Monday, December 7, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday, Parade Highlights....and the Kitchen Sink

Wow! What a busy Weekend...and an equally busy post today.
I plan to have slideshows up by lunch time (Monday) to share over on my Photography blog. I have spent a good bit of time with Santa over the past week at both  the neighborhood of Old Cahaba Christmas party as well as at my friend Diva's home, where she welcomes Santa every year.  And finally at a reception for the city. Photographing young ones with Santa for their parent's Christmas albums. is something I could never tire of in the literal sense. I love to see the magic of Christmas on the faces of those young ones. From time to time, there is fear too...but for the most part it's all joy. And I have to admit, I love working with Santa!

On Saturday the City of Helena, my hometown, hosted it's 39th annual Christmas parade. I serve on the Christmas parade committee, therefore Saturday for me began early and ended late. Bo Bice was the grand marshall this year and did a masterful job. The citizens of Helena were delighted to welcome home their hometown "son" and his precious family.

Although the parde occupied much of my day on Saturday, I  did get home  for kickoff. I made certain to see my TIDE take Gators and become the SEC Champions.
I was shocked to find myself so emotional, for one knows there is no crying in football, but after cheering on the Alabama teams for as long as I have known,  and going back  to a few years ago when my family made the  trip to Tuscaloosa to welcome in then new coach Nick Saban freshly off a plane and  be totally committed and excited about his being there and for feeling a even more vested interest this year (my son "Bama" is a freshman Alabama) I was so overcome. I felt like those football players could've been my son's! And I couldn't be any more proud if they were. They have worked so hard and are so deserving. Now, our eyes and GPS systems are locked onto Pasadena, California to play in the National Championship game.

Following the game, it was off to my friend Sweetness' home, where she and her husband hosted the "Clematis Club" Christmas party. There is nothing like good friends and good food. It makes for a good time, and that it was! Husbands and children joined the Club members this year in celebrating the season together. This year, instead of giving gifts to one another, we decided to donate to a charity in the name of our "club". We picked Safe House. SafeHouse is a full-service domestic violence and sexual assault center that provides emergency shelter and comprehensive support services to victims. It's a incredible organization that is needy of donations of many kinds. If you are looking into giving back this Christmas, you might be interested in reading more by clicking...Safe House.

My friend Joan over at The Potting Shed-Anything Goes Here is hosting a carnival taking place Monday's from now until the end of December, It's Vintage Christmas Monday. This party is a great way to share and showcase some vintage Christmas decorations. And in case you aren't aware, Joan has a fabulous blog! I just LURVE her! She is always putting together fabulous vignettes with her vintage finds. She and I both have featured some of them on Thrifty Thursday's. I cannot wait to see what her Christmas vignettes will hold!

My vintage Christmas decor I have to share are these three little Christmas elves.

I remember my mother would set them up in the foyer of my childhood home when the Christmas decorating commensed. I loved to play with those elves, I would make up elaborate tales using those elves. When my mother asked me a couple years ago to take anything of her decor that I wanted, one of the things I grabbed for myself was those elves. I look at them and I  think, "Christmas" and all the memories attached.
Be sure and check out Anything Goes Here and all of the participants of this vintage Christmas party.

Below is a look at this past weekend's City of Helena Christmas Parade and Grand Marshall Reception

Off the subject, I am having some blogger issues, perhaps someone can offer advice. In uploading pictures, blogger says that I have exceeded quota for my space. So, I went to blogger and purchased another 20 GB of space, it said is should take 24 hours to show. That was Friday, and still I cannot upload pictures. Help? I used slideshow to share these pictures today because blogger woldn't allow me. Help? Anyone? I logged out and back in as suggested and still cannot figure it out. And for the love, there is not an actual place I can find to email for assistance. If you can offer some advice, I'd love to hear.

