Friday, January 18, 2008

Extreme Makeover

Before Makeover

After Makeover

Don't you love to see makeover shows, the before and after? Be it people, homes, etc. I find it interesting. Yesterday I took my fur babies in for their makeovers. Lucy in particular needed it after giving birth to 6 pups just 7 weeks ago. She looked and I am sure felt like a new lady. I used a new groomer that was referred to me and I thought she did an excellant job, not to mention cheaper than who I was using. Fox Valley Groomers (there is not a sign but is inbetween the Mart and Fox Valley Restaurant). Rhonda Peel is the owner/groomer and has over 22 years experience. Each dog even got a goodie bag when they left that contained dog treats and even some human treats too.
Fox Valley Grooming, Maylene

(*Lucy was actually so excited to be home and clean that she ran all around the house and would NOT be still. So, the after picture of Lucy is not as obvious as Jeff's makeover)

I had to throw in Mileys picture. She is 7 weeks on Saturday. BOy, she is the sweetest little pup and loves to be with people. She is very much a part of the family.

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AlabamaGal said...

Look at those little babies! They look fabulous! If only I could get an extreme makeover and look that good. hehehe