Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I 've Been Novasured

After several hours of resting from surgery, I am actually feeling like trying out the horizontal position again, though it may not last long. I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and encouragement. I was really nervous and the comments and well wishes did make me feel better. I am so appreciative.

Weather AWakenings

I awoke at 3:30 this morning to the sound of extreme wind outside my bedroom window. The lightning was so consistent, it seemed as though car head lights were shining in my window. Then the hail came. I was a bit concerned. I turned on the TV in my room but direct TV (here we go again) was not getting satellite reception. I opened the windows to listen for tornado sirens, but could hear anything but wind and rain. Big Daddy kept saying to me, "Get back in bed. Rest a while longer before we have to get up". But I also took note of my dogs. They were acting very bizarre. One was under my bed. We have had many storms, but have yet to seen him do that until this morning. Then I got a phone call from my friend Janet, who knows I cannot hear the tornado sirens from my house, "Leigh. It's bad over here. Sirens are going off. Get your family to the basement. We are in the closet." That was enough for me. Thank goodness for Janet and our pact we made years ago to call one another-no matter what hour it is-if there is a weather emergency. "Big Daddy, that was Janet. Lets go downstairs!" Even in the darkness I could see his face-he didn't want to get out of bed. Believe me, could could sleep through a tornado. But he humored me and did it with no negative feedback. This was as good enough time as any to run through a tornado drill with the family, and that is something we haven't done in years. I went into Smooth's room, then to Sledge's, with much calmness, so not to alarm anyone I quietly said, "Get up. We are going to Bama's room". They immediately rose, but were very calm, even knowing what that phrase meant in the middle of the night, they didn't say anything, they just grabbed a pillow and proceeded downward. Dogs followed kids and Big Daddy followed behind them. We quietly snuck into Bama's den, he has a separate bedroom and we didn't want to wake him and alarm him. He was in a a safe spot. The rest of the circus (dogs included) crammed onto the futon and laid down to go back to sleep. I went back upstairs to turn on Big Daddy's TV, I knew it would pick up reception in his room (The Tv in there is not HD). My dog, Jefferey was going crazy. He was at the bottom of Bama's door barking and barking -wouldn't stop. I went down and put him in the bed with the family and went back up. Again, he jumped down and was barking at the stairs. I went down and put him back on the bed. He didn't budge to go towards the family, he stayed by me to see what I would do. So I didn't move either. Moments later the wind quieted and the lightning became less frequent. I waited about 10 minutes. The kids and Big Daddy were whispering in the bed, it woke Bama, who came into the den in fighting mode, ready to rough up anyone who might have broken into the house. He didn't know it was us. After telling him and getting through to him in his fresh from bed haze in the complete darkness, he calmed down. As did the dogs. "Well, we are all up. Who wants pancakes?" , I asked. So at 4:00 AM I was cooking up pancakes and scrambled eggs. Of course, I couldn't eat anything. While they ate, I prepared myself for going to the hospital and grabbed a shower. My mother in law arrived to see kids off to school. Bless her from getting up early, in the dark and in the rain. I am so appreciative.

The Hospital

Big Daddy and I arrived at the hospital at 6:10. I checked in and about 15 minutes later was called back to prep. I think I mentioned to you all, how I was worried about the IV and about being put to sleep. The IV lady arrived and I told her my previous issues with IV's. Apparently I have small veins and they roll. Every time I have had to have one it has been torture. I have left the hospital in the past looking like a drug addict, for all the needle marks and bad bruising in my arms. Fortunately this was not the case today. (Thank you to the prayer warriors). She got it on the first try-and I didn't even feel it, nor do I have a bruise (I bruise easily).
Immediately after, I was given a coo-coo drug that had me silly and they wheeled me into the surgical room. I couldn't see without my contacts and glasses. But I knew there were several people in the room. One came over and said he was my doctor. I took him at his word. I told him I was there for the tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery, and I wanted to look something like Martina. I do not remember what he said to that. It was about this time that I blacked out completely. Literally minutes later (about 30-45) I awoke in recovery. I couldn't stop talking I knew that but couldn't help it. Though again, I do not recall what I was saying, except at one point where I know I kept asking the nurses to vote for Fabian Sanchez (....presidential nominees and now dance contestants...but if I am passionate abou tit-well you know, I am shouting it out) I also kept asking if I looked like Martina. I am sure they were like, "Yeah right on your pain medication, sister! In your dreams. LOL! I think I was running my mouth to convince myself I was ok. Again, not long after, I was moved to a private room (probably because if all the talking!) where Big Daddy was waiting for me. It was around that time that I become conscious of the pain. I am very tolerable of pain. It wasn't to-to horrible, I have felt worse, much worse, but I did ask for something for relief. From there, in and out of consciousness and the next thing I know, I am home in my bed around 10:30AM. I have to brag on the staff at Brookwood Hospital. Every single person that I came in contact with today, from the sign in to the prep nurses, the surgical staff-including my doc-was so professional and so caring and courteous. They really made me feel at a *bit* more ease prior to my surgery and certainly afterward. I cannot say enough for all of them, except that I do not look like Martina and I came out with the same body, but that pails in comparison to the service I got. I am eager to know the **end** result of my procedure will have me a better me.

