Monday, December 7, 2009

With Gratitude....

I love this time of year! I love going to the mailbox and finding it loaded with Christmas greetings and pictures of people who I adore. It's nice to not actually find bills, but blessings. Which was just the case recently. My mailbox had been filled with Blogger love...
Dawn of a Cottage State of Mind was so thoughtful and sent me one of her Thrifty Thursday finds, this precious yellow bird bowl. I just adore it Dawn! And how thoughful of you to give it to me. I will cherish it and think of you when I eat my grits! Smile.

Dawn included a sweet little note on the back of a card with a tiny little fork and spoon on it. I now have it on my refrigerator. Precious!

Barb of The French Elements blog hosted a giveaway. I was the lucky winner! I was thrilled because everything that Barb creates are heirlooms.  I won a flour sack tea towel that has been embrodered with a evergreen Christmas tree and gifts underneath. It has a place in my guest bathroom.Photobucket

I also won this Linen pillow embrodered with the words, "Joy". I have it sitting on my couch. It's just adorable and so colorful. Barb is the creator of The French Elements. You can find these beauties and more for sale over at her blog. They'd make perfect Christmas gifts!

I want to thank Kristin of The Goat, for sending me and Big Daddy a sweatshirt and  t-shirts from "Scooter Planet". I love different t-shirts, from differnt places. Thanks Kristin for your generosity!! We have worn our shirts everywhere!

And thanks to those who have sent Christmas cards! I just enjoy receiveing them and appreciate your thoughfulness. I save all my cards, year after year. Its nostalgic to look at years past and recall with fondness our friends. Thankyou!

Later this week I will be sharing my list of Gifts to give. Also join me tomorrow for a Christmas version of Outdoor Wednesday and on Thursday for Thrifty Thursday!
Have a wonderful week!


Mari said...

Wow! You've had some great mail days! Those are all wonderful.

Jane said...

What a lucky gal!! I love all of your sweet gifts and giveaway wins you pictured. See you on Thursday!

Dawn said...

So glad you liked your little package. The sweet bird looks much happier there. I'm sure he'll enjoy your grits much better than my cooking!

Your embroidered gifts are lovely! I wish I had the paitence to do something like that.

♥Georgie♥ said...

you have been Blessed-look at all those sweet lil goodies!

Barb said...

Hi Leigh,

I'm so glad you liked the giveaway.
Every month is a new opportunity to win so.... you may be a winner again.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I really love making what I do. It is my blessing.

Big hugs,

Kirby3131 said...

The items you have received are lovely! What a great time of year :)