Thursday, August 21, 2008

Harmony Landing in Homewood

Part Two of "Homewood" (click on photos for larger views)

Harmony Landing is another quaint little store located in Homewood, just between At Home and Seibels for Camps and Cottages in Homewood. Harmony Landing is a classic take on furnishings. Think Southern Living as a store. Harmony is another great store that offers custom fabrics and recoverings as well as furniture and home accessories.

Harmony was in it's best dressed fall decor when I stopped by the other day. A perfect tablescape was set for the makings of a fabulous fall/Halloween party.

Just look at the "old crows" that seem to have lit on the black candlesticks!

While some items in the store are out of my price range, they do offer some fabulous ideas!
As I strolled around the store I came across these coasters and a light bulb went off in my head.
This could be one of my personalized Christmas gifts that I make this year!! By getting some tiles from a home supply store, then decoupage pictures from magazines, old postcards, pets, family and friends onto the tiles. Add a cork backing with some double stick tape (to be sure that it is level. I think hot glue would be uneven) and be sure to seal so that the coaster can stand the moisture. I would also use photocopied pictures-certainly not originals! And, wow! You have a cool customized set for a loved one on your list. This can also be used for birthday gifts. I love this idea...and all because I happened to see that coaster sitting in the store!
If you are not a craft type, then Harmony Landing offers some really nifty one of a kind gifts for gift giving! If you can catch a sale (which is going on NOW!) you can get some great steals.
I did find something I couldn't live without.....

(Click for a close up view)
And now I am off to find just the perfect spot for my little put some Harmony at my own Landing.

Harmony Landing
2925 18th Street South
Homewood, AL 35209


Susan in the Psych Ward said...

My other favorite. Next time you're in the 'hood of Homewood stop by and see me at the school...and visit me at my new place in the psych've inspired me to start my new blog. Susan

Anonymous said...

I am salivating- Homewood is like Heaven on earth to me! I luv all those stores- I think Harmony Landing is my fav though-

Leigh said...

Susan-that is sooo sweet! I cannot imagine being inspiration for anyone...except someone in a psych ward. Sounds so deserving! Thank you for the compliment. I would love to drop by! What school? What grade? My neices go to school in homewood (elem and k). Tried to call you last night, just rang and rang. Hoped to talk you through posting pics. Hope you got it figured out. I am so happy to meet cha!

Drama-Call me next time you are in town. We will meet for much and shop!

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

Oh...Steve had a conference call last night and couldn't answer...thought that was what a cell phone is for but you know men...the head set doesn't work on it. Oh, I'm at OLS in the health room. Where are your nieces???