Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At Home Furnishings & Accessories

If you read my blog, you know I love a meme, a questionnaire. I have seen the question on many of those, "If you could max out your credit card at any store, what would it be?" First things first....I wouldn't want to max any credit card out. We don't even have a credit card. But if someone gave me a card and said, "It's on me...." I would chose At Home in Homewood.

What makes this store so unique is it's unusual furnishings and accessories from around the world, made available for purchase under the roof of At Home. The unique collection of furniture is not for the furniture lover faint at heart. You will not find any cookie cutter rooms here, these furnishings are eclectic, blending a variety of styles to make for the most fabulous rooms and accessories I have ever seen.
For example, look at this display. I was very jealous that my friend Drew and his wife Katheryn purchased this exact bed....

And check out these Japanese trunks. Glorious!

And the architectural pieces are abundant. Shutters, wooden accent pieces, screens:

You can also find a large assortment of dishes and serving pieces. This grouping, with it's seaside theme, had my name written all over it.

For all you apron fans (Ruth Ann, I am talking to you) this is for you....

There are also a variety of cabinetry handles, fixture pieces, hooks, pulls, door knockers...some really interesting hardware. These would be perfect in my cousin Elaine's cabin!

Candles and floral & garden accessories. Picture frames and mirrors. It makes my heart skip a beat even mentioning it all. And finally the jewelry. And I lucked out. 50 percent off pricing. I have a thing for trees. I love to photograph them, and I find the symbolism very special. And so, I found myself a "statement" piece...for nine bucks. One that will be a classic piece forever.

Just thinking of all of these exquisite and uncommon pieces would have the credit card companies bombarding me with credit. But At Home your in around and I challenge you to find as unique a piece as you will find here. One that is authentic, one that is quality, one that will be a treasured family heirloom......and one that you can get at an affordable price(Be sure to look around the store for bright yellow tags these are 50% off!).
At Home will give you a home you may not want to ever leave!

At Home
2921 18th Street South
Homewood, Alabama 35209


"J" said...

Great store!!!! =)

Susan Ward said...

You went to all my favorite stores in Homewood. This one is one of my absolute favorites!!! All my favorite things in my house has come from there (on sale of course!!).