Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Janet's New Bra

I laughed so much today, much at the expense of other people. I mean one of those good ole belly laughs (see Laughter under videos on my blog). First it was my husband and his take on being diagnosed with diabetes. No, it is not a laughing matter, it is serious, but it was funny to hear him explain to me how his life what in a rut now. He did it with a good sense of DRY humor.
For lunch I met my friend Janet to celebrate her birthday. I will not put her age, but I will say that she is not 54 and she is younger than my friend Deborah H (that's a whole another story for another time). Anyway,There we were- the birthday entourage: me, Janet, Randy, Sharon, Michelle and Allison all waiting to be seated at the Olive Garden. I went over and gave Janet a big birthday hug. It was about that moment I realized that something seemed different. If you aren't a woman, and just don't have that type of really really close friendship, one where you can say anything to your friends, then you may not understand the remainder of this story.
"Janet, did you get a new bra?". Janet turned beet red, "NO! But thanks for announcing it to all sitting her waiting to be seated". "Well when you hugged me, I felt that things seemed in a higher vicinity". I don't know why, but I find humor in the embarrassment of others. It is a inherited trait. I got a bit tickled about it. For Janet's birthday I had requested that we sit in Chris ("Shula")'s section at the Olive. Chris is a fabulous waiter there and has been taking care of us for far to long, as he sees it. Anyway, when we were seated I mentioned to Chris that it was Janet's birthday. Janet said, "Leigh! Don't embarrass me!" "Janet, I didn't say anything about your new bra". From there, Chris ran with it. My kind of guy. He made certain to continue to make Janet blush, as well as her husband Randy who stated, "I've been telling you to tie those things up!". After a wonderful meal and great service, Chris came over and pulled Janet's chair from under the table, with Janet still in it. There she was in the center of the floor of the restaurant, looking helpless. She got up to run but we urged her on. It was then Chris went on in his loudest voice, "I have an announcement to make! Janet is 21 today! And she has a new bra!". Janet tried to run, one waiter mentioned something else about her bra. But by then, I had lost it completely. I too was about in the floor. Makeup ran black streeks down many of our faces. I noticed one lady at another table almost choke on her food when the announcement was made that Janet had a new bra. It was complete madness from that moment on. I love good laughs like that!! I guess now I will have to go and actually purchase a new bra for Janet since I gave her such a hard time about it. It was worth it. I am sure there will be payback.

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Anonymous said...

The Bra Story --Thanks -- I read just enough so far to get embarassed ALL OVER again!!! -janet