Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Scored for my Team! You can play too.....

It's almost football season...and around my house, it's a big deal.
Especially when you are one that hails from a "mixed marriage".
Yes. I live in a house divided.
My husband graduated from Auburn. I married him anyway. That's love.
My family, the one that I was born and bred, are Alabama all the way. We are a four generation family of Alabama graduates, with one currently a second year student at the University of Alabama, that being my son, "Bama". (RTR)  I am proud to say that I have many family relatives that graduated from U of A...and even a cousin who holds a current position on the Alabama athletic staff (Hey Ronny!) after playing under The Bear. We are committed folks.
One really cannot understand the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn football, unless you hail from the south. And most certainly, the state of Alabama, where come football season there are definite lines that can separate families and destroy relationships.

I kid you not, it's hardcore.

In may family however, it has been a playful competition of bragging rights. No one is disrespectful or rude, it's all in good fun.  My husband somehow convinced Sister Sledge a couple years ago to jump fence and now she waves orange and blue poms. (Sniff) I have to give major props to my sweet husband, Big Daddy, who despite his passion for Auburn, has written (a few, now)  big fat tuition checks to the college of his rival team...for the promise of a good education and love of his son....again-that's love!)
Myself and my two boys, however proudly sing the Alabama fight song when the smell of SEC football permeates the southern air.
We bleed crimson.
Alabama Blogger is currently hosting a fun competition....a thing of bragging rights...and perhaps a prize for the winning participants, Participating in the carnival the week of August 31st! (points will be tallied by all those who link in from August 31st to September 7th on the official carnival post)

And because I have a blog.....

I scored one for my team!
Alabama Bloggers
Big Daddy, you are on your own. Looks like you better get yourself a blog. ;)

If you do not cheer for either Alabama or Auburn, you can still participate (Keetha!).
You can find a blog button for most SEC teams at Alabama Blogger. If your's is not listed, leave Rachel a comment and she will make you a button. Sign up at Alabama Blogger, and please leave a comment saying that you saw it at Bloggeritaville.


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

How fun! Football season is an amazing thing, no matter who you root for, everyone comes together to watch it as a whole-love this stuff:@)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I am not a football person - so won't take sides. :-D Check your email in a bit - I sent you a picture of one of my Grand's B.Day cake.
Have a great weekend.

Jan said...

Can't wait to check it out...thanks for sharing! ROLL TIDE!! :)

Most of my family bleeds crimson. I got lucky and my hubby is just about as die hard as me, which is amazing considering BOTH of his parents were huge Auburn fans! Thank goodness his Grandma taught him right!!

jennifer said...

YAY! I'm so glad you played too. It really is hard core here in Alabama. A state that has two great football traditions breeds a LOT of passion for our chosen team.

I feel blessed to be a Tide fan :)

Love ya Leigh!

Jane said...

I'm liking Big Daddy and Sister Sledge more and more... War Eagle!!!

Jane (artfully graced)

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

But I cheer for BOTH Bama and Auburn!!!! Not living in the state, I'm not HINDERED by the rivalry.


go tigers

PS - - - I am going to mention you and give you a link in my Sunday Rerun post - - -

Sylvia said...

Don't have a blog but as a proud native of the great state of Alabama now living in the Pacific Northwest I proudly yell ROLL TIDE ROLL. People here really don't get it. They think I am totally crazy especially my junior high students. They are usually Huskies fans or Cougar fans but it is a fair weather loyalty. I tell you there is nothing in the world like SEC football.
Love your blog and....
My son's nick name is also BAMA. Gotta love it.

Rachel said...

Thanks for playing!! I didn't know you were from a divided family..I think that makes passions run all the deeper!!