I am posting this as well for Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan of Southern Daydreamer.
Be sure to come bakc on Thursday for Thrifty Thursday+ a Tablescape and on Friday for Leigh's Gifts to Give. Monday is it the Tour of Homes- you won't want to miss. Be sure at link up at Nester's blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by Bloggeritaville today!  I truly appreciate your visit!
Have a wonderful week. Hope to "see" you tomorrow.
Leave me a roadmap.....


Mari said...

I wish I had advice for you. It doesn't seem like you should have run out of space. Hope someone has some help!
I love the elves!

Jane said...

What great memories of those cute little elves at Christmas. I'm glad they have an honored place in your home now.
What a busy weekend you had!! I was tired just reading about it.
Enjoy your week.

HEWY said...

Love the Christmas elves!!!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello, your little elves are precious, just like the special memories that go with them! Bisous... Julie Marie

Yarni Gras! said...

what great elves! the slideshow is lovely. I don't know if it affected your space...I only put up the slideshow link on mine....don't know if it matters though!

jennifer said...

I LOVED all of the photos of the parade. It looks like a good time was had by all.

My one major gripe with blogger is that if you DO have a problem, there isn't anyone to contact. It's just a mess!

I don't have any advice - wish that I did - but I'll pray that everything get worked out soon.

Kirby3131 said...

Leigh, I use Photobucket to host all of my photos. You can use their free service, but I pay $25 a year for an upgraded service. Anyway, this way I don't use up any blogger bandwidth for my photos because it's all coming from my Photobucket account. I never run out of space :)

Those Christmas elves are adorable! I remember playing with a set of three elves at my mom's when I was growing up.

I saw pictures of the Helena parade on facebook, too! It looked like you all have a grand time.

Kristin - The Goat

Nicolle said...

Leigh, I love your little vintage elves. I have seen so many cute vintage items on blogs lately! I'm glad your team won. We're Gators fans, so unfortunately our house was "gloomy" the other night! Take care!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I don't know what to tell you about the blogger dilemma,Leigh. Hope it's solved soon!

I enjoyed the slide show so much!

~~Carol~~ said...

Your elves are adorable, and I can tell that there are alot of great memories attached to them! It's funny how children seem to know when something is precious, because you obviously were very gentle with them while you played, and they look to be in great shape!
Happy VCM!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Blogger issue first. I think that Laura at 52flea.blogspot had to purchase more picture space. She might be able to help. She is one of my blogging buds so tell her I sent you. She is on my sidebar and has an email address.

Love the cute elves. Oh, I love Bo. I have seen him on your sidebar before. And thanks for your kind words about my blog. xo Joan, your VCM hostess.

Gypsy Brocante said...

I'm lovin' those funky little elves all done up in their green tights! ... my little elf guys and girl have turned out NOT to be magic at all, sitting day and night not lifting a finger ... they are getting along fabulously with my teenagers!


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

You had me laughing!!

I have to show my nieve-ness (sp?)
When you say Helena... is that Montana?? What state?

If you get a moment i would love you to stop by... I am now one of your followers and look forward to the journey with you.

TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

Hootin' Anni said...

Simply magical!!!

My Wednesday post is published. Do come by if you get a's all Gulf Waters today. Found HERE

Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut said...

Sorry for your Blogger problems, but those elves are just the cutest! I love the vintage decorations from my mom and grandmother, they just make me feel all warm and fuzzy when I put them out each year.

Mary said...

I loved the slide shows! I'm sorry I can't help with the blogger issue as I use Photobucket. Have a great Outdoor Wednesday and enjoy the holiday ahead.

chubskulit said...

It usually gets available on the second day, I had the same issue when i exceeded my quota just last month. We used the same method in showing photos through slide show hehehe. I am sure, tomorrow, you will be able to upload photos just fine.

Love the fun photos by the way,...

Have a glimpse of Japan at my place.

Lori E said...

Leigh if you are on Twitter you can direct message them using the @Blogger name.

eileeninmd said...

Cute slide show! Love all the photos. I am sorry you are having trouble with your blog. I hope it works out for you soon.