

And here some Mogwai's (Gremlins)

and look here at Oscar the Grouch.

I love look alikes. It is a favorite past time of mine and my brothers.


The Roaming Southerner said...

So, I went back and read about you own him now or was he a one time "donor"

Leigh said...

I am weak. Jeff has a lifetime home with us now. Big Daddy and I decided that he had had a rough enough go of it. We wanted a lifetime of affection and attention given to him and to be sure of it, we kept him . The best 100 bucks I have ever spent. He is the most devoted and lovig little dog and so very devoted to me in particular. AT my every move, I mean EVERY, he is there. Sweet little man.