Friday, June 13, 2008

Leigh's Garden Party

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality was kind enough to recently have some bloggers "over" for a Garden Party at her home. I loved the idea and thought I would invite you all into my garden for a "Garden Party" of my own. Come on in, ya'll.....

We'll look around......

Oh! Look at that basil. It's so hearty and delicious in so many dishes!

This is my little patio garden. I had to start planting my veggies in pots because the neighbors dogs liked to come and pee on my herbs and poop in the garden. My garden had cost me alot of money and then it was ruined. Big Daddy was NOT happy. None of us wanted herbs in our food that had been peed on. I don't care how much you wash them.

Now I've have had to scale back and plant in the pots. This pot holds some cherry tomatoes. My kids will go out and "pick and pop" them right off of the vine and into their mouths. Also in there is banana peppers, green peppers, lemon balm, cilantro and dill.

This peace lilly sits on my deck. It is shaded, so it is happy. The blooms are popping up everywhere. The lily was a gift from my friend Janet. I think of her when I see it.

My mother bought my this plant. It used to have little white blooms all over it but I almost allowed it to get away from me in the heat. I hope they will return. I planted it in a fountain that my sweet cousin Beckie gave me. I think it looks so pretty in it! Beckie was so kind to give it to me.

This plant was a gift from my friend Deborah. I loved it's little curly leaves. And to my surprise, it even blooms these sweet little dainty pink flowers.

A geranium. The pot it is in was used in mine and Big Daddy's wedding reception. We had several that held ferns. They sat on the buffet tables. Now I put the geraniums in them because where they are receives alot of sun.

This massive tree is a Jade! Ok, this really is an unbelievable story, but it is the honest truth. Big Daddy's great grandmother immigrated to the United States from Italy/Croatia region. She came by boat. Taking with her to the new country, she brought over a jade plant. This jade plant is a direct descendant from that original jade. Grandpa, as mentioned before, has a green thumb. Apparently it was inherited. Grandpa had several jades (as do most all the family members). If you take a single leaf from the jade plant and stick it directly into the dirt, it will grow, as this one did-from Great grandma's jade. We have had this one for 12 years. It was one of Grandpa's. There is no telling how old it is. I need to repot it. But I love it's history.

Thank goodness this little guy has a smile on his face. I was frowning when I saw that the chives growing out of his head had received to much water. I had to give him a haircut. Doesn't he look Hawaiian? He reminds me of that dreaded tiki from the Brady Bunch episode. Remember, it caused alot of trouble? But I like this guy. He makes me smile too.

This is a flowering cactus. Big Daddy's grandfather gave it to us about 8 years ago. When it blooms it has huge star shaped pink flowers on it. And that chair, my friend Deborah gave it to me. Her husband Phil made it. I have good friends. And good family.

I do not know what this is called. My mother gave it to me a couple weeks ago (already in the pot). It is gorgeous with it's green and pink leaves. Hey Mom, if you are reading, look at the middle left, there is new growth or a new plant coming from it.
And I adore my bird girl. I am really quite obsessed with her. My infatuation began about 10 years ago after I read the book, "In the Garden of Good and Evil". Which is a great book, BTW, and it does tie into the theme of gardening.....

Yellow mums. They bloom in several times a year. I got them at Sams in the fall. They came in huge pots for 15 bucks.

Hybiscas. They have huge blooms, about the size of an average plate. They feel so tropical. But I have to take care of them. The beetles like them too.

This pot has a variety of things in it. On the ground blooming all around it, is fresh mint. I love fresh mint in my lemonade, on strawberries, mojitos...but again, now I am afraid to eat it. Polluted. But it smells good.

I don't know what this is called, but I like it's red leaves.

Gardenia Bush. What a glorious smell!

Sage. That little yellow and brown butterfly likes it.

Double Flowering Japanese Karia (I hope I didn't misspell that). It is like forsythia in that it grows like mad and has yellow blooms. I wanted one because as a child my mother had one that grew by my childhood home. I think of it and how pretty it was.

