Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Roots in Photography

So many of you have been kind enough to visit my photography blog and leave comments. I got to thinking about how long I have been interested in photography. I was very young, a small child, when I began to love the camera and photographing people or objects. My mother used to say, "You can use the camera, but don't be taking any pictures of rocks and trees". There were times that I did it anyway. What she called "rocks and trees in the yard" today are called still life. Real life, that being real things as in people and animals was what I was initially drawn to. I got to looking back through my photo box, full of pictures from my childhood, and came across some of my earliest subjects.

This was my dog, Cindy. She was a dachshund. A very patient one at that. I found that even at an early age, I am assuming I was about 8 when I took these, I titled my most precious works. This one was called "Mom". Why? I don't know? I guess because of the addition of the handkerchief tied below her chin. All mom's wear handkerchiefs tied below their chin, right? I remember thinking as a child, that she held a uncanny resemblance to the mother, "Florida", from Good Times. She always wore the hankies on her head.

Next, there was Kitty Poo, a very perturbed cat, in the same pose. Don't you love the expression she conveys to the camera. One I have not ever seen the links of since. ("Take this ridiculous thing off my head you bratty kid. Your messing up my lustrous hair.")

Then I began to experiment with the backdrop. Here, using a bold flannel plaid Green Stamps sleeping bag paired with the delicate yellow cabbage rose sheets achieved just the effect I was going for, sissy lumberjack. Notice the props of stuffed animals. Two of those are actual live subjects, Kitty Poo's kittens. Even they were not spared from portrait time. Again, I titled my "work". Shear genius material.

After photographing some common animals, I moved onto what I titled, "The Actress". The actress went by one name, Sugar, she didn't require two names. Apparently she had a diva moment and made a mess of her makeup trailer, throwing the props all about the floor. But look at that pose, ever the professional when duty called. Look at that distant look. Sultry Perfection.

Working with such temperamental clients, I learned to have alot of patience. Sometimes you can have a perfect model, other times I found that there are clients who are a complete Horses A*%$, er, difficult but keep in mind to remain professional and keep up your end of the bargain.

Being a child of great imagination I began to experiment with props.Props can be anything to enhance the shot of a subject. Here, using bendable rollers, Cindy became a likeness of Olivia Newton John in her Physical video. Funny how clearly that is to me, the look I was going for.Remember the colorful headbands?

Speaking of headbands....Again, props are key. Here, my model Lynyrd is posing with a headband fashioned from a plastic strip from a peanuts can lid. It locks in freshness. See how fresh Lynyrd looks?

Sometimes subjects might really get into their poses. Don't ever laugh or feel you are being intrusive. Just Keep shooting. (This is one of Cindy's downright tawdry poses)

There were times when I could not find a subject to photograph (and I do mean find, for they began to hide from me). No worry, use what you have. I fashioned a model of Cindy from snow. I photographed it. I don't know where she was hiding, I mean, off modeling.

Years later I moved out of my home and adopted my first child. Tesla. Tesla was a Doberman, who was a wonderful companion. Like many parents, Tesla became my main subject. I dressed her up in baby clothes and carried around.

Soon, after my "second" child , Bama was born (first child born without fur). It wasn't long before Bama grew tired of my constant barrage of photos (I was his personal paparazzi) and so I began to again focus much of my time doing modeling shots with professionals.

As I grew as a photographer, I began to spend my money on costumes for my subjects. It allowed me to branch out with more dramatic shoots.

I think the expensive clothing was really the thing that put me over the top. The models and shoots themselves became more professional. I began to make real money in the photography. While people are the best subjects, I always revert back to my roots in photography from time to time.
Here my model is Lucy Lu, the constant professional...

(Here she is again, in a sulty pose....)

(Here Lucy is modeling some female dog briefs.)

And so, that is how my passion for photography developed and continues on today. Find something you are passionate about and make it your career.
(Pictures in this post have not been retouched or airbrushed, obviously. In fact, many of them were photographs of photographs that were still in a plastic sleeved albums of the 70 and 80's. The photographer, in truth, was to lazy to pull back the plastic sleeve and remove the pictures from the sticky pasty board of the album. For actual professional portraits visit the photographers web site or blog. Additionally spell check for blogger in currently not in use. After uploading and then downloading so many pictures, the writers eyes were crossed and weary . The author of this post had no real concern for spell proofing. Deal with it.)


Maebelle Park said...

Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh my gosh this is one funny are a riot girl........

Anonymous said...

holy ****...what happened to that CAT??!!

Lindsey said...

Love the "fine" print! HA!

What kind of camera do you currently use?

Leigh said...

Lindsey, see my photo blog,
It i sposted under the Adams family pictures. If you still cannot find it, email me.