Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Round up: Parties, Wrestlers and Home Decor

Are you ready for Christmas? There are only a few more days 'til the big day!
I didn't have hardly a moment to spare this weekend. Thank goodness I have everything ready to go for our Christmas celebration, with the exception of some last minute cooking.
On Friday we took the kids and had lunch at the "home" where Peg lives. The facility had a special Christmas lunch for families. Even Santa made a special appearance!

On Friday night it was off to Big Daddy's twin brother home. He and his wife host an annual family movie night just prior to Christmas. The Artist and his wife prepare a meal and we watch a Christmas flick. This year's movie was "Jingle All the Way". I love that movie, and it sure makes me miss Phil Hartman every time I watch it. Such a loss. And Sinbad- he makes that movie! The meal was incredible. The artist and his wife, Mida are both very good cooks.
Mida is from Bangladesh, it is always a treat with she cooks authentic dishes from her country. Tonight was no exception! She made spicy beef and rice.
She served that with a side of potatoes, cauliflower, turmeric and cilantro. It has such an amazing flavor. She said she would share her recipes. I will publish both on Plates and Places when I get them from her. The Artist made homemade pizza's (which the kids preferred). And for dessert was Grandma's Recipe of Kiflices.
Saturday was J. Smooth's very first wrestling tournament! Big Daddy was just beaming to see his youngest son first attempt at Big Daddy's sport of choice. I brag a little, but Big Daddy was second in the state (in his weight class) in his heyday. At the tourney, we ran into so many of the guys from Big Daddy's wrestling team in high school.

It was fun to see the next generation of wrestlers. We even saw Coach Chimento, who was Big Daddy's wrestling coach. Good Times!

J Smooth lost both of his matches, but he had fun and that is what counts. Actually, we found out that instead of being put in the beginner group, he mistakenly was put into an advanced group of experienced wrestlers, that considering, he did a fine job! We look forward to the next tourney in January.

After wrestling, our entire extended family headed to our local restaurant, Incahoots.
Unknown to us (because we left to early to read his blog), Hewy's gnome had been recently found in the area of which we dined. Another gnome hunt I missed due to scheduling conflicts. I am going to start sending my personal calendar to Hewy so he can plan around me. As if.
I do want to congratulate my friend, Bama Belle and her family on finding the gnome! I am so happy for you!

Sunday was my nieces birthday party, held at my brother and sis in law's home.

My sister in law is such a fabulous decorator, I love to go to her home and just look.
My parents scaled down on the size of their Christmas tree this year, so my brother inherited their 10 foot tree. My SIL didn't even feel like getting down all their personal decorations", so she bought two boxes of brown and cream colored balls at SAMS. Her mother, Cindy, made the bow. The tree was beautiful.

At the base was a small metal sleigh that held additional packages.

And even the dining room table was dressed with matching decor.

As was a hutch in her kitchen.

I made a trip to the thrift store (I think I need an intervention...) and found a new bag of starfish for a few pennies. I added those to my bowl in my kitchen. I also found a silver bowl at the thrift store, and some red balls, I bought both and put them together with another of the starfish and added it to my bakers rack in my kitchen.

Here is a last look at the Christmas kitchen decor.

I am busy making and baking this week. The kids are home now as my professional taste testers. And later this week Big Daddy will join them. He holds a very studious "degree" in the taste testing department.
I am sure that your home is filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas as well. But most importantly, may it also be filled with the spirit.
Christmas Blessings to you!


Mari said...

It looks like you had a great time - and those decorations look great!

georgie said...

omgosh you did have a busy weekend...i am exhausted now and all i did was read lol

Great pix leigh I just love your blog-
You have a beautiful family

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

This is a wonderful Christmas post, Leigh!

I got some of my Christmas Story do-dads at Sears. I was told by the lady at the Historic St Charles Dept 56 shop, Sears has the exclusive on this group. I bought Ralphie's house on E-bay last week, because it was out of stock at Sears. The buy it now price plus shipping came out to be the same as the price plus tax at Sears, so I figured that was okay. The Dept 56 website also has pieces. We thought this would be a fun collection, so it has begun.

I have to go get a haircut, pretty soon. I'll be back for the quiz. Sounds like fun!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired after reading your post! Merry Christmas!!

Valarie Lea said...

I have not been able to tell you, but I love your new picture.

I really need to find wrestling around here for little Logan. That is his thing.

jennifer said...

You have been REALLY busy!!! Love all of the photographs. It is fun taking a peek inside of someone's life.