Saturday, August 28, 2010

Q & A

Sometime back I mentioned that I would do a Q and A post. Well, here it is! I enjoyed the questions, I hope I can offer some somewhat intellectual answers. Remember, its all opinion. Mine. SO proceed with extreme caution. You can do the research to prove facts. :)

Leigh, Please let me know the color of your living room paint. It is lovely and just what I am looking for. Thanks, Swampgirl's Mom
Hi Geraldine!
The color we used is called “Bejeweled” #D26-2 of Ace Paint chip. I like it because it changes colors throughout the day because we have a lot of windows. At sometimes it is grayish, others green. I like change, so with this I get it. My sister in law came over the other day and insisted I had painted again. I told her, “No. The color’s different depending on the time of day and the sunshine. “ I liked the color so much, I painted 6 rooms of my house with it. It’s a nice neutral color, all other colors (you night use in accessories) will work with it…even red! Very pretty! Thanks for asking, Geraldine. PS I think your daughter is absolutely precious! One day I hope I can meet her in person.

Bonnie asked, "I am trying to add your button to my page, do you have the html code?"

"I'll try and figure out how to get your button on my blog:) -Andy Porter"

  I don't have an HTML code, and I need to get one.  I had a wonderful friend who is a graphic artist create my button, Charnita Scott.  Many thanks to Charnita for her mad art and computer skills. However, To add any button to your post or sidebar, you will first need to save it to your computer. Just right click on the button, select "copy." Decide where you want to save it on your could be to your picture file or desktop. Once you decide, right click again and select "paste." This copies and pastes the button to the spot you chose on your computer.
If you wish to use the button in an upcoming post, just upload it to your blog post as you would any other photo of picture you might want to use in your post. If you wish to display the button in your sidebar, you will go to your Dashboard, Click on "Layout," Click on "Add a Gadget" and select "picture" from the long list of options available. Don't forget to click on "save." That's it!

 I got this sweet an helpful email from Bonnie, that I thought might be of service to some of you too:
I used this site to make my button and it was really easy (and I am just learning all this stuff). Good luck!

Bonnie Donahue
Creating a House of Grace

"Leigh, one of my favorite post you did was the chalkboard plates! Where can I find a square plate?"
I purchased my square plate for the Chalkboard plate Craft at TJ Maxx for $3.99. I am sure you can find square plates just about anywhere, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, etc. Also, check your thrift-you never know what you will find!

"Leigh, I just can't figure out how to work, raise kids, keep a clean house and blog!! How do you do it all?" Amy Hickman
 Amy,  you make me blush because it simply isn't true. WHO DOES?  If you think I do it all, I have you fooled. I am no different than any other working or stay at home mom. I juggle.  And I fail at any number of things on a daily basis. But life is a learning experience, right? Try and Try again! My grandmother once offered this great advice to me when I was a young mom and fretted about there not being enough hours in a day. She said, " Do what's important.  As for the rest...It'll keep. ". And she was right. I prioritize and I make list of what I need to get done. But at the top of that list is family. Family comes first with us. My house is not the neatest house on the block all the time, but what I hope my children will remember are the memories we make with one another....not that the laundry has gone unwashed for days. :)   I can also honestly say that my husband is a  real time manager, which is to my benefit, it makes me keep myself on track.
What kind of camera and equipment do you shoot with? :) I have been checking out your photos lol.
Fantacy Bryant


Hi. I found your blog while searching for photos of Lisa Rhina, whose hair style I love. I think your blog is very cool. Also I see you're a photographer and your pictures are great as well. At 46 I decided to return to college to obtain my degree in Media Technology with my concentration on photography. I didn't see anything, or I missed it, but what DSLR camera do yo use? I need to buy one and I'm looking at Pentax and Olympus. Your thoughts would be appreciated. I also love that your haircut looks exactly like Lisa's. I hope mine looks that good when i get it done. Have a great weekend~ Judi Taylor
Fantacy, I've seen your photography. You need no help from me. But I have been asked about my camera. In fact. I have a few. You can read more my camera and some tips here.
Judi, thank you for the sweet words about my hair. Its an ongoing thing with you can see here.

