Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My gracious cousin Beckie invited my mother and I to come up for a overnight at her home on the river in Guntersville.

I just love it up there. It was a prescription for rest and relaxation, coupled with some girl time and a dose of shopping. We arrived on Saturday at lunch time and decide to go and eat at one of my most favorite places, The Blue Willow. I got my usual sampler plate...I mean why go wrong when it's so right? Upon entering the Blue Willow I saw a chalkboard sign out front. Apparently Southern Living has found delight in this place too. They are to have an article on the Blue Willow in 2009. I look forward to reading that. The Blue Willow not only is a restaurant but it also has alot of knick knacks and antiques inside. As we exited my mother spied a print that she knew I would love and she bought it for me. It is an original piece of artwork, in it's original frame. She bought it for $40.00. I think it looks like New Orleans, my cousin thought it looked like France. I guess it can be anywhere you want it to be. I love the colors in it.

The Blue Willow (home of the Blue Willow Bourbon Butter)
303 East Willow Steet
Scottsboro, Al 35768
100 places to eat before you die
Hours: Thurs-Sunday 11-2 Fri & Sat nights 6-8:30
The Blue Willow Caters and Delivers

After lunch we decided to head to a fund raiser garage sale. Proceeds from the sale were to benefit a Historical Home in Scottsboro. I purchased this Poole Sterling Silver pitcher for $5.00 (Seen in picture below). I am kicking myself for not purchasing a oriental lamp ($10.00) and a original painting ($30.00). The sale was an annual event so it is not as though I can go back in hope. It never fails. I talk myself out of something and then regret.
Onto stop number two, Hammers, downtown Scottsboro. Hammers is a really neat store, much like a merchantile store that you would find in a littel country town. You can find everything from tools to clothing. I imagine it to be an updated "Olsens Store" (from Little House on the Prarie) where for locals it might be a one stop shop, before the days of Wal-Mart. At Hammers, I bought 5 dog collars and three leashes for $1.00 each. They were cute collars. And it is my dogs accessory. I purchased a black sweater that I thought pretty. I thought it would be nice to dress up or down for winter. It was $12.00. I also snagged a pair of animal print ballet flat shoes for $7.00.
From Hammers we walked across the street where they were holding "First Monday on the Square". Incidentally, First Monday is now held on the first weekend of the month. First Monday is a sort of flea market where vendors come and set up shop around the town square. There is everything from farm fresh vegetables to antiques. I purchased a cigar box for $3.00. I love boxes and I think I will use it for storage in my husbands office. I found a neat wooden piece with ornamental details. I bought it for $2.00 and plan to put a picture in the center. I also purchased an iron candle stick for $2.00 and an apothecary jar for $5.00.

Our final stop for our shopping spree was Unclaimed Baggage. I purchased two sweaters that are great basics. One black for $4.00 and one brown cardigan for $6.00.
By this time we had worn ourselves out and were looking forward to putting our feet up and relaxing. Which is just what we did for the remainder of the day. I watched the sun go down and cast a pretty purple hue over the land and river.
I watched the birds eat their final meals before retiring for the night.

We ate supper late, as we were full from lunch. We had grapes, grape salad, pimento cheese sandwiches, pasta salad, hummus, and some cubed cheese.
We spent the rest of the night talking and recalling old times. I genuinely enjoyed this time. There is nothing like family and I feel so fortunate to be apart of the great tribe I was born into. The women in my family are wonderful. Each are so great in their own special way. I relish the time I spend with them and try to absorb the stories they share and the knowledge that they possess.

On Sunday morning I woke up about 7 AM. I could see that the sun had already risen above the mountains across the river. The water looked like liquid gold had been poured into a line down the river. I love moments like this, it certainly is a great reminder of how great God is. How he literally has his mighty hand in all the great works. Being at the river, at Beckie and Shiles' lake home, you feel a part of it all. It is as tangible as the dense fog in the farmlands in the valley. It makes one feel so small and yet so immensely blessed at the same time.
On Sunday morning we went for a walk, two and a half miles to be exact. It goes by quick with such a wonderful landscape to look at. Afterwards we came back home and got dressed and sat and chatted some more.
Beckie offered me some treasures from her own collection. This bowl of pottery from Louisiana as well as these candlesticks, also from a potter in Louisiana.

She also gave me a stack of antique linens and a white Battenberg bedding set. I could not be anymore honored and appreciative that she would think to give her treasures to me. I will love and care for them well.
For lunch we decided to go to The Farm House Restaurant and eat.
It really was at one time a farm house.

On Sunday's no one orders off of the menu, as they do during the week. On Sundays, you order off of the chalkboard that list the meat the three of the day.

I was very pleased with my meal. It was some good southern cooking. The vegetables were very good.
From there mom and I parted ways with Beckie, thanking her for a wonderful visit in her beautiful home that sits somewhere between Guntersville and Heaven. I am already anticipating a future offer to come and visit. Wouldn't you?


Shannon said...

What FUN!! I love your art and the deals you found. It looks beautiful there!

Jealous of your door and I haven't even seen it!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Leigh this sounds like the perfect time. It's a place we would enjoy!

Tammy said...

What a wonderful place to visit. Your photos are so pretty and the food looks delicious!!

Keetha said...

Simply breath-taking!

Anonymous said...

The place looks beautiful!

Terri said...

You have so much fun every single day! I left you some loving on my blog. Pick up your award!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Miss "B" for an absolutely fun girls sleep-over. It was perfect....evrything! You are such a very special cousin to me. Again, "a good time was had by "L" and me"
Love you,

SitDownKaren said...

Beautiful!! Love the photos, thank you for the visual stimulus.