Saturday, October 25, 2008

Product Review

Bunny Bungalow is having a Favorite Product Review Linky. You can join in like I am by clicking her link. Tell us about what soap your family prefers, what dish detergent you swear by, what brand of cereal your kids must have. Let's talk about our favorites......create a post on your blog & sign up on Bunnys Bungalow with Mr. Linky. You might see a product that you've always wanted to try. If you really don't care for a certain brand, it would be interesting to hear about that too.
Some of my favorite products are,
WoodWick Candles, with the sound of a real crackling fire...and now they are available in soy. My friend Diva got me hooked on these.

Welch's Sparkling Grapejuice. I could drink gallons of the stuff.

Mr. Clean Eraser. I sware by it. I have three kids. That says ALOT.

I do not eat cereal, but I do love granola. I fell in love with granola at a bed and breakfast Big Daddy and I stayed at on Amelia Island (Bailey House Bed & Breakfast). The innkeeper made the granola homemade, this cereal is the closest I have found that taste as good as hers.
I have preached it's virtues: Lubriderm SPF Lotion. I use it every single day.
Because sunscreen now, less wrinkle cream later.....

Some other product's I LOVE:

Ashley Mac's Strawberry Cake-I am convinced it is a slice of Heaven. You'll be singing Halleluja!

Crow Mountain Apples- They'll bring a tear to your eye. Yep, that good.

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce- Good on everything, 'cept ice cream.

Billy's Seafood, Bon Secour-When you want fresh.

Amish Cheese -The Amish rock. What more can I say?

Yoplait- So good, you forget it's good for you.
Can you tell I skipped supper?
Anyway, here are a couple more....

Sew In Style Monograms, Embroidery and Custom Made Clothing & Accessories. Lora is mega talented and very reasonable. Tell her Leigh sent cha!
And if you want some instant happiness:


Stacey said...

OK. I'm going to try the candles. I've been seeing them at the store and kept wondering what the big deal was. :)

Michelle said...

Hey Leigh!

I have neever seen the Welch's sparkling juice! I'm going to have to keep my eye out for those. Have you heard of Yoplait's new flavor? Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I went to the store the other day to find it and they were all out. Must be good!

Michelle :)

Terri said...

where do you find the country bobs? I've looked everywhere. WEll, Probably looked at Publix 47 times and think I've looked everywhere! I still haven't used my coupon for a free bottle.