Saturday, December 1, 2007

Labor, a Parade and Bo

Exhaustion. That is the only word to describe it. I got about 2 hours of sleep last night. My shih-tsu, Lucy Lu finally had her little puppies-6 of them! Rare, so says the veterinarian, for a shih tsu to have such a large litter. All appear healthy, hungry and active. Lucy on the other hand looks like an escapee of a torture camp, emaciated and who am I?-she is exhausted. I am doing all I can to supply Lucy with proper nourishment. She looks pitiful, but she is a good little momma.
After staying up all night assisting in the delivery (I opened all the "sacks" and cleaned up as Lucy delivered more puppies) I finally laid my head on my pillow at 5:00, only to be awoken by the alarm at 8:00. I had to be at city hall to prepare for the reception for the grand marshall. At 12 I headed to my parade post and was there until 3. I was most impressed with the clever ideas that people had to catch candy this year (see slide show for some examples) everything from buckets to rakes! After the parade I went to city hall cleaned up and headed home only to be greeted by my brother in law and his family. We went to supper and I counted sheep over chips and salsa. Finally I am home and headed to bed!
I am happy to report that no one was hurt in the parade, everyone was in good spirits and everything ran smoothly. We couldn't have ordered up a better day weather wise either (Brian Peters-did you have something to do with this?).
If you hadn't guessed already, the special surprise guest (other than Santa himself) was Helena's own Bo Bice that made a guest appearance on the Helena police officer's float. Bo was as gracious as ever, accommodating to both children and adults by obliging photo opportunities and autographs. What a great man with a big heart, as is his wife Caroline. I am happy to see success visit someone as humble as Bo. He deserves it. Which reminds me that his new CD, See the Light is out and under his new Indie label, meaning it is true Bo Bice, unbarred by record exec's (more on that in a future blog). A great listen. All in all-What a wonderful day!

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