Friday, April 25, 2008


Yes, yet another "commercial" for a product I LOVE. It is this.....
Amish Cream Havarti Cheese. At my grocery, it is found in the dairy/cheese section. Though it might be in a cheese specialty section. I am so addicted to this cheese, that is why a hunk of it is missing. I couldn't wait. It is so smooth and buttery. Pair it with your favorite just eat it like I do, right outta the fridge. It is actually best at room temperature. Try it! You'll be glad you did.


The Troll said...

Havarti Rocks! Support Denmark!

I like the kind with herbs and spices inserted.

Leigh said...

Troll-you are speaking my language! YUM!

Abbey said...

I just had this for the first time over Christmas. Someone laid out crescent rolls, overlapping them in a line, put in the Havarti with pepper, folded over the ends of the rolls and baked it. It was delightful to the eye, and so delicious!!!!! Hey girl, you got it going on with that stuff!

"J" said...

I love Havarti cheese too!!!! I like the spicy's so rich, yum and creamy!!!! Now I want some cheese!!! Gee Thanks!!! lol

I went to Ohio last Sept. and went to a Amish Cheese Farm....talking about was cool!!! You can walk around and try TONS of different kinds of cheese!!!

This is where I went:

Can you tell I'm getting caught up on all my blog reading! I've been so busy...UGH...I need some "ME" time to just catch up!

If we go back up in the fall I will buy you some cheese/crackers and ship it to you!!!! =) YUM-O!!!!

Leigh said...

Oh, Abbey-that sounds so good.

J-now dont be saying stuff like that and get my hopes up. Have I mentioend that for the past 20 or so years all I have asked for Christmas is a wheel of cheese. I have yet to get it. LOL! That cheese farm sounds so cool! I hope I can go one day. Oh, I would be backed up for weeks, but I think it'd be worth it! LOL!

"J" said...

I wouldn't dare say something I don't mean!!! You got it coming for sure!!! Shad and I go to Ohio at least once a year...last year we went twice! His little girl Harli lives we go see her!!! You will for SURE get your cheese honey bunny!!!

That is a freaking trip you ask for a wheel of cheese for Christmas!!!!

Email me your address!!!! I will put it on file!!! Yu will soooooooooooooooooo get the hook-up!!!

you have my yahoo and my work email...either one is fine!