Home Again

Big Daddy was so wonderful today. He took great care of me, where I probably would have been laughing and making him talk to hear silly things come from his mouth, he is most gracious and do me like that. He waited on me, he held my hand. He brought soup and sprite to me in bed. He continually checked on me. I am so blessed to me married to that man. God is so good.
I am also blessed to have such wonderful friends. My lovely friend Joy brought over a beautiful floral bouquet from her and Kym, as well as a strawberry cheesecake (to die for) and (as Kenny Chesney says) "A big old jug of sweet tea". They even thought ahead and bought some with artificial sweetener so Big Daddy could drink it. So thoughtful. Courtney brought over homemade potato salad, Sharon got cookies for the kids for after school snack and Flo sent Popeye's chicken (Big D "loves that chicken from Popeye's"). So so kind and thoughtful. No need for the family to worry where their meal would come from, for they had it taken care of. Again, I am reminded of the blessing I have. And I love the south, people still do things like that.
It doesn't end there, I read all the kind comments on my blog from such caring people, who I find interesting and respect so much, who have become friends through blogging. Though there are those I have never met face to face, I feel blessed to know you through blogs.
OK , I am rambling....I know this. My apologies. I am still on pain medication, so forgive me. LOL. I just want all to know how much I appreciate the kindness. I plan to take it easy for the next couple days, but I have to say I would absolutely do this procedure again (but thank goodness won't have to). I have had no bleeding thus far (though is possible in the next few days) but to me, this has been a parade in comparison to the 2 weeks of every month that are agony. I am so excited to have a life ahead of me without pain, one where I can live as Leigh again. Again, my thanks to all who made it more comfortable for me.


PS headed back to bed after my idol post. Light headed and my legs are so sore.....Like they were wrapped up in blanket and beat. Heck, I am beat...til tomorrow. Night.


Maebelle Park said...

I am so happy to hear that you came through everything okay. It is so scarey no matter how old we get or how many times we go through things like this. With this comment I am sending you best wishes and hoping that you bounce right back! Take care of yourself!

Deedra said...

I am glad that the procedure went smoothly. I would have been terrified because I have never been put to sleep and have never even been in the hospital except for having my 2 kids.

I wish you a speedy recovery!

Michelle said...

Im glad things went well.. I know you will be back to playing the air guitar in the am in no time! :)

Mrs. Jules said...

Leigh, so glad you're doing well. And my, what a night with the tornado warning and all. You've been in my prayers. I'll continue to pray for your recovery. Have a blessed day.

Sharon King said...

I'm glad to hear from you! Just take it easy today and keep remembering-----no more periods!!!

Lindsey said...

Yeah! It's over! I know you are so glad. I'm thankful it was problem free and the nurse found your vein. I, too, have awful veins and can relate. IVs are pure torture for me. Yuck! So glad you are well fed and have your pain meds. Enjoy being catered to...that doesn't happen often to mommas:) Still praying for ya:)

sharon k said...

I enjoyed reading your blog about the surgery----you're sooooo funny!! Court told me that you called her right out of surgery with a raspy voice saying "I'm alive!!" She didn't recognize the phone number so it threw her off for a minute!