Tuesday, February 17, 2009

At Home, Again (and a short stop into Harmony Landing)

Have you ever gotten one of those meme's that ask, "If you could max out a credit card, where would it be?" Well, I don't have a credit card....and I would never think to max it out even if I did. But if given the go, I could do some serious damage in the store At Home in Homewood, Alabama.
I have posted about this store before. See. But I can't help but show the love for this oasis of home decor. I love the eclectic mix of styles, textures and fabrics. Aside from furniture and home accessories, they also carry some really cool jewelry.
So, here is another tour, of the new displays of At Home. I am sure you can retrieve much inspiration by looking around. I know I did. I think I see my next painted canvas art piece. This would be easy peasy to make.

I love these little vignettes with the lamps. I know blogger,Lamp Tramp, will love these too.

A great mix of modern and traditional in this bedroom. My cousin Elaine would love the lamps made from actual trees. They would look great in her cabin. And I am a door person, love that door against the wall.

Everyone loves candles.

These are drink coasters are made from tumbled stones. I got some great inspiration from these as well as some others that I had seen on another blogger's blog (shoot I cannot find he blog address right now for credit. Forgive me....). She had made these herself by using stamps (from Hobbey Lobby) on the stones (bought for pennies at a hardware store). Obviously using pictures from magazines or artwork would be cool too. Imagine photocopies of your children's artwork! A perfect gift for mother's day. Just be sure to seal the stone properly so that the image will be safe from condensation. This is going to be my next art project for craft night with the girls.

I adore this ottoman, below. Very sheek.

More canvas inspiration....easy to make.

I love that little footstool in the Indian print fabric.

This was one of my favorite groupings.

Look at all the color from the decorative balls in the bread bowl. Beautiful.

After visiting At Home, I popped in next door to Harmony Landing, another favorite. They had all of their spring displays out. I loved all of the bird's nest! Do you see those chocolate brown next on the bottom right?

Well, I loved what they did with those. It was a very cleaver way of using the nest in decorating. They took the nest and put them onto large candle holders and then stuck a candle right smack dab int eh middle of the next. What a great look! See....

I have some nest like those at home, I am going to use that way too.
I also picked up a few nest myself.
This small one came from At Home for $2.00

This huge fluffy one was from Harmony Landing for $8.00

Speaking of candles, I had already stuck these next I had into glass candle holders in the bathroom.
Hope you enjoyed "shopping" with me! Let's do it again, soon! Thanks for coming.


Kirby3131 said...

I can see why you spend time in these shops! I love that ottoman, too.

Southern Lady said...

Hi, Leigh ...

Thank you for the note you left for me at my Southern Lagniappe blog.

I'm glad to know about your "Thrifty Thursdays," and will check them out. Sounds like fun.



"J" said...

What a FUN store!!!!! Love it!!!!! Great pics!!!! I like the coasters as well!!!!! Let me know if yall do these - so you can give me step by step!!! I wouldn't know how to seal them but I would LOVE to make some of my own!!!!

Bama Belle said...

When I lived in Homewood I was spoiled by all of the decor shops there! I miss having them all just down the street! BUT I love our little town so much more!


I love At Home in Homewood....it is an awessome place. There are a number of really great thrift shops/consignment shops in the area....on Rocky Ridge...near the water treatment plant is the Clotheshorse...love it!...My daughters first year as a teacher...we bought 7 outfits for her there....for a measly 25.00. She was styling!

Shannon said...

I could do some serious damage there too! :) I love all of those nests!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Leigh! I'm so behind & can't catch up. I see you've been to some of my favorite places to shop too. We need to get together again for an outing. HOpe you can come to the B'ham flea market outing I'm planning for March 7th. I think Sandy is going to be there.

Oh, and you have one of my fave new songs on here, the Duffy one. Love that!

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

You know I love this store.... my friend did the coasters using this special paper that you could print photos out on. She used pics from her sister's hunting camp and gave them to her sister and hubby for Christmas.... they were SO beautiful... I'll have to find out all the details and send them your way.... you'd love it!

Joyful said...

Hey Leigh! Love your blog. Glad Susan connected us.
Harmony Landing is one of my favorites too. I designed their logo. Fun stuff!

Joyful said...

Hey Leigh! Love your blog. Glad Susan connected us.
Harmony Landing is one of my favorites too. I designed their logo. Fun stuff!

jennifer said...

Oh I LOVE the birds nests!! The feathery one is my favorite. I could max out a credit card in there too.

I have 3 bird's nests that I haven't done anything with. I spotted candle holders CHEAP today. THANK YOU for the inspiration!!

Canvas Printing said...

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