Leigh's Blue Berry Bush. My favorite varieties are Climax and Premier. These varieties seem to be the sweetest to me. I love to go pick at Petals from the Past because you can try the varieties and decide what your favorite is.

Holly Hocks. An heirloom flower indeed. I love these flowers, lifting their mighty heads to the world. They seem so confident, yet still so delicate. Don't they look like a flamenco dancer?

a "garden bunny" hiding amongst the hedges (Wow. They need trimming...)

Purple Salvia (I think it is what it is). Oh, no-needs weedeating....

Lantana. It is so easy to grow. As with everything in my garden, If it isn't easy. I don't grow it.

Portulica (perhaps misspelled). Also called Texas Rose. Oh, these little flowers love the heat. You cannot kill these flowers. I like that!

Hummingbird Love..... For they help my little garden grow.

And that my friends, has been a stroll through my little garden. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. I did. I have said it before time and again, that love is like a garden. If you tend to it is grows and flourishes if not, you have a patch of weeds. That can be said of any relationship.
As I walked through my garden today, I realized that my garden is a simile of my relationships & friendships. And in my garden are little reminders of the special friendships that I have been blessed with. And how they continue to grow and florish. Indeed, I am blessed!

The only thing missing from my garden......a gnome!!!!! Yes, indeed there IS a story there.

Here have a mojito as you meander and stay awhile.

Don't worry!!! That mint didn't come from my garden!!!

It came from Publix! **Kennan** does a fantastic job with the vegetables and herbs there. I don't think you need worry about him contaminating them.

I hope you enjoyed the garden party!

Let me know if you have one too, I love a visit to the garden!

**Kennan-Thanks so much for (once again today) sharing your German Kinder Chocolate (See Kennan link). After this post, I am going to hide myself in my bedroom closet and eat every bit of it! LOL! It was a necessary chocolate day. Thank you for your kindness.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Leigh! I enjoyed my stroll through your yard. We both have beautiful hibiscus...don't you just love those plants? Mine bloom all summer long. I think those pink & green leaves you don't know are coleus. Looks like it to me. You have a lot of nice variety of things growing over there in Helena.

We're going down to Petals tomorrow to get some blackberries. Time to make a blackberry crisp! Hubby loves them....

See you soon! We need to try to meet up in the next few weeks. Wanna do that?


Keetha said...

There's a reason why I show so many pictures of hubby's GRASS - - - it's 'cause I do NOT have a green thumb and his beautiful lawn is all the GREEN we have except my three little hostas.

Your flowers are gorgeous. I LOVE the jade story.

Keetha said...

Ooops - - - one more thing - - - did you know the red food coloring in the hummingbird feeder is unnecessary and actually not good for the birds? Hubby makes his own with 1 part sugar to 4 parts hot water. Stir until the sugar is melted and then put it in the feeder. The hummers love it.

PAT said...

I loved my tour of your garden. We used to plant cherry tomatoes for the kids, because they did the same as yours, plucked them off the vine and ate them right there in the garden. They now have cherry tomatoes for their kids.

I love the story of the jade!

I have wanted a bird girl statue ever since I read that book. I've even read the book more than once and I still have no bird girl statue! Where did you find yours?

Hope your having a great weekend!

Dee said...

Oh how pretty. I am so jealous. Everything I plant around my house ends up dead or taken over with weeds. Your plants are gorgeous and I especially love the gardenia.

Leigh said...

Dee- thank you. But surely you saw my yard. It needs a cuttin and the weeds need a eatin (I have a Loretta song in my head...sorry)
I just shot close up shots. I need to tend to it.

Pat-Thank you! I got my bird girl at Walmart! I have also seen them at I think it was Lowes. Yes, that jade is special to me.

