Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Elves Have Arrived!

Our elves arrived! Actually they arrived over Thanksgiving holidays. It is something the kids look forward to each year, almost more so than Santa himself. We have two elves come each year, Holly and Spencer. They really have become a wonderful tradition, one that I am certain-without a doubt-will be carried on with their children. If you don't have an elf for yourself and are interested in adopting one, click here on one of my earlier post (it's not naughty, but not for kids!).
I also want to thank the head elf, Piper, of Elf Magic. Piper was kind enough to send my kids Christmas ornaments of their elves to hang on the tree each year. My kids loved receiving their ornaments during the summer, when they least expected it. Who doesn't love a surprise from the North Pole? And now, the ornaments are gracing the kids Christmas tree.
My kids are actually wanting the weeks to last-so their elves can stay longer.
Do you have elves? What are their names? What silly things do they get into at your house?
I hope that you have elves come and visit your family!


Mari said...

I've never heard of the elf tradition. It sounds like fun!

Melanie said...

I just have a feeling that elves are coming to my house soon too! :)

Tammy said...

Nope, we've banned Santa from sending elves our way. I have enough to do without elfing each night! ;-) However, I hear about every one elses elves daily.

Lindsey said...

Our elf is named Gracie and she is just lovely! She tries to hide from us every night when we go to sleep. It is such an adventure the next morning while we look around for her.:)