Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monkey on the Loose

(Photo of J Smooth with Wilbur the Monkey. Bowling Pictures courtesy of John S.)

What a wonderful long weekend. We used every bit of time to our advantage. On Saturday morning we went to a birthday party for twins that are family friends of ours. It was a bowling party. J Smooth and Sister Sledge tried their hand at bowling. J Smooth had a difficult time getting his ball to make it down the lane and never did master the technique of the "curl/swing/slide". Smooth's was more of a drop, bounce, drop, roll-stop. I think it would be safe to assume he will not make the bowling league anytime soon. He did enjoy himself and that is really all that matters. Take note germaphob's-I did notice the continual use of Lysol. Every pair of shoes that were turned in received a heavy dousing. Score one for the bowling alley (do you hear that Chuck E Cheese?)
After the bowling party my family of five headed to the Ross Bridge Resort for a family sleepover. There, we met Big Daddy's twin brother and his wife and their two children, along with My husband's mother and grandmother. Each family had a room on separate floors to avoid to much "family togetherness". Smart move by Grandma, who reserved the rooms.
Ross Bridge Resort was very nice place. Although it is probably one of those things that I will do only once. At $300 dollars a per night, I have found that the Hampton Inn Resort or Embassy Suites are equally as nice and each offer comparable rooms and include breakfast. But then again, I am a low maintenance chick-easy to please. As long as it is clean-real clean, I am happy as a lark. Regarding other comparable hotels, The Embassy Suites even boasted a manager's reception every evening with an open bar, music (good music at that, 70's classic by a great singer/guitarist) and snack foods. Hard to beat that.
If I were a golfer or one to want a spa treatment then Ross Bridge Resort is the perfect place to be. The accommodations were very nice, the beds exceptionally comfortable and the grounds beautiful. The resort is modeled in a Scottish theme. At sunset a bagpiper serenaded the hotel guest. It was a nice touch. Sunday morning all the children took advantage of the indoor pool, only to venture outdoors (YES! In November!!) to the outdoor pool with slide. The children claimed that the outdoor pool was warmer than the indoor. With children, you pick your battles. I figured if they were ballsy enough to get into the outdoor pool, then live it up. All seem to have fared well. No one has come down sick as yet. (Pictures of our time at Ross Bridge are on the slide show below.)
Something did happen on the family vacation though, on Friday my son, J Smooth , came home from school with a stuffed toy monkey, "Wilbur". Wilbur is the classroom toy. Each child takes Wilbur home one weekend and keeps a journal of their adventures with Wilbur. I don't know what else to say except that Wilbur is missing!!! My son took him outside of our house to play and set him on a bench in front of our house, when he returned a little while later, Wilbur was gone. I have made phone calls, searched up in trees, under cars-everything just short of phoning in a runaway/kidnapping report. I haven't decided how I am going to explain to the teacher and children of my son's class that it is possible that Wilbur met an unfortunate end. What am I going to do? Tomorrow I am planning to head out to area toy shops in hopes of finding Wilbur's twin. If I could become so lucky, I will not even mention the mishap with the actual Wilbur. I mean, what parent hasn't tried the same trick with a goldfish? It has to work! It's got to! Who am I fooling? Even I don't think that is going to happen. I imagine we will have to hang our heads and fess up. We will certainly we labeled neglectful monkey parents, but until I can buy some time until Tuesday, I am going shopping.
I hope your weekend was happy and eventful! ~Leigh


jennyhope said...

cute pics!! The kids are adorable!

Abby said...

ahh!!! i am loving the monkey!! :)

and yes...always good to avoid TOO MUCH family togetherness ;) haha

Leigh said...

Thanks Jenny Hope.
Abbey-you are so right-even in our own little circus.