Keetha-I have heard that it wasn;t necessary. I dont think it is harmful. When I make mine, I do make it without but I bought a box of premixed, premeasured packets. I pull one, put it in the feeder and mix with water. I like convienence. And it was pretty cheap.

Rhoda-I enjoyed your garden! It is beautiful. Yes, I do love the hibiscus. Other than keeping the beetles away, it grws very well. Low maintance, which I am all about. That being me or my garden, LOL!
I started out to go to Petals this AM and the ceiling fell out. I went back in . Now the sun is peeking out and I thought about going but I do not think I will have time. I have a surprise party to attend and I have to get back and do somethings before I leave. Please leave some berries on the bush for me. I will go down this week one morning. Though I will miss the desserts in the barn, shucks.

The Troll said...

Wow. You have a ton of stuff. Need your input on an IMPORTANT Troll Poll!

nancygrayce said...

Ilove your garden! I have lantana in my back yard! It is practically the only plant I can successfull grow. Only because it requires little to no care. Most plants see me and immediately commit suicide! They seem to know I have a black thumb.

When I was a little girl, we had the multi colored lantana everywhere and I thought the little blooms looked like bridal bouquets!

Welcome to Our Lives... said...

Wow! You are quite the gardener. Very impressive! I won't be participating, though because it would just embarrass me. :) Trust me, you don't want to see what's growing in my flower bed!

Kimberly said...

I like the new header!

Lisa a.k.a. The Preacher's Wife said...

I loved your flowers but I am really excited that I HAVE THE GNOME! :)

Alright, it may not be THE Gnome, but I'm excited

Thanks so much for playing along. It was great 'meeting' you!


Snark Meister said...

That was really neat! And I am TOTALLY craving Kinder chocolate now, lol!

Leigh said...

Dear Troll, I polled. Indeed I polled. I was listening to my Tony Joe White CD and thgouth of you when the song came on, Trolls like Rock n roll".

NancyGrayce- Everything in my garden is really EASY. I do not tdo a thing to any of it except feed it with miracle grow from time to time. I too love the lantana.I can see where you would think of that.

Welcome, Amy- Nahhhh-read the above comment. Not hard. Also, I buy only perenials then the next season, with the exception of vegetables I do not have to do anything. They just peek out in the spring.

Thanks Kimberley! Glad you are stopping by!

Preachers Wife- Yes, I need a gnome. I guess I am just going to have to buy one, which isnt nearly as fun! I loved you garden!! And your blog!

Snark if you were here I would share

HEWY said...

Love it and I have a garden of mint for your mojito! I'll even bring a gnome.

ThursdayNext said...

This garden party was delightful! Thanks especially for the yummy mojito! :)

giants fan said...

what a nice visit to your garden! I loved it.

I can still smell the gardenia!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beautiful stroll through your garden. So peaceful. So pretty and sprinkled with God's beauty.
The little plant with the Coleus is a varigated Impatien that will have a "double" pink bloom.
I love you, Mom

jennifer said...

Leigh Honey, If I had an award for posting a BUNCH, you would get it. But I don't. Unless you want to nab my potty picture from my sidebar. Cause I have never seen someone with so much BLOG fare.

I have been out of town this week (beachin' Bay-bee) and you have got so many posts that I haven't seen. Just WOW.

I love your happy little grinning pot. Oh, and did you know that you have a picture of a snake on your blog and you don't seem very upset about it? Like he is Welcome or something? Again, WOW.

Be blessed,


Leigh said...

Hewy-It really isnt nice to tease. And LOVE some mint, now!

Anytime Thursday Next! Next time, lets plan a dinner adn I will make mojitos and you can make the comfort food-you know the mac and cheese from your blog!

Giants fan-doesnt it smell good?

Mom-thanks! I love you!

Jennifer-you make me laugh. Ther eis so much to say! LOL! And yes, the snake in moms garden, I thought he was so sweet keeping her chipmunks at bay. When she watered he could wiggle out into the stream for a bath. But I think my dad scared him away yesterday when he put out pinestraw....