Monday, March 16, 2009

Irish Bits and a Q&A

Happy St Patrick's Day! This is a big day of celebration for Peg, who is Big Daddy's grandmother. A true and proud Irish woman. To read more about Peg, read The celebration of Peg's spirit. A post about the spirit and the disease that robs one of self. My hats off to the Irish and to Peg. Also, in light of St Pats Day, be sure to visit my recipe blog for some Irish Grub. Finally, my Thrifty Thursday?Tablescape post will also be in the spirit of the Irish, so join me for that!

I asked if anyone had any questions for me, after being inspired by Mari's post on the same premise. (Thanks Mari!) Below are some questions answered. If you have not had a chance to propose a question, it is never to late! Leave your question in the comment box.
And thank you for asking!

Mari said...
Here is my question:I'm amazed by the great deals you get thrift shopping, because I never seem to do well. I'm wondering if this is something your family did when you were young or something you started when you got married. Also - how often do you try to hit the thrift stores?
Mari, Thanks for the inspiration to do this post! And thank you for your question! Interestingly enough, as a kid, I loved to go to garage and yard sales with my childhood friend and her mother. I think that is where the love of thrifting was seeded. As a teenager, I would go to the thrift store from time to time with friends and see what kind of "hippie" clothes we could come up with. It was cheap entertainment, I guess you could say. Antiquing was something that I have also always enjoyed to do. It has always been something my mother and I have done together. We once even had an antique business. I think antiquing and thrifting are a good marriage.
The thrifting just seemed to blossom, if you will, into the obsession that is it today. It's the thrill of the hunt. My trips to the thrift store vary, depending on kids after school activities, $$$ and the day of the week (I never go thrifting on Saturdays-it is to picked over and crowded) and if there is nothing good on TV in the evenings. Generally though, I will try and drop by my local thrift store about two-three times a week. It is very convenient to my house, which is a double edged sword.

Kirby3131 said...
I haven't gone back and read all of your blog, so I only know about the last 6 months of your life, so I'd like to know how you started your photography business. You can just direct me to a previous post if you'd like. I think you are quite gifted when it comes to your photography. I love looking at it.My husband and I have started and stopped a few million businesses and it always fascinates me how people get into things.
Kirby, the photography business grew from a hobby, that I was very passionate about. I can credit both Big Daddy and Oprah for the idea. And I credit my friends and family for a good dose of encouragement. I have always loved photography. I did a post on my obsession, that I had even as a child, right here. Later in life, my family and friends all knew that I was very passionate about it. They began asking me to photograph their families for Christmas cards, then it was annual photographs, parties, etc. My husband said, "You love it. People want your services, make a business from it." I saw a Oprah show one time in which she said, so many people hate their jobs. Her advice was to think about what you love to do in life...and make a career of it. I thought that was great advice. Finally, if you beleive in something, and are passionate-you canmake it work. Don't give up. Try and Try again. You should love and be passionate about what you do in life. You can read more about my photography by clicking here as well as here.

Kim said...
I'm new to your blog but enjoy it very much. I'll definitely be back! Ignore my question if you've already blogged it (maybe just direct me to the post that answers it?) but how did you and Big Daddy meet?
Hi Kim!Thanks for the kind compliment. I really appreciate it. I first laid eyes on Big Daddy when I was 11 years old. From that moment on, I was smitten-and still am. You can read the entire mushy love story right here.

Bama Belle said...
How fun! OK question for you....Where were you born?
Thnks Mzzz Belle, for the question. I was born in Birmingham Alabama, at the hospital that once was Montclair. Now it is Princeton.

Keetha said...
I do have a question for you:"How long have you enjoyed a pole in your bedroom, and would you recommend it to the rest of us?" (In reference to this post)
Dear Keetha, Now surely you jest? A pole certainly isn't practical for a bedroom. It would be a nightmare to decorate aROUND.

Finally, I have had many of you comment that you were not aware that I had other blogs. You can find all of my blogs listed on my profile, as well as on my sidebar on the right, not far from the top of the page.
Still can't find them, here is the short list:
Plates & Places-recipes and the stories behind them
Photographic Memories-My Photography Blog
Smug Mug-a collection of my Photographs for purchase
Baby Gone SHoppin-My online garage sale
Photography Web site- though mostly outdated o such things as pricing, you can still get a jest for my photography.

