Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where Would I be Today?

I guess we all have those moments when we question our worth, especially for those of us who are stay at home mothers. A role that see's no paycheck, no vacation or sick days, not many "good reviews" but certainly you hear the bad ones at times.
I guess we all sit back and think from time to time, where would I be today? What if?.....
What if I did become a rapper after hearing Vanilla Ice and thinking, if HE can do that, I could too!

Well, I suppose I would have ended up just like him. Forgotten.
Rapping is certainly NOT my forte (in fact, I hate no that wouldn't have worked out).
Perhaps I could've been the subject of a rap song?

Uh, bad idea.
I would hate to be given a bad rap.
What if my worth was put into actual circulation?

Would I be referred to as dirty money?
What if I had been the one to stand on a air vent and my dress had blown up to the sky?

Would I then be famous for my best "ass"-sets?
I cannot imagine that I would have ever been good at a life in crime.

Stripes are so unflattering on me.
So are robes. So bulky.

Nahh, I could've never made it as a jetti.
Perhaps I would've been a fashoin designer with my name considered a famous label?

Would people say, Giselle never looked so good?
Would I have made the fashion magazines?

And been the talk of fashion?

Would celeb's have been clamoring to be like me?

Would I be the tatoo on the abs of some guy named Beckham?

Perhaps I could've traveled far and wide and seen the world?

But not with luggage like that. I am far to delicate.
I guess at one time we all think, "I could've been president!"

Then I certainly would've had the big head.
What if I had walked on the moon?

I probably would've been lost in space...
What if I had been a tv star?

With my name in lights and face on billboards?

Would my billboards be only seen by cows?

Perhaps I could've be the next Mona LEIGH sa?

Would I have been admired and revered?
By both great cultural arts museums and copied by street artist.

Would I be then, be fully appreciated?
I guess the argument would be that art is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

I could've been the first female fighter pilot.

But I was born to late in life for that. Besides, I might be accused of having my nose up in the air or my head in the clouds. That's just not me.
What if my dance classes had paid off....And I was a showgirl in Vegas making the big bucks?

Would I be happy and fulfilled?
Probably not. I enjoy food to much, I guess one might say I just like to be filled. Thus, the outfits would not be forgiving. And I would probably have 12 kids anyway, if I walked around like that. Big Daddy can't afford 12 kids. And I haven't the patience. Wow. So glad that career didn't work itself out.
I have said it so many times, "the seas in me veins". I would've made a great pirate.

That, I am pretty sure about that. life was planned long before I came around. And none of the things were to be.
What I know for certain,
I was born to be Leigh!!
I am not famous, a part of history, or any of those things.
But I am appreciated by the man I love.
I am blessed to be married to Big Daddy, great provider, the CEO and director of my great career as a stay at home mom.

Mom of three great kids.
I can't imagine that life could be any better. I love how things work out like that.
But every once in a while, it's fun to dream.
I am so excited that some people have asked questions! I am going to give it a couple days to see if anyone can come up with more. If you missed it, I am doing a Q&A post. You ask the question, I answer. So, fire away! I am just happy anyone is actually interested. (sniff, sniff) Thanks!


Jenny G said...

Those were some great pics to look through Leigh!!!!

Stay at home mom is the most important job on the planet, at least in the mind of THIS stay at home mom!!!!

You haven't missed a thing in their lives and ahhh..the memories they and you will always hold in your heart! At least that's what I tell myself on days when the only conversation I have is with the laundry or my 5 year old!!!

Kirby3131 said...

That was a lot of fun! You did such a nice job putting all of those faces together - I love it.

Lisa Shatzer said...

What a great post!
So funny!

Keetha said...

Leigh, I don't know how you made all these photos - - - but some of them are just plain hilarious!!!

KBeau said...

Very clever.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

You are so funny!

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

That is hilarious!! I think you looked GREAT on David Beckham.... he really needs to add you to his collection!

Bama Belle said...

How fun! I enjoyed the what if pictures. They were a hoot
OK question for you

Where were you born?

Lindsey said...

Fabulous!!! Loved all those shots! You are so creative and funny.

Leigh of said...

Jenny G_ Well said. You are right, I really have ZERO regrets. And I thank my hubs and God above everyday for the luxury of being able to do it. I know there are alot of moms out there that do not have a choice....who work equally as hard.

THX Kirby! It was a blast to do.

ThX sweet Lisa!

Keetha- It was a web site, the ones that you can see at the bottom of each picture. I laughed my way threw it.

Thanks Kbeau!

Sandi- It was funny to me too. Seeing my face,....though the showgirl made me sad. I asked Big Daddy if I could print that out for his desk at work. LOL! They said he would probably get fired if he did. LOL.

Susan- Ya think so? I tell you what, that will be the only way that I would have claim to a six pac of abs, sadly enough.

Thanks Bama Belle! I will get on my answers!
THS Lindsey!

calista said...

Awesome pictures. I am gonna have to go to that site and have some fun!!
We will be in L.A. in less than two months now!! WOOHOO!! We will be in your neck of the woods for a month, I can't wait!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...


I think I like Leigh TV the best. :-)

nancygrayce said...

You are just too funny! That was so cute!

jennifer said...

You make all of those pictures look GOOD! All supermodels should wear your picture - they looked better than ever!

Nancy said...

This is the most creative post I have ever seen. Thanks!

mom2boys said...

Very creative and funny!

Charnita said...

Loved this cute and creative!

butterflygirl said...

Love this-you are too cute!