Monday, March 3, 2008

House Purging

My post is late today. And was not at all evident yesterday. I am a slacker. My apologies. In all honesty, This past weekend, I had really still been lagging from last Tuesday's procedure. I had not felt like myself. My hiking venture really set me back. I made a good go at it though, thinking I needed to exercise, but alas, that was positive thinking. I have mentioned my affinity for sticks (I know, I know. I am a huge dork. I have said though, I am a pretty simple person. It doesnt take much to impress me.). On my hike I found these two sticks that I am going to add to my oversized olive jar at home. I just love the movement in them, the way the branches bend and entwine so freely and fluidly. I have always accused of my tightwad, Big Daddy marrying me because I was a cheap date. Now I am almost positive!

I came home on Saturday evening and rested. I was supposed to meet my girlfriends at the Mexican Restaurant, but I just hated to go feeling bad. I am glad that I didn't go. I feel sooooo much better. I feel like "me" again! I think I just needed to rest some more. I know that the weather today is helping my spirits too (though I hear we are in for some potentially severe weather tonight). It is so beautiful outside. The temp today is supposed to be 79 degrees. It will not last long, tomorrow in the 40's!

I have to turn in my consignment items for the TNT sale on Wednesday. This morning I was hanging and tagging. I also have decided to sell a chest of drawers that I painted several years ago, when Sledge was just a baby. I had seen this ad in a catalog (which I kept in the drawer). It was for a small chest for $360.00. I hated to pay that at the time, when more than half the budget seems to end up literally on a baby's hind end in the way of diapers. I remembered the chest of drawers that belonged to my brother and I as babies. It was just sitting in my parents basement taking up space. It bigger than the one in the catalog, which was good. I painted it and I think it turned out ok. I have mixed emotions of selling it. It does have sentimental value to me and I will probably regret it one day when I have grandchildren. But as Big Daddy says, it will cost us more to house it for many many more years (as we do not want to be grandparents anytime in the near future!). So I am going to sell it at the sale. The sale is at Riverchase Methodist Church and runs on Friday and Saturday. Click the link above for specific dates and times and more information.
Also, I mentioned in an earlier post, that I purchased a oriental chest at a estate sale for $50.00. Here is a picture of it. I am going to refinish the lid and sides, keeping the oriental one intact. I like the chips on it. I will post a picture when it is complete.

Lastly, I just got a telephone call from Bama. He has been able to go into school late (before lunch) this week and next. Fortunately he passed his graduation exams last year, those that didn't are taking them, so he gets to check in late. Anyway, Bama left to go to school about 20 minutes ago and I get a phonecall from him, after three wrecks you almost hate to answer the phone. So I do and he says,
"Mom. I ran into a train....."
It was at this point where I began screaming "WHAT? WHAT? WHAAAAAAATTTTT?"

(remember the scene from the Christmas Story where Ralphie tells on his friend for saying the F--- (dash dash dash) word. Although he really learned it from his father. Then Raphies mom makes the phonecall to the child's mother and ask her "do you know what Ralphie just said", and"Do you know where he heard it? Your son". Then you hear the "WHHHHAAAAATTTT" on the other end. This was me at that moment.


"Mom, why are you yelling?" He asks so calmly (as he did with the other accidents. Thank goodness he is level headed in emergency)


"Mom, (laughter from him as well as D-Lid who is riding to school too, who realizes from Bama's side of the conversation what I am thinking) No, mom! Calm down. I mean I ran into a train at the tracks. I mean , it is going by me I am stopped at the tracks, so now I am late for school. I am sorry for being late."

Thankyou God!
I know God gets a chuckle sometimes when he writes the scripts for our daily circus!

Hope your day is bright and sunny! Have a good one!


Dullbert said...

"Oil prices surged to a record high Monday on news that Leigh's blog post was late" Don't be late again !!! :)

Leigh said...

Dulbert. You kill me! Ok, I certinaly didnt intend to sound like the world was stopping becasue I didnt post. LOL! For real!LOL! My blog IS more boring than yours....LOL!

HEWY said...

Love the furniture!

Lulu said...

Oh, I would hate to sell such a beautiful dresser! It would just kill me. But, I guess you can't keep everything. Hopefully someone else will get as much enjoyment out of it as you did.

And the Oriental chest! I love! What a deal. I did some shopping around this weekend too, and posted some of my great finds!