Friday, December 12, 2008

Decorating Tips for Holiday Decor by Cindy Cochran and Molly Griffin

The following article was published by CVS and Southern Beauty Magazine. It was written by my sister in law's mom and my sister in law's good friend (who I am going to do a post on). Cindy is a home decorator with amazing skills. She does things I have never seen done before in a home and brings a unique quality to a house to make a home a personalized space. Molly is a personal decorator and shopper. Below is a copy of the article they wrote. It's in perfect time for the holidays!
So, welcome, my guest poster........

Home Décor in Winter White
Molly Griffin and Cindy Cochran

Provided by Southern Beauty Magazine

Looking for a way to create a chic winter wonderland as part of this season's holiday décor?
Well, look no further. Here are a few simple and chic ideas to incorporate into your home for the holiday season.
Winter-White Tablescape
Set an elegant table this winter with fresh and fragrant narcissus bulbs displayed in crisp white ceramic pots as a unique centerpiece. To keep this type of display fresh, tie stems together with a small white ribbon, push them into a thoroughly soaked floral foam and cover with moss.
Add warmth to this cozy setting by scattering white votive candles in between the ceramic pots. Use white slipcovers on dining room chairs and place a white table runner down the center of the table. Line both sides of the runner with unraveled grapevine wreaths and use cans of artificial snow to spray-paint the grapevines for an icy white effect. For the finishing touch, add classic white dinner plates and napkins to each place setting.
Soft and Romantic Holiday Ambiance
Decorate with the soothing glow of white twinkle lights and a touch of nature. Fill a decorative white wire basket with white spray-painted moss, white and taupe silk hydrangeas and white spray-painted reed grass. Delicately intersperse with twinkle lights and display on a mantle or as a coffee table centerpiece.
Snowflakes On Display
Bring snowflakes into your home with this quick and simple idea. Take Styrofoam balls in a variety of sizes and fill them with toothpicks. Spray paint the toothpicks white, and then spray on several layers of artificial snow. These multi-dimensional balls can be displayed inside a large glass bowl, a wide cylindrical vase, or intertwined with garland.
Frosty Ivy Centerpiece
Brighten up an otherwise lackluster buffet table with silk ivy topiaries, clustered in a group of three. Begin by spraying each topiary with artificial snow, which is often used to flock holiday trees.
For an extra-frosty dimension, attach small clusters of sugarcoated fruits, such as kumquats, pears, and grapes, with wooden skewers. To achieve this sugary sweet look, dip the fruit in egg whites and water and then roll them in sugar. Apply several coats of this sugary concoction in order to achieve this frosted look. Use artificial snow-covered garland, intertwined between the topiaries, to top off your winter white holiday décor.
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