Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing

I borrowed the title from Keith Urban. Though it is quite accurate for this post. It's official! I took my little female shih tsu to the vet's office yesterday. I t was confirmed that she is pregnant. We should have 3-5 puppies in 2-3 weeks.

Today is day 9 of waiting. I am talking about waiting on both the people from Direct TV and Lowes. Both came the same day, it's been a week ago last Thursday. Direct TV hooked all rooms up with the exception of my daughter's room. They needed a "big ladder" for that. Apparently there is only one big ladder that all of Direct TV has. Do they not need to climb poles? It seems there woul dbe more, but apparently not. Because over a week later I still am waiting. I called this past Thursday and talked to the technician directly. "I have been trying to call you", he lied. "You have? Because there are no messages on my machine. Believe me, I checked caller ID-because I have been waiting on YOU. You also have my cell, but there are no messages on it either!"He "gave me his word" that it would be installed by Monday.
Nope. I gave him til yesterday. Then I called again. They are supposed to be out today. We shall see. I have heard that one before. I had to laugh when he told me that he was glad that I had called because he "Lost my number!!". For goodness sakes! "It's on the work order!! As well as my cell number!!" "Mam, we turned the work order in when we completed the job." "That's just it-you didn't complete the job! I have already received the first bill and still do not have what I am paying for!!!" "We'll be out tomorrow, we just have to secure the ladder". COME ON PEOPLE!!!!
Lowes came out and measured for new doors-also 9 days ago. The guy told me that Lowes would call on Monday (over a week ago) to set up a time to come out (so I can wait some more..). I called the store yesterday to see what was goin gon at that end. The guy asked me if he could telephone me back in "5" so he could see what the hold up was. I didn't realize "5" was 5 hours, nope that too has passed-er, 5 days! I am so fet up with waiting on people. Why does this happen with people like that? You spend all your day waiting, and then they may not even show. I am about done beating my head against the wall on this one....
I have admitted before, I am a terrible lier so I do not even try. I came clean to J Smooth's teacher about Wilbur the monkey. I did so, only after turning the neighborhood upside down and several minor melt downs. I emailed the teacher regarding the disappearance and our irresponsibility and negligence. She was kind enough to tell me where she purchased the late Wilbur. With that information, I headed down to the Dollar General and began turning boxes upside down, searching isles with no luck. The manager must have thought I was deranged. He approached me and asked if he could help. "I need a monkey", and I babbled off the whole sorted saga. "I think I know where some more are". There in the back of the store was an unsearched box-with one lone white Wilbur at the bottom. Anyone in the store must have thought I had won the lottery. Close enough. The good Lord was smiling down on me for certain. Lesson Learned-Honesty pays off and Don't loose faith!


HEWY said...

Stupid Lowes! Good to hear about your upcoming Shih tsu litter!

Leigh said...

I know I am so aggravated about this waiting! Thanks HEWY