Thanks again, for the questions. If you have additional questions, leave them in the comment box. I heart y'all!


calista said...

This is sooo sad, I just realized when I read your blog that I have gone ALL DAY LONG, and never once thought about the fact that it's Staint Patrick's Day!!! What rock do I live under?

I started following your blog! I think I'm gonna have to go to photofunia and make my own montage!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours!


Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I just clicked through to the Peg post, and my heart breaks. Truly. My man's mom has that dreaded disease and in the 10 years I've known her I've watched her go from the life of the party to coming quite close to not knowing who her children are. That will come soon for sure, and there will be no turing back. It is...awful. And I watched my two grandma's go through the same...for years and years. It got to the point where I couldn't visit them. I'm ashamed to admit that. But I just...couldn't deal seeing them. Like that.


On a happier note, I really enjoyed your Q&A. I admire you so much for following your passion. My passion is certainly not being stuck in an office 10 (or more) hours a day, but I'm hoping to save some money (especially now) and make a break for it some day, hopefully sooner rather than later. What is my passion? Well, I like to eat cookies, lol!! ;-)

Thank you for your inspiring post.

Keetha said...

Hehehehehehe - - - I didn't expect a REAL answer, but it was a good 'en.

Mari said...

I've enjoyed reading your answers, I always read this blog and your recipe blog but I need to check your photo blog. I love photography too although I could never make it a business! It is fun!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Leigh of said...

Calista- Happy St Patty's Day to you!!! I hope you have a wonderful day! And thank you for becoming a blgo follower. I am always humbled that anyone would find anything I have to say remotely interesting. I am humbled and appreciative of your follwer status...and blessed to have another bloggy friend. That is the best!

Thank you Becky! Happy St Patricks Day to you to! I hope you celebrate with some good Irish grub and many friends/family! All the best!

Hi Laura! That disease is truly a sad disease. It is horrible to lose memories of the things you love, the things that bring comfort, the memories that make up the person someone is. To truly lose ones self. It is so heartbreaking. I do not blame you for not visiting. My husband feels the same way, and I do not push it. He wants to remember his granmother for the person that she was. It is heartbreaking for him to see her in that state.She knows no differnce that he isn't there, sadly enough. But I still go and I take the kids. She does enjoy seeing them.
Laura, I want to encourage you to follow yoru heart on what makes you passionate. Life is to short not to be happy and to do what you love. I am praying for you and for much success!All the Best to you.

Keetha- I know it. But you knew I would. LOL! I tried really hard to come up with something clever...but not embarrassing. LOL. I failed. LOL.

Mari-Thanks! And thank you for your insiration for the post. Mari- you can do anything you set your mind to!

Hi Sarah! I am so glad that you left a comment! I am equally glad that you enjoy reading. I am appreciative of your visits! I love new friends!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! thanks for stopping by!
When I read about Big Daddy's grandmother, named Peg, I remembered a song I heard quite frequently when I was growing up..."Peg 'o my heart....I love you, we'll never part...I love you...I never knew it would be you, til I heard your lilting's your Irish heart I'm after..."
Have a fabulous day!

Rue said...

Hi Leigh :)

I just crawled out from under blankets on my couch after being sick and came to visit you LOL

Great Q&A! I loved the story of how you met "T". Unbelievable after all those years and so cute!


Leigh of said...

Hi Kathleen- Thanks for sharing that. I am going to tell Peg about it. I think she will LOVE that!

Rue- I had read on your blog that you are under the weather. Bonus points to you for stopping by Bloggeritaville even as you are not feeling well. I appreciate that! I always enjoy your visits! Be well, Rue! I can't wait to see what else your home will reveal! Get some rest! And thanks again for dropping in.

jennifer said...

Well I've missed out! Keetha's question was a hoot. Always fun to learn new things about you Leigh my dear!

Kirby3131 said...

Thanks so much. You are such a dear to answer all of our questions.

Do what you love - that is so true.

I guess I'm going to have to make a living blogging :)

Thanks for an extra glimps into your life!

jennifer said...

If I could ask you a question now it would be "Do you know how special the relationship between you and your mother is?"

I was touched at the way the two of you related to each other. Y'all are obviously very close.

Hugs and blessings!!