Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I so ripped this off of Dust Bunny Hostage. I found her post such fun to look at on her blog (go read it)...then I did mine, I laughed til I hurt. It struck me so funny. And it also allowed me to try out some new looks...that goes back to the hairapy post. Check out the different genre's of Leigh's...

Let's pretend I was around in 1956. This would be me, pulling Fresh baked cookie's from the oven...waiting for my Big Daddy to return from work so that I could rub his feet and pick the toe lint from between his toes. Meet Betty Leigh Crocker.

The year is 1960. Leigh of this era looks a bit saucy. Like there is an inner "Rizzo" to be let loose. Look out at the sock hop! She gonna break it down! I am so gonna go and get me some of those glasses, they rock.

The year is 1962. On her way to work to work at TV station WJM-TV, Leigh runs over a squirrel. Saddened by the loss, Leigh-being the ever inventive person that she is and never wanting anything to go to waste-picks up Charlie the Squirrel and uses him for a hairpiece. Fabulous!

1968- and Mary Tyler Leigh (am I the only one seeing a resemblance to Mary Tyler Moore?) I should have never tossed that hat....this look on Leigh would be better kept under wraps.

1968 Leigh. Hmm...I have been seriously considering getting the ever popular wedge hairstyle. After some serious consideration, can't do it. Leigh needs layers. Can you say, Helmet head. "I'm a walkin' candid apple!"

1974-The Gypsies Tramps and Thieves look. I ALWAYS wanted to be Cher, ya know. Not sure about the long hair on ME. Was considering growing it out too...now, questionable. What d'ya think? I don't think I can pull it off.....not with age. And short legs. I would look more like Cousin It than Cher.

This is my mugshot from 1978. I was hauled in for "heinous acts"...even then I thought I had groove. I broke into a *mean* hustle and was pulled from the dance floor and booked accordingly. Poor Fabian, he has no chance in teaching me any proper dance skills in the Latin Cardio class. But the fro is to die for, isn't it? I mean, why else would I be smiling so big in a mug shot?

Embarrassingly enough, this looks almost identical to my yearbook picture from 1980. It's a faux halo, people!

Oh! I got a good laugh at this one. This isn't El De barge. I knew this girl in high school-well not this girl but one that had this hairstyle trademarked. She may tune into my blog so I am not naming names......but if you want to out yourself, go ahead.

1984. Another high school chick. Leslie, you know this is your look! Come clean. I only wished I had this hair. Jon-Bon would be jealous. Just like Leigh.

Oh, I did own this one....(remember my obsession with the Tawny Kittaen look?)

Here's proof......
1992...Remember Glamour Shots? Oh, What possessed me, I don't know. But this shot below looks very reminiscent of those lovely pics that I have hid away in a locked drawer never to be found...except in the event I should ever do something like Glamour Shots again- and then it should only be removed for convincing not to evah do it again. EVAH!

1996, asymmetrical bob at it's best....and a very blond Leigh

1998 Reminiscent of preschool teacher Leigh. Compare Apples and Oranges...

2000-Are you ready for this?
Ok, I am certainly convinced that I will not let me hair grow out. I look like a pug nosed Muppet that shall remain nameless.
(Sorry Miss Piggy. I beg your forgiveness. I shall never steal your look again)
I know, that was a bit scary...but seriously funny. And don't think Big Daddy is safe, my frans. That to come! Wah-ha-ha-ha! (I am so sick!)
Want to try it too? Then you go HERE to Yearbook Yourself.com


Michelle said...

ROFL!!! LOVED the hair pics!! When I get a few moments to myself,(probably in say, NOVEMBER, lol) I will do this!!

Anonymous said...

Are you on facebook? Let me know so I can add you to my frenz on there-

"J" said...

That was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking FUNNY! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The slick perm look was NOT your look...lol! I think that was the worst!

I love it!
I needed a laugh!!!!

I can always count on you!!!!!!!!!

Zinnia said...

LMAO!!! I can always count on you to provide some laughter.

Charnita's Xpressions said...

O, i wanted to try it when I saw bunny's but now I will have to FOR SHUR. Tune in for my yearbook photos as well.

jennifer said...


Oh yours was SO good. You rocked this! Love the squirrel for a hairpiece story. And you really did look like Mary Tyler Moore.

But not Miss Piggy. Nooooooo.

I swear I laughed all the way through this!


tricki_nicki said...

Oh, the one with the afro! And the Jeri-curl! It's too much. Seriously, I am dying here!

Susan in the Psych Ward said...

OH MY!!! What fun. I'll have to stop by and see that. My hair was never that big in the 80's (my mom would never let me grow my hair that long- she said I'd look terrible- that's why I won't cut it short now). Terri on the other hand- HUGE HAIR!!!

Leigh said...

Michelle-I expect you to share-even the bad ones.

J- I was thinking about being the one brave enough to bring back the gerry curl. What comes around goes around. It is time. COuld be my next look.


Zinnia- I think I will post your face next week on these pics. LOL! smile.

Charnita- I will be coming over for a look and laugh session. You had one here, its only fair.

Jen-you are so better blessed than I. Even the mullet looked good one you. Ok, maybe not the mullet-but all the others did. I was jealous.

Trickie- to bad you didnt add that to your list of styles before you got your makeover cut. It could have been you to start the revolution. I guess its all on my shoulders now.

Susan- understood. Moms! After looking at those pics, I only want to cut my hair. Ya know, I think I will try a virtual Shinade o connor before I do anything drastic....jsut to see how it looks.

The Hickman's said...

That is awesome- I can't wait to do it!

butterflygirl said...

I love this! I so have to try it. Go 1984!

Lindsey said...

These pics were hysterical. Seriously. I might have to test this out:)

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

ok, that was hilarious!! That 90s do, is the one that I had in my high school yearbook, lol!

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you all look like in medieval ages!