Friday, January 18, 2008

Top 10 Post of 2007 part one

I meant to do this at the start of the year so I am a couple weeks behind. I am going to post the links for the top ten post of the past year, which is when I started my blog (in June). These post are my tops for a variety of reasons, like how many times does one discover human remains in the woods while searching for car parts, or revisiting the bast story teller of all time, KTW.

I am posting five today and 5 tomorrow, for your reading pleasure (lol). So make a pot of coffee and tune in....

Leigh's Top Five
(in no particular order, voted upon by no statistical method)

1. The Condom Story (not what you think)

2. Transmission or Not?

3. Who's that Nun?

4. Author , KTW

5. Message in a Bottle

Tune in tomorrow for the remaining five.


jennyhope said...

i doubt amen corner will have it but they may. you know lifeway moved to the toys r us and hancock shopping center off of 31 in hoover. it is a lifeway book so they may not stock it due to the extra charge. =)

Anonymous said...

I like the new Ransom Note font in your header

HEWY said...

Hey! You changed your design. I like it. I liked the Condom story the best too!

Leigh said...

JennyHope- I will try Lifeway store then. Thanks for the lead.
Anon & Hewy -Thanks to Charita's Expressions (on blog roll/distractions) who made it for me. She rocks! Hewy, I can still see an image of my friend (who has a short fuse) yelling at her son. Oh, it makes me laugh to this day uncontrollably. Thanks!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

Leigh- I love the message in a bottle story.....What a small world... I taught at Boaz from 97-04.
I know David Wilson.....he was my professor in college!!!
Lots of people at BHS are old and probably can help us find Gina.... I LOVE IT!!!!!

Leigh said...

That is so wild. I have tried and tried to locate this Gina, as has a friend of mine in television that was interested in doing a story on it. I wish I could find her.....