Saturday, February 9, 2008

Idol, Angels and Brown Spots.

American Idol coming to Disney

My friend, "Tom Sawyer", sent me a link today that had me planning my next trip to Disney, if only to further to embarrass my family. It seems that a theme park version of American Idol is coming to Walt Disney World. Disney has been given the ok to create a theme-park version of the show in an old sound-stage theater at Disney's Hollywood Studios by the end of this year. The Disney version will largely follow the format of the Fox-TV albeit without the Fox TV show judges from the original show.
Disney World visitors will be able to audition for the show at various locations, then perform and compete in front of studio audiences in a new American Idol sound stage that Disney will develop. The daily winners will be invited to try out for the TV show.
*Dream sequence...
(Randy in a voice filled with excitement)-You're the bomb dog! You're going to Hollywoooooood!
(Paula in a incoherent mumble) -(inaudible) yeah, your nice....pitch....sweet girl....(inaudible, sips from cup) yes.....(inaudible)nice girl. I like your shoes. sweet girl...
(Simon in a collected monotone voice)-I am gonna say yeah. It was bloody well magnificent.

Yes. I did say my dream sequence. Somehow I think it would be my family's nightmare. I am gonna work on my audition song this week in the shower. Vocals in there are great.,0,5093676.story?track=rss

Dogs and Eyeliner
I came home the other day to find brown spots, about 40-50 of them, all over my beige carpet in the den. In other places was pieces of wood or sticks. "What is all this?' I questioned the husband and kids, knowing fully well that even if they did know no one would fess up to a mess. "I dunno" was the standard answer, though no one even actually looked up, over or walked into the room to actually see what I was talking about. Upon further investigation (trying to rub OUT the stain with soap and water) I realized that the sticks came from a wooden eye liner pencil and the brown spots were the actual liner. I found out because by rubbing the "spot" (at the time) I was actually rubbing into the fibers of my carpet. Ugg! So, from there I whipped up something of a great magical potion. Clorox and water. Mostly water. I dabbed it onto the carpet, nothing. A little more. Yes, I could see it working, becoming lighter. Then, 2 hours later...little white spots all over the carpet, where the brown ones were. "What are all of these little white dots all over the carpet?", asked Big Daddy. "I dunno", I said and smiled and then I walked out of the room.
It looks horrible. But what do do? At least it looks a bit better than the brown spots....

Kate Jackson is not related to me

As a child, I was a huge Charlies angles fan. I had all of the trading cards, the lunch box. I was certain that one day I would grow up to be Kelly Garrett (played by Jaclyn Smith) and that my life would eventually cross paths with Bo Duke. Certainly we would eventually get married and have beautiful babies in Hazard County. I had a vivid imagination. And this, of course was two years before I would lay eyes on Big Daddy. When that day cam eto pass, I all but forgot who Bo Duke was.)
Anyway, I recall that my mother once told me (and I heard again throughout the years) that Kate Jackson , who played Sabrina Duncan, was married to my mother's cousins husbands cousin.
Yes. I know. Hard to follow. But I was certain it was my "in" to becoming the next Cast Member on Angels (though I was only 9 the swimsuits would not have been filled out quite as well). They did go through many blonds for years and I was even willing to change my hair color (which it is today). For years, this was my "7 degrees of separation" from Charlies Angels. I held onto it. It was an interesting lunch table topic of children of a impressionable age of 8. I could certainly convince someone to give up their hot buttered freshly made lunch roll for a possible introduction to my friend Kate. (Ok, so I never did this, but I should have, the rolls were that good).
Last night my mother, father and I drove to Guntersville for the funeral of my mothers cousins husbands mother. I know, hard to follow..... I mentioned to my mother, "Do you think Kate will be there?" At the funeral , my mother and I had a moment alone with Beckie.
"Hey", my mom began, "how is it that S is related to the Jacksons?"
Beckie- "Jacksons?"
Mom- "Yes, Kate Jackson? How is he related?"
Beckie- "Kate Jackson? Who's that?" Mom glanced at me.
"Charle's Angles." I spoke up.
Certainly this was a hard emotional time. It is possible that she forgot, hard to beleive but possible.
"Kate Jackson?" Beckie questioned again. "He's not related to her."
Mom and I looked at one another in confusion. Surely you jest. I heard the bubble from my childhood, one that I hadn't paid any mind for the past 28 years, burst with a loud pop.
"The only thing I know about her is that her cousin worked for a bank that S used to work at". Huh? That's it. That's all.
My mom- "You mean all these years I have told people that S's cousin was Kate Jackson".
I guess this is so. So, let me clarify to all my third, forth and possibly fifth grade school mates,
I am not related to Kate Jackson. I do not know her. Have never net her. I don't even know that I could identify her today. While I do shop occasionally at Kmart, I did not grow up to be Kelly Garrett, or sadly enough, Jaclyn Smith for that matter. I was never contacted to be on the show, "Charlies Angels". I think my parents threw away my trading cards. (Don't fret mom, I am over it. It didn't even require therapy)
Lastly, I only received a xeroxed signatured copy of an 8x10 glossy from the Bo Duke fan club when I was 10. Mom was kind enough to bring it to school so I could share it show and tell in Ms Owens class. I have no clue where it is today.
I did marry Big Daddy (same initials), my first real crush, who walked into my life when I was 11 and I adored from that very first glance. Everyday with him is an adventure that any "angel" would relish. I am contacted to solve all kinds of cases, from missing socks to homework. And I do happen to have amazingly beautiful babies-smart to boot! I am related to some fabulous, not famous, but fabulous people that should be famous because they are so fabulous. (Wow! I think my English teachers would kill over with that sentence.)
Kelly Garret, Kate Jackson, Bo Duke, eat your heart out. I still can't fill out a swimsuit like the angels, or should I say it is overly filled. Sorry Big Daddy, was that your bubble I heard burst? Can't have everything, huh?


Lindsey said...

This is so cute! I watched Dallas and Dynasty vicariously through these shows even though I was only 4. I still can't believe my family let me watch them.

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Oh my Gosh... I love this post. I was certainly going to meet the angels, My favorite Kelly also....because Kate's uncle was a banker and lived in Albertville, my hometown. I never did....
but I wanted to marry Magnum PI.(Tom Selleck), Andy Gibb
or Leif Garrett. (....ewwww HAVE YOU SEEN HIM NOW??)

Leigh said...

Lindsey-I watched Dallas too. I loved that show. I never did watch Dynasty, though most of my firends did. Dallas was awesome. Wonder when the movie is coming out? though, like most things, it will not be as good as the original.
Charnita-That was the uncle. Yes Magnum was way to cool. I named a cat after him...Andy Gibb he rocked Solid Gold. Leif Garrett-yes. scary , very scary now.

jennifer said...

Oh that is RICH!! You, my friend, are a well written NUT!!!

I forgot about Bo....I liked him ever so much better than Luke. The eyes, that smile, sigh. He was somethin' wasn't he.

Thanks for the links in my comments. Very cool way to learn more about you.