Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nun-sense, it's just me......

--------------------------Today my mother and I planned to meet up with my cousin, Gina for a lunch date. After talking to Gina by phone and making arrangements to meet, I went down into my basement and dug around in my dress up box. Doesn't everyone have one of those? I dug past the Grease "pink ladies" costume, past my sombrero, and beneath the witches cloak and found it, my nun habit-or is it habat? I got dressed and made my way to the Purple Onion to meet for lunch. Luckily I arrived first. Moments later my cousin arrived. I hoped out of the car and headed for hers. She hadn't seen me. Just as she stepped out she turned around to lock her door. She made eye contact with me. It took a moment for her to process. "Leigh! I thought you were an actual nun, coming to ask me for a donation to the church".
It was almost the same everywhere I went. I had 2 Pelham police come up to me and make small talk before asking if I was a "real nun". I conceded. Next, I was off to the assisted living facility. My husbands grandmother is a devout catholic with a super senses of humor. I knew she would love and appreciate my outfit. I found her in the dining hall and approached. "Peg." She looked, "Hello", she answered. "It's Leigh". "Hi", she said, still not realizing who I was. "It is your grand daughter Leigh". She looked at me with great surprise. "Leigh!!!", she exclaimed as she looked me up and down. I had my mother photograph the two of us together so that I could print it out and give to Peg. She loves to send photographs to her sister that lives in Connecticut. After pictures a gentleman approached me and said, "Hi. It has been such a long time since I have seen a nun in traditional authentic dress. Why is that?" I answered, " I 'm not sure, but I am not an authentic". He and I both had a chuckle over it.
On the way out the lady at the front desk didn't recognize me. When I told her who I was, she asked, "When did this happen?", pointing to my habit. I said, "No, it's for Halloween". "I forgot it was Halloween!", she exclaimed. I love moments like this. The positive feedback ended when I drove to the Pelham civic complex where my son was filming the volleyball tournament for a class . I telephoned my son to come outside for a moment. There I stood. He came outside the building and looked my way and I waved. He approached little closer, then realizing that I was his mother he turned around and left without speaking a word. Oh, boy. Some people are so touchy. Bless him. I hope there will be peace when he gets home from school. "Peace be with us all".

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...all I have to say is "Oh My God"................for the love!!!