Monday, December 8, 2008

What'd He Just Say?

One of us should be offended.

My dad and I went to eat lunch together today-just the two of us (mom was baby sitting my brother's baby). The man at the register (I would guess in his mid 40's and a double for Montel Williams, mind you) told me that he over charged "my husband" and proceeded to hand me his change.
Forget the change and the fact the man was very honest!!!
My Dad is , "sixty something". He is one who doesn't tell his age. But lets just say, "mid sixty". He's gonna shoot me. Beside the point.
Tell me I don't pass for someone "his age"?
Either the man at the register thought that I was OR he considered me a "midlife crisis" (as I like to call it). One of these "young thangs" with "older men".
The man at the register apologized after I corrected him, "Uh? That's MY DAD!!!!!"
He said, "Well he looks so young! Grey hair on men, is hard to identify an age because so many grey early...."
True. I do think my dad looks young for his age. If I didn't know him, I would put him at least ten years younger than he really is.
What makes it worse....Sister Sledge was with us, he must have thought she was our daughter! EWWWW!
I just don't know what to make of the whole scenario. But I am not really liking it.
Either I am considered MUCH older (sorry Dad, strictly for effect) or a "gold diggah".
My dad thought it was hysterical. Me, not so.
I think I am the one that is offended here. My dad on the other hand...made his day.


Mari said...

I gotta say - your Dad does look really young!

Bama Belle said...

First of all let me say that he is a cutie! Second of all you look NO WHERE NEAR old (sorry just for effect) Must be the gold digger thing LOL You will find it funny in years to come. Thanks for sharing with us, it was funny!

Kirby3131 said...

I remember when my mother had to run out the car to get her wallet because the bouncer wanted to see her ID. My Dad said to us all later, "She is NEVER going to let me forget this moment." I think my Mom was in her 50's at the time. lol

I would feel a little creeped out, too, but your Dad looks young!

jennifer said...

Your Daddy just looks very young! He does not look like he is in his sixties... AT. ALL.

But I can see why that would bug you. It would me too.

HEWY said...

You will always be my younger sister!

justabeachkat said...

How funny! Well to us, maybe not to you. Your Dad is a cutie and doesn't look old enough to be your Dad though.


Leigh said...

Mari- He really does. I hope I inheirited that gene.

Thanks Bama Belle!

Kirby- Yes! That would make me happy too! True.

Jenn-thank you!

Hewy- Thanks! I knew I could depend on you! Hope you are feeling better!!

BEach Kat- He dies. And he should appreciate this post. He might just have the big head...

Nicolle said...

I can relate!!! I had that happen with my father in law. It was me, him, and my son. They thought we were the parents! UGH! I mean, I love him and all, but he's almost 60 and I'm 35......Isn't it funny how people just assume things!


Well, anyway, you look great and could pass for 20!!!!!

Nicolle said...

..and to your Dad, he is a handsome man and does look VERY young!

Anonymous said...

Love, Leigh's Mom, HA! HA!

Trina said...

Hlarious. LOL

Not as bad, but most people think my dad is my grandfather. My dad gets upset when people say things like that. (He was 47 when I was born.)

kathy said...

My dad is 65 this year and looks lots older than your dad. I think some has to do with the way my dad dresses. He dresses like he is old! He says he just isn't worrying about that anymore.

And to make you feel better, the first 5 years that I was married, I must have been asked a hundred time how much older was I than my husband? I'm a year YOUNGER was my answer. He always said it was because I was more mature and he needed to grow up some more, but I dunno... :)

Anonymous said...

I especially loved the blog about you and your dad being mistaken for husband and wife!:) What a hoot! Sorry Leigh....
The guy was right, your dad is a very handsome and young looking man and if he wasn't my cousin and happily married I'd definitely be interested..ha,ha.......But, of course all we kinfolk are a handsome lot....white hair and all:)


Tammy said...

OOPS! You certainly do NOT look like you are in your sixties; however, you dad doesn't either.

I learned as a YOUNG new nurse not to ever assume relationships because this is what happens! I made that mistake only once and learned to ask, "what relationship are you?"