Saturday, November 24, 2007

Basketball and Football-Iron Bowl

Tonight the kids and I drove to Tuscaloosa and met up with my brother and sister in law to attend the Alabama/Southern Miss Basketball game. I love, love, love basketball-especially when it is the tide. It used to be the Houston Rockets when my personal dream team played with players such as C. Barkley, S. Castell, R Horry, C. Drexler,H. Olajuwon. That was many years ago. I don't follow the NBA as I used to. Now it is total tide. Ok, I am both dating myself and getting off the subject.
Back to the Tide.....There was a small crowd there, with it being both Thanksgiving weekend, and the Iron Bowl being played at Auburn this year. We enjoyed an exciting game with a fun ending... The score was tied with a half second on the clock. Alonzo Gee was at the foul line and scored two points allowing Alabama the win. The kids did a fantastic job in cheering Alabama onto the win. My oldest son, Bama has done quite well in educating (or some might say brainwashing) my other two children on the players names and faces. They knew each one by name and cheered accordingly. They got a charge out of seeing themselves on the jumbo tron-though my sister in law was not as amused in seeing her face on the huge screen.
I am now pumped up about the game tomorrow evening. Huge at my house (as it is many houses across the state and the south). As for many it allows bragging rights for the year. As I have mentioned many times before-I am in a mixed marriage in the eyes of Iron Bowl. Heck my entire family is of mixed heritage...
Grandmother- AL grad, Dad-Al grad, Dad's brother uncle-AU grad, my husband- AU grad, sister in law-Au grad and an Au cheerleader, brother-earned a degrees from both AL and Au though he pulls for Bama, Cousin who graduated Al and played under Bear-Al and then there are cousins that pull for either of those respective schools. Which means, we are totally screwed up! Last Tuesday at my daughter's AL-Au school team day she was inconclusive on what to wear. She played it safe with blue pants and a red shirt. We all take it in stride though and enjoy it. It is just a game and it is fun! We shall see who has to tolerate who for the next year, and all will be determined with tomorrows final score.
In case you live under a rock-or are not from the area, the game begins at 7pm CST, on Saturday November 24th and will be broadcast live on ESPN.

Which team will you be rooting for?
Game predictions? Anyone care to see if you win bragging rights on the blog?
In any case-Good Luck!

Stats and Info from the AL/ Southern Ms bball game:


Tom said...

24-14 Auburn

Anonymous said...

Alabama by a field goal (Leigh Tiffin kicks a field goal to win)

Kim W said...

A little info. to make your week a little more "Bear"able:

Did a little digging into the win/loss records of the Iron Bowl. If my stats are correct the Iron Bowl historical breakdown is:

Alabama 38 wins (One win streak was 9 in a row under Bear)
Auburn 33 wins (Best streak is 6 in a row)
1 tie

We still lead the Aubs in Iron Bowl Victories and National Championships !

Let the "little ones" rejoice a little while longer. The tables are about to turn back!!!


Kim W.