Chandy has left a comment "Leigh, I didn't know you met Marlee Matlin! I love her! Were you photographing or just hanging out or what? I don't watch much of DWTS, but I remember her from Reasonable Doubts and just a big fan! "

   Hi Leigh,

I've added you to my Blog Candy page! I enjoyed visiting your blog this morning over my first cup of coffee.I must ask - do you know Bo?? Because my sis and I are HUGE HUGE HUGE fans of Bo Bice! OMG - ridiculously so. We saw him when he performed in Orlando too.
Anywho, just thought I'd ask.... if you are please tell him that he has many fans in Lakeland, Florida and one of them is me.
Have a great day!
Kimberly McCole

Hey Leigh!  I have stopped by yours in the past and enjoy it a lot. I also realized you live in Helena - I live in Vestavia. Small world, huh? I also am a huge Fabian/Marlee fan and then saw your pictures of them!  Maybe we'll "meet" for real one day! ~3GirlsMom

Friends, Big Daddy and  I went to high school with the Sanchez brothers, Freddy and Fabian. Both are  wonderfully talented, sweet, kind, genuine people who have mad dance skills. Fabian has made it his career, most recently making a cameo appearance on "So You Think You can Dance" just a few weeks ago (August 2010). Prior to that you might recall him from his stint on Dancing with the Stars. His dance partner was the incredibly talented Marlee Matlin.  Which, incidentally is how I met Marlee, one of my favorite actresses. Fabian telephoned me from LA and said he had someone who wanted to speak with was Marlee Matlin. Technology is awesome!  I have met Marlee several times since then, she still keeps in close contact with Fabian and comes to town to visit him. It is a great honor to be able to use my sign language skills to communicate with her (though she reads lips. Didn't you see that Seinfeld episode? LOL)

Bo Bice is from my hometown of Helena, Alabama. I met Bo following his win on American Idol and many times since. He too is an extremely talented person and a very gracious, authentic individual.  He is a great guy that has done our hometown proud. We in Helena still collectively say "Go Bo!" with pride.

And while I am bragging on my "famous friends", be sure to watch for my dance instructor Chesney Matthews in the opening scene of the Hannah Montana movie (2010)  I am so proud of her!!!

Do you eat your cornbread with sweet milk or buttermilk? -Derek
Neither. I prefer mine with a big cold glass of sweet iced tea!

Several Beach Questions:
Hey Leigh,

We're thinking about spending a weekend at Gulf Shores, AL. I've never been there before. And can you recommend any good places to stay? Maybe a house since it's us and two other couples going.
Thanks so much!
Your Georgia blogging buddy,

Ahh Orange Beach. I can't believe how white the sand is when we go there, the only thing my Husband misses is the waves. Any other stores you go to that is a must IF we should get down there this summer? I love FAIRHOPE!!

I have a girlfriend flying out in late May for a 7 day visit....she would like to take a road trip through the south....I thought maybe you could help me plan it:)  What I have in mind is taking a scenic route for and hour or two; making a stop to antique or have lunch, drive back home...On another day, do the scenic drive with a stay-over in mind with the motel or inn at our destination..Any and all suggestions will be much appreciated:)~SANDIE

Hi Leigh...
We are just wondering if you can help us out, with info about Gulf Shores. We're thinking about taking off for a little winter vacation, after Christmas. For the most part we like to walk, explore, shop and eat,:-). We'd love to stay in a place where we can see the gulf and walk to the beach. The plan would be to go in Jan. or Feb. I think we need a real person to tell us what is good and you came to mind.We've been talking about going to Gulf Shores for at least 10 years.
Thanks so much, in advance!
Pat and Jim

I emailed each of these people individually with my own recommendations, and I am thrilled  to do so.  The Gulf Coast is an amazing place...I guarantee you will be pleased you spent any time there.
I also recommend clicking on the "Vacations" and "Day Trips" tabs on the TFB  right sidebar at the bottom of the page. You can also "search" using the search tab on the top left of my blog. For example, if you are planning a trip to Fairhope, search Fairhope. It will include shops, restaurants, etc. Same for Savannah, or where ever you journey may take you. :)

HEY! i had a question for you....i am thinking about starting a blog so i can keep family members and friends updated on whats going on with us with travel and of course anew  baby. anyway, i was going to see if you could give me some advice on where and how to get any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks so much!
talk to you soon,
april g

The best way I know to start your blog is to go to any Google blog out there and once there, click on the orange "B" up in the top left corner of the blog. It should take you to what's called the Dashboard. You will see the words: "Create a Blog." Just click on those words and Google Blogger will guide you through the process of starting a blog.
For anyother blog related questions, I highly recommend visiting my friend Susan, of Between Naps on the Backporch. Susan has written a very informative post regarding almost any blogging question one could have. I refer to it very often, its even bookmarked. Everyone with a blog should read it.

Just wanted to let you know I don't know you but I love you. Well, I love your blog. You are such an inspiration to me. I love all that you do for your family. I'm the one that wanted the strawberry cake for the place you visit. If you are ever any where near Winston-Salem, NC, please let me know. I would love to meet you.

