Monday, September 22, 2008

Mute Monday

It's Mute Monday! Brought to you today by the letter,"D".

It seems that Mute Monday has gone to the dogs!
Of course, I had to post some pics of my sweet furry babies, my Dogs!
(I can't be mute, they are like my kids...)

Charlotte- Named after Charlotte's Web. She is a eight year old husky corgi mix. She came from the pound. She has "the shining" with one blue eye and one brown. Charlotte is a good natured dog, except when she escapes out the front door and runs and runs and runs. It's the husky nature.

This is Jane, another pound puppy rescue. She is seven years old dachshund basset mix. Jane has some "issues". She is the omega dog, the one that is often on the receiving end of bullying from Jeffery, the male of the pack. She has some personality issues: insecurity, fear. I think it probably can be attributed back to days when she was not our pup. But we love her with all of our heart. She is a loving dog and really is the best dog we have as far as mind her manners. She never misbehaves.

This is Lucy Lu (LuLu for short) the shih-tsu. Santa brought her to my daughter two years ago (in December). She is 2. Personality plus, like her namesake. Lulu was named after Lucy Buffet by my daughter Sledge. Lulu the Shih-tsu lis a bit hard headed, oves to wrestle but also likes to give hugs. The athlete of the bunch. You might recall many of Lulu's plea's to the public sometime back. She hung up the days of childbirth after finding love and having one litter. Now she enjoys kicking back and relaxing with her family.

This is Jeffery. Jeffery is a shih-tsu. Age undetermined. He was a rescue at a flea market. When we got him he looked a bit like Otis (from Garfield-click link to see the change a little love can do) but his beauty grew as we loved him. Jeffery is my protector. He does not like to share my love with his animal siblings, or his human family. He has some "issues" after having spent all his life in a cage prior to us, but we love him with all of our hearts. Jeffery is my little shadow. His name is fitting as he was named after my favorite author's "shadow"- Jeffery- the ghost of Kathryn Tucker Windham. He is grateful to be among us, and we see that in his face everyday, as to say "I cannot beleive my life is so good now!".

Miley is a product of the love between Lulu and Jeffery. Miley will be a year old in December. I guess one can imagine that she was named after my daughter's idol, Miley Cyrus. Miley is the happiest dog in the pack. She always has a smile in her eyes. She in a pleaser. She wants to be with her human family constantly. VERY DEVOTED, like her daddy, very playful and bubbly like her mom. Like Miley sings about our Miley is "the best of both worlds".
And that, is my submission for the letter D....
except to say that my Dogs make my life Deeeeeelightful!


The Troll said...

Excellent post. A house full of dogs is a good house. Happy Mute Monday!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! Jeffery is a heart stealer, Happy MM!

Kendra said...

That last picture is so cute with the dogs looking out the window. It captures life, and it's super cute.

Aleta said...

Awww, they are adorable. We have one cat (Siamese that I got from the SPCA) and Greg has a 14 year old CockerPoo - she's a sweety. Pets are family and you can see it in your posts as well.

Leigh said...

Troll, so true!

Kate- he really is. He's such a sweetheart.

THX Kendra!

Aleta- Your babies sound like they found a good home in you. You are right-family. UNconditional love.

jennifer said...

oldest daughter and I LOVE that last photo! A perfect shot! your canine family is adorable. We are dog free right now. Poor Diva Daughter. She wants a dog SO bad and we have to tell her to wait until we own our home down here and are not renting.

Tough for a Dog lover!! I won't be showing her this post by the way!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I wanna just luv them all- I am such a dog lover- Mine are in the bed with me now-laying on my feet-
Yours are all so precious and so lucky to have you for a mama!

nancygrayce said...

Wow, 5. I have two toy poodles and 2 cats (that are for giveaway free!) I want another one, dog that is, but the husband says no, with the "look" I don't.

Cindy said...

Lovely post! We just got two new foster puppies. They were bought (undercover) by the pet rescue that we foster for. It was from a big Auction of a Puppy Mill...Big but, hush hush! Both are Shihtzu's, one is 4 months the other 3 months. No experience w/ this breed. Loving the learning though.