Nancy in North Carolina

Nancy you are sooo sweet to say that. Blogging is an amazing thing. Had anyone told me that I would have had a blog four years ago, I would've laughed. And had someone told me that I would communicate with people I had never met ...except for online, I would've accused you of sipping the sauce a little to heavily. But today I can say that I am blessed by each sweet soul that drops by Bloggeritaville. I have been blessed by having been able to actually meet some of you and count now as friends even beyond Bloggerville. I hope that one day we can meet Nancy. I am always on the go. I will let you know if you are in my neck of the woods, if you will let me know if you are in mine. I'd be thrilled to get to know you over a piece of Ashley Macs Strawberry cake (which is the most amazing thing you can imagine eating!)

I went to your blog and heard Jason Mraz -- he's a "hometown" boy who went to school with my son! Love him!~Martha

Love the music..I'm hanging around for awhile =) Stephanie Lynn

Everyday I get many sweet comments on my music playlist. I am so glad that many of you enjoy it! (If you don't just press pause on the playlist or mute on your home computer). Music is a big part of my life on numerous levels. It inspires me. It's magical, transforming. And it really has been a sound track for my life. When I hear certain songs it immediately allow me to travel back to another place and time.  It moves me. I hope it moves you too. I am happy when I get a comment that says, "I came by and read and am sticking around awhile for the music." Thank you! I am glad you enjoy it. Here is how you can get music for your blog too:

First create your playlist at HERE to go to their site. Next, click on "Post My Playlist" which is at the top of their website. Then choose "E" which is how you get the code to post the playlist to your blog in Google Blogger. Next, click on the green "Get Code" button. You will see a box with a bunch of gobbly gook in it...that's the code that represents your playlist. Right click in the box, which highlights all the code, select "copy."

Next, go to your Dashboard, Click on "Layout," Click on "Add a Gadget", Select "HTML/Javascript" from the long list of available gadgets. A big empty box will pop up. Right click in the box and select "paste." Then click on "SAVE." Your playlist should be posted...hopefully I haven't left out a step. I personally like putting the playlist at the very bottom of the blog because it doesn't "run off" the page down there like it tends to do on the sidebar.

Hey! My name is Hailey. I stumbled upon Jessica McCash's blog and saw the beautiful necklace that you sent her. Where did you find such a beautiful necklace? I would love to get one with my two girls names.
Thanks in advance!
Hailey Lafone

Jessica's necklace was created by t the Nashelle Studio courtesy of Penelope Poet. The virtual baby shower link to Penelope Poet's blog page:
The name of the necklace is the  Nashelle Love Charms Necklace. It's THE quintessential mom gift. The necklace is designed by fellow entrepreneurial mom Heather Beeson of Nashelle jewelry. The personalized necklace is made of recycled gold, each inscription is individually hand-stamped, and each natural gemstone is delicately wire-wrapped with love. Here's the product page from the store:Nashelle Love Charms Necklace

Just came across your blog. Makes me want to walk in sand, put a beach hat on and an umbrella in my lemonade!I love it!

Ladeeda, THAT is the intention. Life is short...and many times stressful....but attitude is everything. If Bloggeritaville can be a quick escape for whatever reason, then I take that as a complement. Its not the beach, but it is inspired by the beach. So, sit down, have yourself a cold one and I hope you find your time here enjoyable. Thank you so very much for such a kind comment!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by Tales from Bloggeritaville, and thank you for your questions. If you have more, shoot them my way.  I am blessed by YOU! May God blessings reach you too!


Mari said...

I enjoyed all those questions! Some of them were things I wondered too. I'm going to have to look up your paint chip, for the next time I want to paint!

Jane said...

Hi Leigh,
I had fun reading through all of your Q & A. Thanks for taking all the time to answer these questions. It helped out a lot of us!
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Lorie said...

I can easily help you with the code for your button. (So that it will appear with a little box underneath that your readers can use to copy and paste the code into their sidebar easily)

Just shoot me an email if you would like me to help.

Swampgirl said...

HA! My Mom sure gets around! Thanks,Leigh, I know you made her day!!!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Leigh - - - your friends can HAVE your button (which button, BTW) without the html.

All they have to do is: Right click on it. Click "save as" to save it. Then go to the layout area under dashboard, decide where they want to put it, click on "gadget" etc and follow the directions to add it in.

I NEVER get html - - - I use the above method.

Love you girl!!!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh duh - - - I didn't READ far enough, I gave the same directions you already said.

You KNOW who you're dealing with over here, don't'cha???

Anonymous said...

I am just hanging around listening to tunes. You write on this blog too? (kidding)
But you do share awesome pictures, and did I mention I love your choice of music?
Good to know you've actually met those people and it is not just an awesome photoshop job.

Anonymous said...

I am just hanging around listening to tunes. You write on this blog too? (kidding)
But you do share awesome pictures, and did I mention I love your choice of music?
Good to know you've actually met those people and it is not just an awesome photoshop job.